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  1. A couple of points: 1) I bought a pair of the PS5 headphones, and they've really made me appreciate the sound design in this. Not just the directional aspect of everything, but the ambient nature sounds and all the little technological bleeps and bloops are great. In the first biome I walked past a tree (or tree analogue) and there was a little chittering sound coming from it, which seemed to indicate there was a little critter of some sort living in it. A totally unnecessary but brilliant little touch which shows the depth of the world Housemarque has created here. I also love that it would be possible to tell which biome you're in, purely from the ambient sounds. At least I assume so; I've only got to the second biome, which sounds distinctively dry and dusty compared to the wet, squelchiness of biome one. Hopefully the remaining biomes will be equally as distinct. 2) The Metroid Prime 4 devs must have looked at this and gone "fuck."
  2. Haha, take that Phrike, you prike! I like the fact that the second biome is very different. Both in appearance and general feel. Those armoured enemies don't fuck around!
  3. Yep, I had a massive obolite run, apparently. First time I got to the fabricator room I had about 300, so had a choice of either heal item (150 oblongs) or revive (250). Went for the heal item and ended up using it before clearing out the level. Went back to the shop last thing before the boss with 800-odd obols and bought the astronaut and the health extension (350) leaving me with 200-odd with which I bought a thing that gives you extra damage for every level of adrenaline (I think. It was some sort of stat up anyway). So in all, around 950 oblobos. Which I'll take your word for being a lot for level one.
  4. Ah, so they only appear in specific rooms in specific places? Ok, thanks. Is there always a destructible wall in those particular rooms? Or are they there only sometimes? Like, if you've found one before, will there always be one in that specific room type in that exact position, or are they there in some runs but not others? Basically what I want to know is if I'm wasting my time searching the outer walls in all rooms for destructible bits. Oh, I know what they look like, by the way. There's one in the tutorial. I don't want to imply I'm going round shooting all the walls in all the rooms just in case
  5. I do have a question: can destructible walls be potentially found in any room? Well, obviously not the rooms where you're jumping around on ruins in a big, open space without any walls. But any room with walls? Or does the experienced player know not to bother looking for destructible walls in certain room types because they cannot appear there? Or is this another case of 'work it out yourself, you lazy bastard'?
  6. Ha, well, the idea was to have both, but I got into a spot of bother before the boss and had to use the silphum. I didn't know the astronaut doesn't give you full health, so that puts a different spin on things.
  7. Ah, didn't know that, thanks. Yeah, too late now, unfortunately. I'm certain I did buy it because I bought the 25% max health upgrade at the same time, and It was the last thing I did before fighting the boss. I guess I must have used it during the fight and not noticed somehow? Ah well. I'm sure I'll go through the same process on this as on other rogue-likes, where you spend ages not being able to beat the first level, but by the time you're regularly completing runs, the idea of failing on the first level seems laughable.
  8. Aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot overstate my fury. Just spent the last hour and 15 mins very carefully going through the first biome clearing every room and finding all the resources I could. Ended up with loads of extra health, a level 5 pistol with extra damage and loads of extra projectiles on a successful overload and, crucially, an astronaut figurine. When I decided to face the boss, I had full health, which, through judicious use of an increase-your-max-health fabricator, was about 60 or 70% higher than your default max health normally is. The most health I've had on any run by a long way, in other words. I'm getting reasonably good at the first phase, and only took a couple of hits. Second phase I'm less good at and keep panic-hitting jump instead of dash when he comes in close for a melee attack, but I still had a fair old chunk of health left by phase three. Got him down to about half of his health bar before he killed me, but aha, here's my trump card, the astronaut figurine will revive me and I'll have a shit load of health to take him down with! Easy! Only, the fucking, shitting, cocking, pissing, wanking, twatting, cunting, assing, bastarding, bollocksing, christing fucking thing didn't revive me. I woke up at the crash site. Nearly threw the coffee table at the telly. I guess the astronaut isn't a guaranteed revival then? I'm pretty sure it had revived me every time I'd had one previously. Just not when I really needed it to. Bah. Is it like the item from Binding of Isaac that gives you a 50% chance of being revived?
  9. I've started playing this and am liking it so far, even if it's hard as balls. I got to the first boss on one run and managed to get him to the third phase, but he got me. And then the next, like, five runs I died on the third room or something Does anyone know of any good, non-spoilery beginner's guides? There seems to be a lot of systems to take in, so I'd like to learn about them but without being shown stuff I'd rather discover myself, if you know what I mean. One thing I would like to know though. I found the house and got the key, so I went in. On the ground floor was a door which had a prompt to open it, but I thought that if I did a cut scene would happen and and be kicked out, so I went upstairs instead. Then a cut scene happened and I got kicked out. And now when I find the house again it says it's inaccessible even though I have the key. Did I miss anything of consequence?
  10. Ok, so it seems that as punishment for cockily stating in the post above that the bosses (other than maneater) are a piece of piss, Flamelurker has turned into the henchest motherfucker in the world in ng+. First time round I beat him without too much difficulty in my fourth attempt. He had a few big thumping attacks, but as long as you can avoid them or tank them with a sturdy shield, no problem. Only now that doesn't work. On ng+ I must have had 30 goes minimum. Maybe more like 40. Can not kill the bastard. You basically have to do it flawlessly, because any hit either kills you or stuns you long enough for the follow up hit to kill you. Motherfucker's been on the steroids, I tell you.
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