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  1. Much as I have loved the soundtracks in previous games in the series, to the point of importing Japanese CDs of orchestrated versions, gotta say the soundtrack to this is the weakest I've ever heard in a DQ game. The town music in particular does my tits in. The bit where it does a chromatic* rise of about ten steps sets my teeth on edge every time. 1.05 on here: I hope they get someone else in for the music in subsequent games. Partly because he seems to be rubbish now, and partly because he's a racist, homophobic old fuck. Having said all that though, I am still loving everything else about the game. *NB may not actually be chromatic; I'm no music theorist lol
  2. dug

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Preordered one, despite knowing that I'll piss about with it for an evening tops before it goes into a cupboard never to be touched again. Until it's hacked, that is, then I'll turn it into a JRPG dream machine. Then it'll go into a cupboard never to be touched again.
  3. dug

    Juh-rur-per-guh - The JRPG thread.

    I bought Lunar: Eternal Blue when in my buy every PS1 JRPG I can get my hands on phase, but didn't play it for ages. When I finally got round to it I thought hang on, this plays an awful lot like Grandia (which I loved). When I looked into it, they were both made by the same studio, Game Arts, so of course they play similarly. So just in case anyone here enjoyed Grandia as much as I did, but hasn't played a Lunar game, go for it. You'll probably enjoy it... Apart from that one, it's shite.
  4. Has anybody found all of the crossbow targets in any of the areas yet? I haven't; I generally only find one or two in each area, but then I haven't really been specifically looking for them. I just shoot the ones I happen to run across as I explore a new area, picking up all the sparkly spots. My question is, what are the rewards like? Worth it? If it's only something like a load of common crafting materials, then I can't see myself ever bothering to try and find them all.
  5. Haven't got to there yet, but I've met Michelle and done her bit.
  6. Did anyone go for the special edition? How is the tat?
  7. Personally I don't recall any moments where the music tonally clashed with what was happening. But this is definitely not one of the stronger DQ soundtracks. The town music is one track in particular that I think is rubbish. The music in general feels like DQ by numbers. That's my only downside though. I love everything else about the game.
  8. Ah, that feeling when you reach your first area with metal slimes. It's grinding time, boys!
  9. Just sounds to me like an English person trying (not particularly successfully) to do an American accent.
  10. A few hours in and I must echo what @Trumpets said above. This is exactly what I wanted from a new DQ game. It feels like putting on a comfy pair of slippers, in the best possible way. I do wish the music was orchestrated, but to be honest I soon got used to the midi.
  11. It came! And it has lovely reversible cover art: Unfortunately I can't play it yet though, as I have to spend the day with [Mayor Quimby]the wife[/Mayor Quimby]. Edit: dammit, why won't my picture upload?
  12. I hate to be that guy who starts the whole "mine's been despatched!" thing, but my shopto account was charged yesterday, and after watching the Kotaku review I'm quite excited. Man, I hope it arrives today!
  13. How spoilery is the Kotaku review? It's fairly lengthy, so that's a lot of footage, potentially of stuff I'd rather not see before I play it (I've pre-ordered so the review has no bearing on whether or not I'll play it ).
  14. dug

    Streets of Rage IV

    The SOR3 soundtrack is full of fucking bangers. Like that one up there that @Calashnikov posted. Or this one: Or this one: I love the music from 1 and 2 as well, but feel that 3's soundtrack is unfairly maligned. I really hope that Yuzo Kushiro is doing the soundtrack to 4 as is rumoured. Squealing guitars is just all kinds of wrong.

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