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  1. I went to the Q&A of the Art of Rap last week with Ice T answering questions. I thought it was a well put together doc, no real direction, but throughly enjoyable. He said they shot 70 hours of footage which had to be whittled down to 2 for the film, so I'm looking forward to some bumper dvd extras. I recommend a watch as that IMDB rating is a bit harsh.
  2. I stumped for just the Saturday in the end, the line up is incredible. Can't wait! Battles, Flying Lotus, Four Tet, Orbital, Amon Tobin, James Blake - There's going to be some clashes for sure. Is there a clash guide/ time slot thing available?
  3. Getting tickets to Bloc tonight. http://www.blocweekend.com/ Going to check the site out this weekend at the free festival going on - Paradise Gardens, created by many of the late night Shangri-La team from Glastonbury. It should be interesting to see what they've done, I'm hoping it will be awesome, with room to grow into something incredible. We'll see!
  4. Legs

    Queens Park Rangers

    Doesn't 40% of Taarabt's transfer fee go to Spurs through a sell on clause?
  5. Legs

    Glastonbury 2011

    So I'm back in the land of the living too, yet another belter. I have to say the last two years are up there with my favourite festival times. One of my many highlights was being up front in this: God I love Glastonbury.
  6. Legs

    Glastonbury 2011

    The Spring Ground... it's up by John Peel/Pyramid area... here's this years map This year they've totally changed the entry system into Shangri-la and all that funkey late night shizzle. After 11pm you need to go up and beyond to Gleebland for the only entry point. Might be worth sacking off headline slots if you fancied a few party nights. There are plenty of other late night tents, pubs and night spots across the site these days though, so if you don't get in, just have bumble around and you can find another party. God I love Gastonbury.
  7. Legs

    Angry Boys

    S.Mouse I was looking forward to seeing reading the set-up, but knew it had the potential to be awful. I haven't found a moment to catch these yet, so I'll just wait until tomorrow. First two episoes shown, I guess I can see for myself.
  8. 3 years since summer heights high ... he's back! http://youtu.be/hBj7JtmtxDg I think it starts 7th June on BBC3 (yuck), but if his previous comedies are anything to go by, this could be filled with the funnies.
  9. Legs

    Gigs 2010

    I have DOOM and Four Tet and Caribou coming up.
  10. I used to work for them and they've been in trouble for years due to being incredibly slow on setting up thier online rental. I'm not fussed if they dissapear, they were awful employers, but having 20 free rentals a week, watching films all day with free snacks and cheap booze was worth it. Buying trade-ins straight off the customer and not putting it through the system was a bonus too. Blockbuster UK own Gamestation do they not?
  11. I've had it at quite a few screenings. My mate inadvertently started a round of applause at the end of bowling for columbine. He has that habit of clicking his fingers in a series of clicks followed by a clap when he's about to get up or go do something. This set off the row in front of us and before you knew it everyone was at it. I do always find it strange when one goes off, I love the site of a clapper with a bemused look on their face who is purely clapping because others are.
  12. I've been looking forward to this for a long time... it looks wonderful
  13. I did my dissertation on Saul Bass Edit: I've just realised I quoted something 5 and a half years old.
  14. Legs


    I just found mine and Plums scores on scraps of paper... the memories. If that score board was kept up to date in the OP I should be on there a few times, but I never got 3000 on BT! 2859... now my revisiting has a mission attached.
  15. Legs


    Seeing as I'm dusting off Frequency, I might give this a whirl too.
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