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  1. Sprite Machine

    Playstation Vita

    Firmware spoofing allows store access. I was able to download my purchases normally.
  2. Sprite Machine

    Final Fantasy VII (SEVEN)

    I know, right! I like the little chunky fella better (except in close-ups).
  3. Sprite Machine

    Final Fantasy VII (SEVEN)

    The AI upscaling projects are developing quickly. Remako (Gigapixel method): Satsuki SYW (ERSGAN method): Give it a few months/year and I reckon these will be developed enough for a proper playthrough. Those cutscene-to-background transitions need smoothing out, though. Did the PC version always have such washed-out FMVs?
  4. Sprite Machine

    Turn your Wii into a fantastic emulation machine

    It maintains all existing functionality, and significantly adds to it.
  5. Sprite Machine

    Turn your Wii into a fantastic emulation machine

    My little "MyPassport" drive from Western Digital works perfectly, only needing one USB port. If they still make them, I'd go for that. It's got some sort of extra recovery partition on it that you can ignore and doesn't interfere with anything. I updated some mods on mine. I've been using Configurable USB Loader for booting Wii games for years, but I finally switched to USB Loader GX and, oh my god, it's a million times better! Does all the same stuff but has a Wii style 'channel' interface, lets you boot your NAND channels (eShop) from within it, directly supports Nintendont for GC games, and even has disc, box and channel artwork available for everything. I've even set up Priiloader to boot straight into it, and enabled region-free disc support. The Nintendont stuff is particularly impressive, seeing as it hacks into the system's native Gamecube archetecture, yet still allows you to use virtual memory cards and non-Gamecube controllers. Absolutely amazing what hackers and programmers have achieved with this thing. I'm almost tempted to hold onto it now...
  6. Sprite Machine

    Fallen Star - Episode 4 now online!

    First post updated. Episode 4 is now online and can be watched here: If you haven't seen the previous ones, they're arranged in a handy YouTube playlist, here. Or, if you can't be bothered with that, you can watch this 2 minute recap of events and skip to the latest one. This was our most ambitious and time-consuming episode to date. It's still pretty much all me doing these in my spare time, with the tiniest of budgets, so... erm... enjoy?
  7. Sprite Machine

    Games Industry Dead Pool

  8. Sprite Machine

    Metal Gear from the beginning (Currently @ MGSV:TPP)

    Skullface's base in Afghanistan is heavily-guarded with his XOF soldiers, but it's pretty much a straight line through, crawling on my belly for most of it, with a few narrow escapes from watchful eyes and sniper scopes. I climb some stairs inside the base and reach Skullface at his helipad. He's well guarded but he seems interested in doing the evil villain thing of explaining his entire plan to the hero, and he takes Snake for a ride in the back of a jeep, all the way to the power station I was at earlier in the game. While the two of them have a staring contest during the long ride, Skullface explains how language and identity are inextricably linked. He tells Snake about Major Zero's plans to use information as a form of control (or something?) but that Skullface instead wants to wipe out the English language, robbing people of their identities as his was taken from him as a child, and then make the world turn to a new common language - Metal Gears. I mean, this makes literally no sense, but ooooo-kay. At the Metal Gear hangar, Skullface makes more cryptic remarks about... well, I haven't a fucking clue, to be honest; he talks in riddles. Then the creepy floating gas mask kid appears, summons FlameBoy again (not dead, damn!) and starts walking towards me. Could Gas Mask Kid be... a young Psycho Mantis? Telekinetic powers, summoning/controlling a creature? I dunno. (I thought it was a girl but the game calls them "Floating Boy".) Then the Flaming Man stops, or the kid stops him, and dulls down his flames, turns around and walks towards the Metal Gear… which then activates, as the Flaming Man evaporates, and crushes several of the soldiers under its giant metal feet. Skullface makes a run for it, as this was seemingly not part of his plan, and Snake ducks away in the ensuing chaos. The next mission is a fight against Sahelanthropus itself, so I pack some rockets. Sahelanthropus looks a lot like Metal Gear Rex, just more... upright. Kinda weird that they'd perfected an upright walking bipedal robot in the 1980s, and yet the technology seems to regress back to hunched over versions for the next few years. Anyhow, Metal Gear breaks free from its hangar, kills loads of soldiers and knocks Skullface over before following Snake's newly stolen jeep out into the landscape. Once the battle begins, I have plenty of space to run around and try to gain some altitude. It takes a while to realise I have to fire at the explosive tanks on the thing's back, but I soon get the technique down, with a little help from air strikes. To finish the fight, I have to shoot the floating gas mask boy, who hovers in front of the machine, apparently controlling it. Once that's done, Sahelanthropus falls over, defeated. A tough mission, that. But is that really the end? Snake and Miller go back to where Skullface was knocked down, finding him pinned by metal debris. I think I have the option to kill Skullface with his own shotgun, as the game lingers on Snake holding the gun to his head, but I decide I won't do it. Instead, Snake shoots off his legs and an arm, like the death scene from Robocop (pretty gruesome), and they leave him to die on the ground. Huey comes over and kills Skullface himself, even though the shotgun was empty a few seconds earlier. There's one parasite vial missing from the cannister Skullface was carrying. Snake tries to destroy the others by throwing them into a fire, but - unbeknownst to anyone else - the floating boy quickly catches one of them and disappears again. Back at Mother Base, the floating boy appears to Eli and secretly gives him the parasite vial. Sahelanthropus is brought back to Mother Base as a trophy. There's more to do, much more. This wraps up the first 31 "episodes", but the game continues into "Chapter 2". Seriously, Chapter 2?!! All of this was ONE chapter?!! I am more than fifty goddamned hours into this game and it only says 32% complete. How long is this bloody thing?! In the log tapes afterwards, I learn a little more about Skullface, that his body and face were burned and that he was being kept alive by parasites, and that Code Talker is also being kept alive by parasites, meaning he doesn’t need to eat. It's weird stuff, man. Maybe this kind of explains the skull soldiers and a bunch of other things, in that technobabbly way Kojima likes to do. I hope some other answers are forthcoming. I still don't really know what Cipher is up to, what Skullface was trying to do, why the Metal Gear came online by itself and attacked his soldiers, who the floating boy is and why he seemed to turn against Skullface at the end, who that strange bandaged man was in the hospital way back at the start, and so on. There's a lot of weird stuff going down on the base with Huey and Miller too, and Eli. Somebody is probably a spy, somebody is possibly infected with the English language parasite, and now we're thinking of developing nukes? So much for nearing the end of the game!
  9. Sprite Machine

    Turn your Wii into a fantastic emulation machine

    I'd ideally be looking to get rid of all of it, including: - 320GB Western Digital hard drive, shiny white (Wii formatted and loaded with games - plenty of space left to rip more, or can be used as a general purpose hard drive) - SD memory card... still in the slot, I think? - Wii remotes x 2 - Motion Plus attachments w/ rubber sleeves x 2 - Venom Light Blaster x1 and HOTD Hand Cannon x1 (plastic "light gun" holders) - Original Classic Controller x 1 - UK power cable (unofficial) - Sensor bar (unofficial) - Component cables - S-Video cable (USA system, doesn't do RGB scart) - I could also throw in a Gamecube controller or two, as I probably won't need them anymore What's a reasonable price for all of that, I have no idea?
  10. Sprite Machine

    Turn your Wii into a fantastic emulation machine

    I've got an unofficial UK power supply for it. It doesn't do RGB scart but I've got component cables and S-video. I'm 99% certain it can play UK Wii games, you just have to rip them onto the HDD drive first. I haven't played on it in a few years so there's probably loads of updates and new hacks available now.
  11. Sprite Machine

    Turn your Wii into a fantastic emulation machine

    I haven't used my (modded) Wii in absolutely ages - and, to be honest, I probably won't use it in future. What's the best way to pass it on to somebody? I would sell it on eBay but it's a USA region machine. Can I 'transform' it into a PAL system that will play UK Wii games, wipe all the modded stuff from it? Or is it worth more to sell it as modded machine? Or is that against eBay's rules? I just want to clear some shelf space, to be honest. Anybody here want it? It's got a shiny white HDD plugged into it, loaded with all my Wii games. I wouldn't have a clue what it's worth.
  12. Sprite Machine

    M Night Shyamalan's Glass (2019)

    See, that was an interesting theme, and had the film's premise been entirely that (in particular, the 'explanations' given in the pink room), it would have been an original and intriguing twist, a clever way to throw doubt on everything that has happened and leaving it nicely ambiguous. Instead, it drops the idea after ten minutes of bringing it up. So then we're left with the film's other ideas, but they're ones already done in the previous films. In the end, it's nothing new. It's more of the same, but less interesting. And the dialogue is clunky as hell. I can't say it's entirely disappointing, as I didn't really expect much more than what I got. From the moment I saw the first trailer, I wondered what the point of this movie was. MNS satisfying his desire for a cinematic universe. That's all it is, isn't it? It's nicely shot, mind. And McAvoy is phemonenal.
  13. Sprite Machine

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    If it's anything like previous Marvel trailers, we'll probably see shots that aren't even in the movie!
  14. Shelob's You (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)

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