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  1. Starting to get excited. Or at least I would be if i wasn't missing it because I'm at a wedding.
  2. While the early game in NG+ is an absolute doddle, it does get tougher as you go on. However, it never gets back to the difficulty of your first run. That was my experience anyway, but I guess it depends on your level/stats.
  3. Now's your chance to find out: https://youtu.be/c1SVvM9lE7k Edit: why can't I embed YT videos any more?
  4. And that's Fire Giant and Godskin Duo done. Although I did use a summon for the duo. Seems only fair.
  5. Thanks for the reminder, @PeteJ. Using the shackle I managed to take down Daddy Mohg. So, in my buckler, misericorde, light equip load, all remembrances run, I have still left to do all the storyline bosses from Fire Giant onwards, as well as Placidusax and Malenia. Had a couple of goes at Malenia, to see what it will be like. Oof. That is what it will be like. Fucking oof.
  6. Ahhh! I was having my posterior handed to me by Big Mohg yesterday. I could deal with the first phase fine, but the second phase was a nightmare. But I'd completely forgotten about his shackle! Guess what I'm doing today.
  7. Ideal. I am now interested again.
  8. Wait, is this not a Marvel thing? I saw the trailer until it became apparent it was to do with the multiverse, at which point I assumed it was Marvel and lost interest.
  9. Haha typical. I was still struggling with Niall in my parry riposte run and was all geared up to come on here and whine about it, but thought I'd have one more go first. Did it. It's weird isn't it, the way you can bang your head repeatedly against the wall, seemingly without making any progress, for ages, then suddenly you have that one magical attempt where it all comes together and you're flawlessly banging off parries/dodges/whatever and you kick their ass and you've still got 8 flasks left. Love it.
  10. Haha that bit is hell. You know the bit where you're on a corner slab, and the next one you want to get to is in the middle of the next wall, but there's another slab directly above it? And when you try to jump down, you bonk your head on the higher slab and plummet to your death. But when you try to simply run off or roll off, it doesn't go far enough and you plummet to your death. You know that bit? Well I was there the other day and I saw a ghost of another player on that bit, and they faced away from the next slab down and backstepped off the corner one. I tried it and it worked! Amazing. Thank you, random ghost, I never would have thought of trying that.
  11. In two minds here. While Pep fucking up yet another champion's league, despite his infinite blood money cheat, is undoubtedly hilarious, it does mean celebrating a Real win.
  12. Parrying, mainly, but I have a bleed ash of war. I don't know what flame of the redmanes is, maybe I should look into it!
  13. Oh my word, what is going on
  14. My buckler, misericorde, light equip load run is definitely throwing up different challenges than my initial hur-dur colossal weapon smash run. Commander Niall, for example, I first timed with ease on my strength build. To the point that when people said they were having problems with him, I was like 'pffft, really?' This time he is absolutely kicking me in the balls. I think I can do it, but Christ, I'm not looking forward to malenia.
  15. Third champion's league final in five years. I'm so glad that Jurgen is a Red
  16. Amazing. What a turnaround from the first half.
  17. Yeah he's alright, that Diaz
  18. Holy shit, needed that
  19. dug


    Ronnie's just too good. Even when he makes mistakes, Judd can't take advantage of them.
  20. Lucky Hendo, but I'll take it!
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