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  1. dug


    I've watched it now and I'm glad I did because it has completely blown away any confusion I had over what was going on and what it all meant. It was as if a light was shone into the darkest corners of my mind, giving me complete clarity and understanding about the story as a whole, particularly the ending.
  2. dug


    I watched the first couple of minutes last night, and it opens with Shinji visiting an unconscious Asuka in hospital, where he moves her, accidentally exposing her breasts, so he has a wank.
  3. Great stuff. Could have done without conceding, but scored some outstanding goals.
  4. You know those games where there are chances but no one takes them, and it's nil-nil at half time, and you think "bloody hell the score is like 4-2 or something stupid in some parallel dimension where they all managed to score"? Tonight we are in that parallel dimension.
  5. I wish this half ended a minute ago
  6. I don't want this half to end
  7. That was stunning. Also lol at the Everton defenders arguing with eachother afterwards.
  8. Holy shit that ball from Mane
  9. I did enjoy Laurie's eye roll at that comment.
  10. dug


    No, not yet. Am I right in thinking that it's basically a retelling of the last few episodes only in more detail?
  11. dug


    Well, I finished Evangelion, and.... Wtf was that? I mean, what it seemed to be was Please note I am not saying the ending is bad, I'm saying the ending is.... wha?
  12. Ooooh, that's good.
  13. dug


    Hmm. I'll keep going for now.
  14. dug


    So, I'm watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, and... I'm not enjoying it. Is this sacrilege? It seems to be pretty much universally acclaimed, but I'm just not seeing it. I mean, it's a giant-mecha-fighting-aliens series, which is a genre I have very little interest in to begin with, so it's starting with a disadvantage there. But I'm not seeing anything to redeem it. The characters aren't doing anything for me. Shinji's a bland milquetoast crybaby, his mates are irritating, the other pilot is a null-character, the other other pilot is annoying, the officer woman shinji lives with is annoying. The only character thing which has any interest for me is why is shinji's dad such a dick to him? All the rest can just sod off though. As for the plot, there are many questions to be answered, like what are the angels? What really happened 15 years ago? What is the true nature of the EVAs? All of which, meh, I don't really care. The worst thing though is all the bawdy "oh no, I've accidentally seen you naked, 14-year-old girl, and my shock and embarrassment has made me trip over, and now I'm lying on top of you and my hands are on your tits. How embarrassing!" type humour. Ugh. I do like the music, however. A real 80s cartoon vibe. Reminds me of Dungeons & Dragons. What am I missing? Everyone raves about Evangelion, but just not seeing it so far. I'm half way through, I think. Episode 13?
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