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  1. What's already been said, but also that it was a much more engrossing game. It had many more factions to join, bizarre/hilarious/tough quests to keep you entertained and a huge world to explore that makes oblivion seem like a puny urine drenched sandbox. With Obli, it's pretty much just a a jaunt in quite a big forrest, with a bit of grass and a mountain or two, and with only one real faction that had any interest - the Brotherhood. The Legion was sorely missed, the mages guild has been reduced to slaughtering a few guys in black and the Fighter's guild's all about making a friend and annoying the competition.. Just seems they poured all their energy into making one single faction questline that would utterly win you over to the game and then cruelly laugh as you slowly realised it was the only part of the game they actually bothered to shine up. I'll still maintain Obli was a decent game, and quite playable too with a few dozen plugins and mods, but there was always the feeling that making it look good was far more important to the devs than making it an engaging and briliant game. That they seemingly removed half the features of Morrowind was a bitter pill to swallow too.
  2. Mishrack

    RPGs for 2011

    Testify! I used to love consoles back ni the day, well the Nes, Snes and mastersystem thingy anyway. However, ever since getting into pc gaming all good will towards consoles in generally has slowly been eroded and now there's little more than a hyper dense ball of loathing, frustration and unmentionable anger left. Well that, and console games are ridiculously expensive, compared to their pc cousins.
  3. If you stare at it long enough, it'll wink at you. Then come for you in the night. This may very well be the most amazing thing I have ever seen on the interwebs.
  4. Amen to that. Man, the amount of time I remember spending just completely and utterly lost in Morrowind, trying to find some isolated npc or whatever.. and then stumbling over hidden dungeons, glorious vistas or entire wee cities! Sure, the convenience of oblivionesque fast travel can be a blessing, but really does ruin that whole feeling of wandering round a huge stunning world. Levitation was sweet though, as was jump, now those were ways to travel in style! What is the take on the all voice acting by the way? Did the rest of you prefer the variety of inane text npc chatter or the three voices with a thousand faces of Obli? Am somewhat hoping they would go half-half on the new one. Maybe voice act the main questline and still have npc's chattering with eachother, but limit non-essential npc's to text alone.
  5. Mishrack

    RPGs for 2011

    To that, I would have to say that it is refreshing for a blatantly pc-centric game not to be raped for the benefit of the console crowd for once.
  6. I just hope they won't water the next instalment down as they did Morrowing>Oblivion. Not that they messed it up completely though, the game was gorgeous and the Dark Brotherhood questline was just indescribably touching and briliant! Mages and fighters guild lines both seemed a little bit of a disappointment in comparison, and the lack of a joinable Imperial Legion irked me somewhat. I was utterly in love with Morrowind, and quite liked Oblivion (though the fact it required dozens of plugins to shine and even come close to living up to the franchise reputation was a shame), and will deffinately be getting excited about this one also. But for the love of gods past, present and future.. please make them have more than just the same old 3 voice actors do the hundreds of npc's...
  7. Mishrack


    This. Also, it's not proper Christmas without roast duck, It's a tasty and wonderful meat! I've never understood the obsession with turkey in the english-speaking world.. it's dry and flavourless! Sure, it may become more exciting with various stuffings and such, but why not start with an actual tasty bird base and then improve on it further? Blasphemous, I tell you! Will be fun having two christmasses in a single year though, imagine the utter envy of small children the world over.
  8. Civ 4 with the Beyond The Sword expansion was the peak as far as I am concerned. I very much liked how they handled espionage and random events that actually had an impact on the game in that one. And dominating the world through religion is always fun
  9. Couldn't agree more. Had it on pre order for ages, sat up waiting for it to finally be unlocked and then went nuts. However, haven't touched it since the first week after it was released.. whereas with all the other Civ games, it took months before I'd even consider doing anything else. Sure, they've made it a little prettier, and the combat genuinely is a lot more fun and exciting, but they've just ripped too much out elsewhere for it to still be fun for me. Way too many turns spent just endlessly mashing the 'end turn' button with nothing else to do.. ineffectual diplomacy, utter lack of any form of micro or macro management, it just seems like a 'lite' version of good old Civ, fit for little more than wasting a few minutes at a time on an iphone while waiting for a bus or whatever. Or.. *shudder* facebook version. Give me back my old Civ!
  10. On a Dawn of War I & II bender. Forgotten how great those were!
  11. Mishrack

    Those little touches

    So very tempted to reinstall yet again after reading through all of these..
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