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  1. I've started this and am enjoying it so far. I like the art style much more 'in person' than on the YouTube video. It's weird, on the video everything had a sheen to it, as if each object and the background had been shrink wrapped in polythene. But in the actual game, that's not there. Which is a relief, because it was that sheen that I was put off by. As for performance issues on the switch, I haven't noticed anything so far other than an excessively long load time when starting the game. Although I'm not very far in, so may come across other issues later.
  2. Ah, well, I've gone and bought the switch version. Maybe I'll wait for a patch before starting it then.
  3. This sounds like it should be right up my street, since I'm a big fan of the Soulsbourne games and really enjoyed Salt and Sanctuary. But there's something I find off-putting about the art style. Is there a good variety in locations and enemy types, or does the whole game look more or less like the first area?
  4. Hmmm, is that going to be "can you make more, but with a massively reduced budget?"
  5. Ah ok. That's saved me a potential disappointed purchase!
  6. How are the resi evil games in vr? Actually, maybe I shouldn't be asking as re7 vr was too much for me
  7. dug

    Nintendo Switch

    And it arrived yesterday
  8. A crystal weapon is equivalent to a +10 standard upgrade path weapon, though.
  9. dug

    Nintendo Switch

    I managed to place an order at £35, so let's see what happens... Edit: it's been dispatched! Not a mistake then.
  10. dug

    Nintendo Switch

    Brilliant, thanks for the link. Best price I've ever seen official joycons for, and I need new ones since the contact cleaner trick has stopped working on my left one.
  11. Frampt is the only way to exchange junk for souls. But, apart from a couple of items, he gives you such a pitiful amount it's not really worth bothering with.
  12. Haha, we've all been there!
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