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  1. Yeah this match has made me a Del Potro fan. But basically all I care about is Murray having the best chance to win gold. So fingers crossed this lasts another 5 hours with Del Potro limping off the eventual winner. Edit: what on earth is happening in cycling?
  2. I'm not a big tennis man, but this is the best match I have ever seen.
  3. Absolutely loving this. That dive from Del Potro...
  4. Turned over from the tennis for a bit of Johnson-Thompson. Really nice to see the crowd get so behind her. Meanwhile, Federer's making tough work of Del Potro...
  5. SO CLOSE at the end. Hard to emphasise enough how much of an upset this would have been... But can't believe we couldn't even foul them. Still, Deng was truly amazing, and some of those 3s...
  6. Amazing we've taken it this close
  7. I don't subscribe to such a individualistic view of the world. Societies, peoples and nations do achieve things. Even though Atlee created the NHS, and Tim Berners-Lee, they did so as individuals raised in this nation, and against the backdrop of a culture that allowed them to do so. I don't think we just happen to have a history outstanding individuals in Britain. To misquote another great Britain, Isaac Newton, they stand on the shoulders of others, they come from our culture and our history. And that culture and history is ours. Not that I entirely disagree with you. Self-effacing introspection is something we're particularly good at too, and that should not be forgotten
  8. I don't mean to gloss over the more shameful chapters of our nation's history. But there are also times to celebrate the good ones, and this is one.
  9. The ceremony told the story of our nation, and it was a triumph. From industry, to the NHS, to sport, to royalty, to rebellion, to the fantastic music that defined each generation. We have much to be proud of. I hope that's OK with you?
  10. Still can't believe just how good it was. Proud to be British.
  11. Looking forward to basketball and football, the sports I watch anyway.
  12. It was excellent in the whole, but it felt like they ran out of episodes and needed to just rush the conclusion rather than tie it all up at a more enjoyable pace. It possibly could have worked and if it was meant to be build up for a second season... Which I don't think there will be? You're right that the whole thing came off as being rushed. As if the writers had an entire British version of The Wire planned out, but were told at the last minute they're only getting 5 episodes. Shame.
  13. Well that was an unpredictable, thrilling, and then suddenly... deeply unsatisfying finale.
  14. I do agree. Fortunately we've got nothing to worry about http://twitter.com/tonyfernandes/status/226330790961758208
  15. Yeah we've got practically a squad's worth of strikers that may not be looking at many minutes now. Someone like Helguson, who was awesome last season, is probably now only 4th choice. And that's before you even think about the likes of Bothroyd and Hulse. Mackie's different a) because we all love him so much, and b) because he's so versatile. But with such a ridiculous glut of strikers you can understand why Hughes might be tempted to off-load one he's offered actual money for.
  16. I thought we had a new R until I realised that must be you, Dogs. What's with the makeover? Anyway 'Sky Sports understands' Hoilett's on his way. So we actually just saw off competition for a player from a Bundesliga club in the CL (lol). He's going to be fantastic. Zamora is now dropped from my starting XI, obviously.
  17. I'm naturally selective in my viewing so it makes sense to be in my judgement. How Hollyoaks compares to Norbit just isn't relevant to me. I've never heard of any of those shows. So... maybe I should check them out? To lend your point a different example I guess Twin Peaks was doing all this ages ago as well, whereas it recent years its just become a lot more mainstream. I didn't particularly enjoy Lost, but it felt like at the time that was the first glimpse of what TV could be for a lot of people both in terms of its budget and the scale of its story. It was for me.
  18. But you don't judge cinema by the standard of every film being released though, do you? It's all about how much you personally have got out of the two mediums over the last few years. Whether or not TV has actually overtaken film in that regard I'm not sure personally, but there's no doubt shows like Breaking Bad, The Wire and Game of Thrones are giving us something now that film can't.
  19. Yeah its the first BBC drama I've got into for ages and I'm really enjoying it. Gates is definitely the best character - the way he's got progressively darker yet more sympathetic as the series has gone on in is quite brilliant.
  20. Definitely not considered a bad film. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/pianist/reviews/?type=top_critics
  21. I was thinking the same. I was nodding with agreement all the way through Timmo's post. But I'm not sure I actually prefer my favourite TV Shows to my favourite films, or even that the best films would benefit from being released from the constraints of the medium. Would Pan's Labyrinth be better off stretched out to a 5 season epic, or is 2 hours just right for telling that story? Edit: I saw The Pianist when it first came out at the cinema and loved it. Perhaps it loses something in translation. They should bring TV to the cinema and sell season passes.Game of Thrones would be ridiculous.
  22. At his PSG press conference "I don't know any Ligue 1 players. But they all know me." - Zlatan Balotelli's going to have to up his game.
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