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  1. Quick tip for the headless dude (in spoilers in case you don't want to read it, although there's no actual spoilers)
  2. I wouldn't spend too much time thinking about it if I were you. While it is possible to befriend him, it's not possible for you, now, in this playthrough. You have to do something which you evidently haven't done, and now you've lost the chance until you begin a new playthrough. I wouldn't worry too much about it though; I always kill him. He's hard as fucking nails though, if you just take him on in a straight fight.
  3. In the early game I tended to spend all remaining Sen on spirit tokens, after I'd bought whatever else I wanted. Built up a healthy enough supply that I never even came close to running out for the whole game.
  4. Holy shit, big, big win that. Wolves were excellent and could easily have won if their finishing had been a bit more clinical, let alone drawn. Adama Traore is a fucking magnificent player.
  5. One Cut of the Dead Brilliant, charming, funny 4/5
  6. I've not seen this but the memes have been unavoidable. A question: is baby Yoda actually Yoda as a baby, or just a baby of the same species?
  7. It did get quiet during the second half. There was a definite tension in the air when it looked like united might equalise. Hence the massive release when Salah scored.
  8. Well, that was fun! Should have put the game to bed during the first half and the first ten minutes of the second, so consequently got a bit nervy towards the end but it was all worth it for the Salah goal. Magnificent!
  9. I thought there was an option to switch to 'classic' (i.e. fully turn based) battles?
  10. I started this last night and it's brilliant. Absolutely gorgeous to look at and the simple, untaxing gameplay is a great change of pace for me after having my brain melted by The Witness. Perfect hung over Sunday gaming: unchallenging, relaxing, and beautiful.
  11. dug

    The Witness

    I finished this the other night. As much as I was enjoying it to begin with, I was glad it was over. By the end, I largely found the panels to be so hard they became a slog rather than an enjoyable brainteaser. I did look up the solution to one of them in the mountain because I was convinced it was impossible given the established rules for that particular type of puzzle. It wasn't. I finished with 429 panels completed +19. No doubt I missed loads but I can't say I have any desire to go back to it and find them. Which is a downer note to end the game on considering how much I was enjoying it to begin with. I think that may be a problem with puzzle games in general. They're going to get harder and more frustrating as they go. Overall, good game, worth playing but I was glad it was over.
  12. Going to Anfield for the first time on Sunday to watch the United match. It's fair to say I'm quite excited.
  13. Yeah, I've got the Saga ones and they're really nice, so I've no doubt the Monstress one will be a gorgeous edition. But my precious shelf space...
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