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  1. Ah ballbags. I thought it was a three o'clock kick off today, so I missed it. Still, I look forward to seeing Salah's goal on match of the day later. And Bobby hat trick
  2. Pretty much. I managed to get one from Game the other day for my nephew's Christmas present, but it involved using a stock checker app and immediately going to the Game site upon receiving the notification. The Game site stuck me in a queue for about an hour, so I wasn't expecting to get one, but when my turn came along there were still bundles available. Of course, being Game, I couldn't just get a console on its own. The cheapest disc version they did was with a game and extra controller, but that was still available even after an hour's queueing, so I count myself lucky there. We're definitely still ages away from being able to just buy one. Unless you're willing to pay over the odds from scalpers, of course, but fuck them.
  3. Fucking hell, Salah's not bad is he?
  4. My wife and I watched this over the last couple of nights and agreed, it's fantastic. My wife is a mental health nurse and she commented that you can tell that the portrayals of mental illness and addiction come from personal experience, not just some bullshit that a writer who doesn't know what they're talking about has pulled out of their ass. She unfortunately regularly works with people like Alma's mum.
  5. Loved Robertson's pass to himself there.
  6. Oof, their goalie's having a mare.
  7. Omg that never occurred to me! I've been repeatedly killing the same enemies over and over again like a chump for half an hour at a time.
  8. God damn I love Circle of the Moon. I'd forgotten how great it is.
  9. Aw man. Like many others here, the speccy was my first ever computer, which sparked in me a passion which was to last all my life. Rest in peace, Sir Clive.
  10. Fuck a duck, what just happened there?
  11. Ah, is that the Kickstarter one? I had the email saying they were starting to ship them, but given how much they were urging patience I wasn't expecting to get mine for weeks if not months. But if yours has arrived, mine might come soon!
  12. This is all the reassurance I needed, thank you.
  13. I don't want to read the thread for fear of spoilers as I haven't started this yet, but what is the general consensus so far? I ask because I've been seeing a few comments in twitch chats along the lines of "I loved the first one but unfortunately this one is disappointing." My mental picture of the kind of person who posts in twitch chat, though, is a tasteless philistine child, so maybe these kind of comments are of no value? Hopefully? Please somebody reassure me?
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