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  1. I just watched a documentary called Hotel Coolgardie. It was grim but I couldn’t stop watching..
  2. Sony are so desperate to get the heat out of that thing they didn’t bother shutting it properly..
  3. A PlayStation is supposed to have clean lines and look solid. They’ve gone to the other end of the spectrum and not in a good way. I’m getting 2005 vibes from it. Probably sounds like a 747 as well.
  4. Project Turd. If I want something like this I would buy Forza. Well done on ruining and excellent sim. Idiots.
  5. I have only played Mafia 2 and that was great. Amazing atmosphere.
  6. Uno. Rainbow Six Siege.
  7. NinjaSeb

    PC Gamepad

    Xbox One controller with USB cable or wireless adapter. I wouldn't get anything else.
  8. Why is everyone going nuts over this? Who the hell hasn't got or played this game to death yet?
  9. This show could be up there with the Sopranos if it the plot didn’t get so crazy and it was more realistic. It’s frustrating as there is a lot of quality there.
  10. Uppity is a real good documentary. A lot better than I was expecting it to be.
  11. NinjaSeb


    This is getting good reviews. Think I am going to buy it but prices are a bit steep on PC at the moment. I had a love hate relationship with Mudrunner. That last map..
  12. Those prices are peanuts when you’re primarily a PC gamer lol. Consoles should be double the price that they are but they are aimed at children and teens mostly so I don’t see things changing.
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