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  1. I had two more games come through on Monday, after initially starting it up on the previous Thursday. So I guess it's a monday drop for everyone after the initial first lot? Maybe?? Anyway, the 3rd and 4th games are very different from the first 2, which is nice. I got the purple case. It looks great, but I don't find it as nice to have it folded round the back when I'm playing on the Playdate. It catches on the crank sometimes, and is a bit uncomfortable to hold at the edges. It's only hooked on with magnets though. I just completely remove the whole thing when I'm playing.
  2. Mine came a few days ago. The crank is cool, the screen runs as smooth as hell (as demonstrated on the intro sequence when you first turn it on). I can't wait to see what the weekly games have in store. It's all very neat and cool, it's very easy to sideload games people have made (so much so that I can do it from my phone). The first two games are nice. One is a straight forward and simple high score game, the other has a bit more meat to it as an adventure. One thing though, there are some games where you crank and press buttons simultaneously and I've yet to find a comfortable way to hold the thing to do so. It doesn't help that the edges of the handheld aren't rounded, so it can get a bit annoying at times. Overall summary: Yellow.
  3. Couk

    Nintendo Switch

    It definitely isn't compatible but I believe an OLED model version is in the works.
  4. If anyone's interested... I drew this design for theyetee.com and its on sale today (and today only)
  5. I 100%ed it. The rewards are fairly slim but the shinespark puzzles aren’t as hard as they look once you’ve figured it out. Took me an hour or two to round up all the items I’d missed before heading to the final boss (which is great, btw)
  6. Couk


    Properly getting into this now. The mechanics are great, and this is coming from someone who hated Majora's Mask. My only real issues currently are technical ones; the occasional 20-second freeze that other have mentioned, and the fact I've been waiting for 10 minutes to invade someone's game as Julianna with no matches at all.
  7. Never seen it done that way round before (Japan remaking a western horror). I'd probably watch this, even if it's just shot-for-shot.
  8. If we’re playing the order number Willy-waving contest... #1***
  9. All I've ever wanted is another Parodius. And another Parodius collection release... the PSP version means that I have to play it on PSP.
  10. Yeah. Downloaded it on a whim and stuck with most of the way before getting distracted and playing something else. Good fun though, put some solid hours into it!
  11. Drink a shot for every "please understand"
  12. I don't think I ever got to play the actual game
  13. Did you get one of the flexidiscs with yours?
  14. Been a busy boy ever since I got me one of those Playstation 5 jobbies: Astro's Playroom (PS5) I mean, who wouldn't complete this? Worth playing through to find all the fun references, loads of great gameplay ideas. I just want mooooore! Platinum'd! The Pedestrian (PS5) A nice concept for a puzzle game, visually well executed, but kind of easy for my obviously incredibly smart brain. Immortals: Fenyx Rising (PS5) While I passed this off as a total rip-off of Zelda BOTW at first, after a fair few hours of gameplay it dawned on me that I love this game way more than BOTW (how do you like that hot take?). The exploration, puzzles, combat, narrative, etc took what Zelda did well and just built on it. I don't think I was ever bored in the 50 or so hours it took me to get the platinum trophy, except towards the end where I used a guide to find and tame all the remaining mounts (which aren't signposted in-game at all). I'll probably buy the season pass too. Now I'm holding out for Resident Evil 8 this weekend (and maybe Returnal down the line, when it gets cheaper) Completed Games:
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