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  1. Looking forward to this tonight, doesn’t seem like we’ve heard much about PS5 for a while I'm still sticking with a £299/$349 price for the disc-less and £399/$449 for the full fat. I also reckon they’ll open pre-orders either immediately or within the next couple of days, certainly before Xbox preorders, with a launch date of either the same as Series S/X or the week before
  2. £299 and £399 for me I always reckoned Sony would announce PS5 at £50-£100 cheaper than series X Given the lower than expected price of Series X, I reckon the PS5 with disc will be £399 - that's 50 quid cheaper and crucially would be viewed as being under £400 with the MS offering over £400 Similarly, I reckon the disc-less PS5 will be £299, that still makes it and Series S both fall below £300 and they can give the sales spiel of full next-gen hardware for only 50 quid more than Series S
  3. I’m fully expecting £299 and £399 - would have been interesting what price it would have been had Sont announced their price first for once. i also expect pre-orders to open before the 22nd, possibly by next Friday with release date matching Xbox Hopefully we’ll get clarification that it’s fully backward compatible with the PS4. Looking forward to Wednesday!
  4. When do we expect Sony to announce that the PS5 is more than 12 Tflops?
  5. Unbelievably not, he's just done the press conference for Saturdays trip to top of the table Swansea :-(
  6. Ha, that fixed it for me. Chat pad disconnected and game loads. Cheers!
  7. I received a physical deluxe edition of the game for Xbox One on Saturday and that too fails to run and returns me back to the dashboard. Hoping it’ll work tomorrow on its ‘release date’
  8. Really looking forward to this next week - pre-ordered Xbox version off Amazon - Going to fire up the original Xbox tonight for the 1st time in a while to have a blast on the original Burnout games to whet my appetite.
  9. Ah, Shipleys up Hanley duck. Great venue, remember it well. Will certainly be picking up the new game next year. Good luck with it
  10. I used a utility to format as fat32 but all the space is available. I’ve got about 170 games on the card, the majority of which are in GDI format (1.1Gb each)
  11. Yep, my 200Gb card took a 2-3 mins to start up initially, but I recreated the card using the GD Menu tool and now the menu loads almost instantaneously
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