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  1. Picked up Moss in the sale. Can't wait to play it, I thought the demo was lovely. I can feel a weekend VR session coming on.
  2. My mate's dad is a season ticket holder, and for matches when he can't make it up to Anfield (we live in Cornwall, so it's a bit of a trek), he lends it out to other people who want to go. In exchange for the value of a match day ticket, of course. Is this above board and allowed, or is it a bit dodgy and you're not supposed to do it? Because I want to go to a match, but I don't want to drive all the way to Liverpool, only for them to ID me on the gate or something and realise I'm not him and not let me in. Or does it not matter, and a season ticket is a season ticket and it doesn't matter who is using it?
  3. dug

    Playstation Now

    My nephew claimed that PS Now now allows you to download certain games, and even lets you keep them after your free trial runs out. I didn't believe him. But he insists that he downloaded a game on the free trial (Farming Simulator) and can still play it, even though his trial's finished. What's the deal here? Is he straight up lying, or is there something else going on? For example does it sneakily set up an auto renewal when you sign up for the free trial?
  4. dug

    Megadrive Mini

    Mine arrived yesterday! I immediately gave it to my wife so she can wrap it up and give it back to me for my birthday next month.
  5. There's an article in the guardian today comparing this to a film called Cuck, which has a similar premise. Don't read it though, because it spoils the fuck out of both films. I haven't seen either, but now I feel I don't need to because I know exactly what happens in both of them.
  6. Oh god, that second one. It completely stumped me on the original version, stuck for days. Then I showed my mate who was a Zelda fan but hadn't played Link's awakening, and he
  7. She sounds very autotuned. But I thought that may be to make it a bit more reminiscent of the voice sound on the gb version.
  8. dug

    Aphex Twin

    Lol I came here to ask if there was a recording of the Printworks set the other night available, and here we are. There are times I love living in the future.
  9. dug


    Meh, I'll skip it then.
  10. dug


    Do you at least find out what was in the basement of the main character's house? I seem to remember that was the Mystery McGuffin that kept me watching through the second season, but was never resolved. If not, then fuck it, I'll give it a miss. Maybe check out Dr Stone instead, that seems to be getting some love.
  11. dug


    Finally decided to give Attack on Titan season 3 a go, but ten minutes into the first episode I realised I didn't have a clue what was going on. I couldn't remember any of the characters or anything. So now I need to decide if I can be arsed to watch all of season 1 and 2 again. 30 odd episodes. Now, I know that's not many to some people, who think nothing of ploughing their way through 350 episodes of Popular Shonen Series, but I don't know if I want to watch that many episodes which I've already seen (but mostly forgotten), just to make sense of the stuff I haven't seen. Is it worth it? Was season 3 good enough to put the time into rewatching 1 and 2?
  12. Slain: Back From Hell is a title I put on my watch list because I like the art style, and the game looks like it might be up my street, an action platformer Castlevania type. And now it's on sale on the eshop, £5.39 Has anyone played it? Any good? Reviews seem to suggest it might be difficult, but in a frustrating way. Can anyone comment? I might just get it anyway though, seeing as it's only a fiver. Unless someone convinces me not to.
  13. @ZOK No, just a different intro. It's still the same character, but where the comic version is simply "what if superman was a violent psychopath," the TV version has more to him.
  14. dug


    Seconded! In fact, I'd say Paranoia Agent is the best thing he did.
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