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  1. So another poor performance. Diakite and Park can't play in a 4-4-2. I really hope Mark Hughes realises this. Faurlin is of course the answer, and h can't come back soon enough (apparently he did 60 minutes against Millwall on Friday for our elite youth development squad, or whatever they're called), and when he finally means a change to 4-3-3. Cisse can't play upfront on his own, so he'll either have to be shunted out to the wing or benched. That leaves Zamora as the only guy that can play CF. It's ridiculous that having signed so many players there's still two spots in the first 11 we have absolutely no cover for.
  2. Yeah it's only the fact we have owners who haven't leveraged debt onto the club, and are actual businessmen rather than weirdos who just want a play-thing for a while that I'm not more worried. With all the TV money it would be more of a risk to go down and have to come back up again than sign a few guys with experience on 60k a week for the next few years... No one's worried about going down again are they?
  3. Or maybe that's just part of the plan to get them rumbled. But yeah, ultimately I'll be disappointed if anything I read on the internet turns out to be true. No matter how brilliant. BB's ability to shock and amaze is why I love it. Long may it continue.
  4. Great episode again (needless to say). But things have got so dark now, I felt a little queasy at the start too.
  5. Yeah I'm never looking forward to anything in football ever again. From top to bottom we just had far too many players caught way out of position too many times. Only redeeming thing to say is that with Faurlin coming back soon the midfield can surely never be that much of a shambles again.
  6. Turns out we can't defend. Swansea looking sublime
  7. I feel a top, top drinking game coming on
  8. Bosingwa just signed. We've got such an attacking team right now with proper wingers and overlapping full-backs on both sides, Faurlin and Samba in the middle feeding Taarabt, and Cisse up top doing the damage. It seems inevitable this is going to be the best football we've witnessed since 92-93. I cannot wait.
  9. It does matter. Obviously not on a broader political level like the right to vote, war, or natural disasters matter. But it matters on an emotional level. Aside from the athletes themselves no one in this country celebrated any of our medals like City fans did winning the Premier League, or Spaniards did winning the Euros. There were no pitch invasions, scenes of wild celebration in the velodrome, or all night street parties up and down the country for any of them. And that's because football simply matters more to people.
  10. Last year we had one of the greatest Premier League seasons since its inception, a thrilling CL final, and a brilliant Euros from start to finish. I don't see why an Olympics should put a downer on that. Tim Vickery had a good line on World Football Phone In a couple of weeks ago on why football attracts such vitriol. It's because it matters. I'm happy watching every nation in the Olympics in whatever even pretty much equally because... well, I don't particularly care who wins the gold in handball. It's just nice to see the world's best athletes at the pinnacle of their careers, totally irrespective of the outcome. Football isn't like that. Football is coloured by intense rivalries because fans love their teams and hate their rivals. It was great that Team GB did so well. But none of those gold medals could possibly compare to QPR's victories over Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal last season for what they actually meant to me. ...And needless to say Messi, Ronaldo and Balotelli are every bit as talented and entertaining in their own right as the best Olympians. Bring on the new season.
  11. By support I meant actually go down to your local club and be a supporter because it's what these sports need. If you want an olympic legacy for these athletes then help make it happen. But, yeah, handball is shown on Eurosport.
  12. Also if people want to watch athletics, handball and anything else during the football season... then they're free to do so? If you've found a new sport you like, the best way to get behind it and the athletes that perform in it is now when the olympics are over.
  13. My new Olympic highlight... Americans on Twitter asking why Pau Gasol plays for Spain http://www.sport.es/...-espana-2184067
  14. Barkley was really good early last season before getting injured. Different to Rodwell, more technically gifted, and more creative. Really looking forward to seeing him come on.
  15. It was a great moment... but to be fair I'm pretty sure I remember the commentator pointing out they're training partners, were talking to each other during the race, and ran side by side at that moment to protect Mo's lead. They also interviewed Mo this morning and talked about how going over to the US to train was what what helped him improve so much since Beijing.
  16. Some great shots of London in the marathon right now. Great crowd for it too.
  17. It was a quality game. How many of those Rangers players were with you in the SPL?
  18. Peterhead 2 - 1 Rangers Oh my LOL
  19. Murray you flawless beast. God I love the Olympics.
  20. My thoughts exactly. Edit: Johnson-Thompson's smile
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