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  1. Thanks! I really like all those layers too - becoming almost abstract in the haze... All the pictures above were taken with my Nikon D750 with a Nikon 24-120 f/4 lens, then postprocessed in Lightroom. And yes, I feel your pain. Almost always when new gear arrives, I end up thinking that it'll somehow magically transform every photo I take into something fantastic All the pictures above could probably have been taken almost just as well (for internet-use at least) with a low-range Nikon DSLR and a kit-lens... In the end it's all about the subject, the composition and the lighting...
  2. It's definitely beautiful! Here in Switzerland there are pretty mountains and lakes too, but Bulgaria just has more of a vastness to it, simply being larger and much less densly populated. As a disclaimer though, the first two pictures are from Denmark - also, there a few extra pictures on my blog in the link.
  3. Just got back from 2 weeks of summer holidays in Denmark and Bulgaria - my first time in the latter, and it's quite stunning in places! 2x Summer holidays 2x Summer holidays 2x Summer holidays 2x Summer holidays 2x Summer holidays 2x Summer holidays 2x Summer holidays
  4. April provided lots of good possibilities to get out with the camera - including a few days with decent weather!... View towards Bauen It's sometimes easy to forget the sheer scale of things, when you get into the mountain areas... Waiting for the ferry in Bauen Dandelions with a nice view! The church in Seelisberg with Grosser and Kleiner Mythen visible in the background Grey weather, but still decent views Rolling greens in Einsiedeln made for a refreshing change from the mountains
  5. Got to spend a week in Kuwait earlier this month - which meant that I finally had some time to get out with the camera again... Lonely chair at the waterfront The Kuwait Towers The windows on the observation deck gave a nice 70s effect... Looking down View over Kuwait City The Kuwait Towers window structure Spotting the towers from the marina Beautiful light after a thunderstorm Sunset There's the golden hour, the blue hour, and in Kuwait, apparently also the purple hour
  6. I completely respect that - and had I seen it in the cinema, I might have had a different opinion (I have a respectable setup at home, but obviously still very far from a cinema experience). My expectations (which was purely based on the text summary of the channel airing it together with the IMDb score) were for decent entertainment, but also for a somewhat clever movie, which is one of the genres that I generally enjoy the most. And when I realized that the clever part was fading away more and more as the movie progressed, and ended up in a twist that felt more tacked-on than part of the plot, I just got annoyed in a way that I don't usually get when watching movies. I must admit that I don't even remember that fight scene though. Maybe I should actually consider a rewatch with readjusted expectations
  7. This. I spent quite a few evening of my youth watching crappy VHS movies with friends, and there's obviously stuff out there that's objectively worse (the ones that spring to mind is stuff like Omega Doom (it took us several attempts to actually watch it to the end), Chinese Boxes (we watched it quite a few times for some obscure reason, and I don't think any of us managed to get any idea about what the plot actually was) and early 60's Danish monster-movie wannabe Reptilicus). But - Now You See Me is the first movie in a long time that offended me. The premise was good. The cast had potential. It started out decent. But the plot and especially the ending completely fell apart in a failed attempt to be "clever". The more I tried to figure out what I had missed, the more offended I got at how it had wasted my time. It's basically blatantly copying the ending of The Usual Suspects, but completely forgetting everything else that made that ending actually work.
  8. Finally managed to get out with the camera and get a decent set of shots again - made it to the mountains for some good hikes the previous two Saturdays. From summer to winter... From summer to winter... From summer to winter... From summer to winter... From summer to winter... From summer to winter... From summer to winter... From summer to winter...
  9. Once again been a while - lots of great stuff as always though! Really enjoy the commentary for your shots @Naysonymous! Been doing a bit of here and there shooting lately, but haven't really gotten it processed to completion - so still a bit of a backlog. Realized I have some summerholiday sunset shots from the Danish west coast that I never got around to posting though: Moon up over the dunes Rough landscape! Several people enjoying the view Looking north along the beach
  10. I personally shoot raw-only, and process everything in Lightroom (and I think that quite a lot of other people use the same basic flow). Starting to do that, is probably the single most significant thing I've done to increase my interest and satisfaction in photography, apart of course from getting my first decent camera... In certain cases very little adjustment is needed, in other cases quite a bit - it mostly depends on the scene and conditions (for instance, a highly dynamic scene (very bright areas and very dark areas) will need some adjustments to be able to show both highlights and shadows), and on if I want to show the photo as "it was", or if have some artistic idea for it. I recently did a photowalk with my girlfriend, who's getting into photography too, and made some before/after Lightroom comparisons for her to see the possible difference. Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: In the end though, it's all about what you want to do, and what you feel happy about. If a good bit of editing makes you happy with the photos, then just edit them and be happy - photography is not necessarily about showing the subject as it is, but more about how you want to show it. Sometimes you want to show it as close to reality as possible, sometimes you want to interpret the subject in some way. It's always going to be subjective, and some people are going to like your style, others probably aren't - so personally, I just try to at least find something that I like myself
  11. Started out this year's holiday with a handful of days in Lugano - did the same thing last year, so I spent quite a bit of time trying not to shoot the same things over :p Evening sky over the lakefront Enjoying the warm weather Near Monte Tamaro Top of Monte Tamaro A proud Swiss mountain goat Morcote Sunset over Monte Lema Lake Lugano in the evening Lugano by night(ish)
  12. Managed to put in a couple of hikes over the last couple of weeks - including some rather lovely views over the omni-present lakes and mountains here in Switzerland... Hiking in the Canton of Schwyz x2 Hiking in the Canton of Schwyz x2 Hiking in the Canton of Schwyz x2 Hiking in the Canton of Schwyz x2 Hiking in the Canton of Schwyz x2 Hiking in the Canton of Schwyz x2
  13. So - I went ahead with an upgrade of my Nikon D7100 to a D750 two weeks ago - and finally got around to giving it a good spin at the Rheinfalls today Apart from the obvious advantages of a full-frame sensor, compared to the D7100 it also seems to be a lot better at nailing the exposure (the D7100 had a tendency the blow the highlights), but the images thus also turn out a bit darker initially. Good thing that there's an insane amount of dynamic range available in the raw files Really looking forward to getting to know it better! The Rheinfalls in Full Frame The Rheinfalls in Full Frame The Rheinfalls in Full Frame The Rheinfalls in Full Frame
  14. I'd say that it's a good exercise to go full manual to get a good feel for what the different settings do, but I also wouldn't let it get in the way of making sure that photography is still fun and that you come away with some interesting pictures Focus is probably one of the places where manual doesn't really make sense in most cases (unless you have a mirrorless with the various fancy focus-guide features). The only times when I do manual focus is either if my camera can't focus at all (pictures in very low light for instance) - or if I need to preset a specific focus because of a moving object where I'm not sure that the camera will be able to focus in time... For sunny days, you can use the "sunny f/16" rule - at f/16, your shutterspeed should be 1 divided by the ISO setting. If your shutterspeed is 1/100, then ISO 100 will do. If shutterspeed is 1/400, then ISO 400 and so on - and then you can modify the rest from there. Also, your Nikon should have an exposure guide in the bottom of the viewfinder that tells you whether the shot is going to be under- or overexposed. As a last thing - for reference, I always almost also shot in Aperture priority, using Nikons nice focal-length dependent auto-ISO feature (don't think that made it into the D3100 though), where the shutterspeed gets faster the more you're zooming in (since camera shake has a bigger effect at high zoom levels).
  15. Alternatively just try the whitebalance selector in Lightroom to automatically set the whitebalance, then adjust the screen to match? Very quick edit, just selected one of the bright areas of one of the clouds, then made it a bit warmer manually: Quite a few people in here use Flickr at least - you can see by the "<image-name> by <user>, on Flickr" text beneath many of the posted images. I've got my own photoblog, so I just host them there and then link to the images from elsewhere (here, facebook, etc.)...
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