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  1. My wife loves watching serial killer stuff but she gave up on this after a few episodes because it's so relentlessly fucking horrible. She said she couldn't watch it any more because it was making her agitated.
  2. I don't know the answer to that question because I haven't watched the TV series yet, but the total running time of the web series is 30-odd minutes, so you might as well watch them anyway.
  3. No, that's it.
  4. @MardiganX Fyi, you get to fight
  5. I was gonna say, I don't remember any of this stuff, and it was the pal version I played. Although it has been a good 12 years since I played it, so there's undoubtedly an element of poor memory here.
  6. Flipping yes! Love Suikoden 1 and 2 (not so much the others).
  7. Just read There Is No Antimemetics Division, thanks to a) all the recommendations in here and b) the current kindle sale. Really enjoyed it! I loved the concept of The only other qntm story I've read is the one about uploading consciousnesses into computers and using them for slave labour, which was also good. I'm going to have to read their other stuff.
  8. The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Skyward Sword?
  9. Right, coming up to the "oh, one more thing..." What will it be?
  10. Ooh, tales of symphonia. I'm all over that!
  11. Only five mins left. I'm starting to fear the metroid prime 4 shadow drop may not happen.
  12. Yeah, as much as I love Sekiro, I think DoH was a real misstep. The whole game teaches you a new style of fighting, being ultra aggressive and deflecting enemy attacks, with each boss being an increasingly difficult test of your skill at this specific style. Then it lobs a boss at you which you can't fight like that. It's like "hey, you know all those skills you've been building up for the last however many hours? Forget all that lol" I don't know what From were going for with it.
  13. The thing about The Big Bang Theory is that its humour seems to consist entirely of mentioning nerdy stuff. Like, one of the characters will say a line about a cat, and another character will respond "like Schrödinger's cat?" and it will get a big laugh. No joke, just a mention of a concept from physics. It's exactly equivalent to Peter Kay saying "remember Bullseye?" People inexplicably laughing because they recognise a thing. Only for nerds.
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