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  1. I've been mulling it over, and I think this is what going on
  2. Yeah good point, I'll spoiler tag from now on. Season 1 Ep 7 & 8 Holy flip. Episode 8 in particular was great. I cannot wait to finish off season 1 tonight.
  3. Ah yeah, just hit me with that sweet Bionis' Leg music, baby, that's all I need: Haven't played this since back on the Wii, so definitely looking forward to going through it again.
  4. Well done, good progress. Sen's is a bastard the first time you do it, especially if you don't know about the hidden bonfire, so well done for finding that. Top tip for crystal weapons, you can't repair them, but if you upgrade them it restores the durability to full. There's someone in Anor Londo who may be able to help you with that. If they break though, they're gone forever, so be careful.
  5. Ok, I'm in. This is pretty good, isn't it? Watched episodes 3 - 6 last night. Detective guy, Miller, has continued his investigation into the disappearance of rich girl, Julie Mao. He finds she was involved with Belter separatist group OPA and goes to visit OPA boss Dawes (?) who looks a bit like Charlie Brooker and talks like Adam Buxton doing an impression of inner city London youths. Meanwhile, riots start kicking off as a result of Holden's message about the Canterbury being destroyed by an apparently Martian ship, and Miller's mate gets impaled. Oof. Miller does more investigating and finds a fancy, futuristic SD card in Julie Mao's place. Then he gets jumped by Dawes's goons and chucked in an airlock, but is rescued by his female police colleague (his ex?). He takes all the evidence to his boss, who shuts down the investigation and fires him. Turns out she's on the OPA payroll. The surviving crew of the Canterbury, Holden, Naomi, Amos, Alex and, er, the other one are captured by the Martians and interrogated. They keep mentioning Phoebe. Hmm. Then the Martian ship is attacked by mysterious, heavily armed ships and boarded by mysterious soldiers with high tech self healing suits. During the attack, other guy is messily decapitated. Oof. With the help of Martian marines, the rest of our crew get to an escape vessel and blast off before the Martian ship self destructs. While they're discussing what to do next, they get a message from Cutty from The Wire, who is a big OPA boss, and is building an ark for the Mormons (?!). They go to visit him, and he disguises their ship so they can go off and... I'm not quite sure. To investigate what happened at Phoebe? UN leader/politician woman, Chrisjen, continue to show herself to be completely ruthless. She fucks over the UN ambassador to Mars, who happens to be an old family friend (although I kind of get the feeling that all of the UN higher-ups are old family friends) in order to get secret information on stealth technology from the Martians. Although doing so does prevent war, so maybe it was the right thing to do. Then she threatens another guy who has a spy in among Cutty's crew, to get access to the spy. I'm not sure at this point if she's evil, or a decent person who does bad things for the greater good. I don't trust her though. So, biggest questions, who attacked the Martian ship and what happened at Phoebe? The attackers have advanced technology, so a breakaway Martian group? A secret non-UN Earther group? Mormons? War-Mormons? WARMONS? Also, big fan of Miller's haircut. Edit: the gist of what's going on, as far as I can tell, is something like: A McGuffin is discovered on Phoebe, the nature of which we don't yet know. Some sort of super advanced tech, maybe? The OPA get wind of this and sent a ship out to get it, in the belief that doing so will further their ability to declare independence from Earth and establish their own nation. Julie Mao was in this ship. They succeed, but everyone on the ship was killed (?) Also, the station on Phoebe was destroyed at some point. The Canterbury picks up the distress signal from the now derelict ship, and that's the beginning of what we see on screen. As for who the mysterious soldiers are, I don't know. But either they have the McGuffin and don't want anyone else to have it, or they don't want anyone at all to have it because they know how dangerous it is. Side note: what's going on with the belters' accents? I get that they've been a culture separate from Earth and Mars for generations, so they have their own distinct patois and accent, but it's not very consistent is it? Some sound South African, some sound Caribbean and Dawes sounds like a posh boy attempting to do multicultural London English. It's as if the directors said to each actor playing a belter "do an accent!" "Which one?" "Any, as long as it's not American!"
  6. One thing I certainly haven't grasped is the names of the characters! I'll try and commit them to memory as I watch later.
  7. Aw shucks, I mean I am an extremely handsome, talented and accomplished individu... Oh, you mean because of The Expanse. Right on.
  8. Will do. In that spirit, here are some brief thoughts and speculation based on the first two episodes. We have three plot strands, detective man, mining ship crew and UN leader/politician woman. Detective man is searching for a missing rich girl, who I'm pretty sure is the woman we saw in the first scene, floating through the ship and seeing some weird shit with blue lights and someone melting (?). Something secret going on there. Ceres and the shitty living conditions of the belters, contrasting with the rich, privileged UN, seems to be setting up a workers' revolt. We'll see. UN leader woman seems at first blush to be a villain, coming as she does for the ultra privileged elites of the setting, and being willing to torture a prisoner for information. But then maybe it really was vital to the security and safety of millions that she obtain that information. We'll see. Mining ship XO guy sets himself up as a sympathetic character by having enough of a conscience to call the distress call into HQ, so they're now obliged to check it out. Then as they're doing so, a stealth ship appears and destroys the mining ship. Apparently only the Martians have stealth technology, so it's strongly implied to be them, also backed up by the Martian military flagship also being in the area. I'm not entirely convinced though. Clearly whoever it was didn't want knowledge of what was on the derelict (missing rich girl's ship, there are two of the plot strands connected) getting out. So what was it? Dunno. ALIENS??? Probably not, doesn't seem like that kind of show. We'll see. Oh, and lots of mentions of war throughout. Tensions are high, all it will take is a spark to set it all off, etc. A spark like an apparently Martian ship destroying an Earth owned mining ship which was delivering vital supplies of ice to Ceres? This means WAR! Maybe. We'll see.
  9. Ok good, I was hoping someone would say that After episode two, I suddenly had the sinking feeling that this might be one of those series where the books are full of pages of technical specifications of military craft and their weapons capabilities. Glad to hear it's not though! I'll continue watching tonight.
  10. I started watching this last night, the first two episodes. It hasn't quite sunk its hooks in, but is potentially promising. Thing is, it also looks as though it could become one of those military/technical SFs all about the war between Earth and Mars. Is it that? Because if it is I don't think I'll bother as that kind of thing doesn't really interest me.
  11. Inspired by this thread I decided to start another run yesterday, a sorcery run, which I've never done before. I'm now up to Anor Londo and have all Logan's spells, or the ones available at this point anyway. Soul Spear is my most powerful spell currently. When you have the Bellowing Dragoncrest ring, Dusk Crown, and pump a load of levels into Int, damn son, shit gets nuked! Probably the majority of the time spent on this playthrough was spent farming Balder Knights for a Balder Side Sword. I don't know how long exactly I spent doing that, but by the end of it I had about 60k souls, so that will give you some idea. Absolutely bloody typically, after I got one and went off doing other things, the next time I happened to come through the Undead Parish I killed two of them and guess what one dropped? Motherfucking Balder Side Sword. I had to kill hundreds of the cunts to get one, then to get a second one I killed two. I swear the game does it on purpose.
  12. Jesus Christ, Picard makes Westworld seem like fucking Blade Runner.
  13. When I was 5, my brother got a spectrum for Christmas, which after a few years he gave to me. I guess the games he gave me with it don't count, so what was the first game I actually bought myself? I can't remember. It would have been on a magazine cover tape. The first game I can actually remember buying was Batman the Movie. Classic.
  14. Ok, I'm getting that. I haven't played a Paper Mario game since Thousand Year Door because I've always been put off by something, but that looks so good.
  15. Personally I wouldn't worry about the poison effect of the swamp. It does bugger all damage, so I just accept I'm going to be poisoned and live with it. If your running low on estus, you can always leg it back to the bonfire. Also, protip: the slug enemies sometimes drop large titanite shards. If you have the time/inclination, spend some time farming those until you get enough to upgrade your weapon a few times.
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