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  1. This has me more excited than any amount of trailers! I imagine it's something like this, only with a giant robot instead of a rape van, and Stringer Bell instead of Mac:
  2. Well clearly, I just wanted someone else to think you're a dope
  3. I negged you after having left the page open for ages and was really disappointed not to see at least -2
  4. Welcome to how it felt being an Irishman 11 years ago - we already knew
  5. Dayman

    The FA Cup Thread

    You don't really have such an inferiority complex that you have to mention United at EVERY turn, do you? Was a pretty clear handball, regardless if he meant it or not the ref should have spotted it. Wouldn't it have made some sense for him just to own up to it after the match? (Ala Henry after the Ireland match) Say it was accidental, expected the ref to overrule it, etc. I mean, don't these people have PR people working for them? Unless the panto villian thing is working for him, it which case it is pretty entertaining
  6. Got rid of Cech and Walters for Begovic and Hazard... and I was *this* close to putting in Bale instead I hate fantasy football
  7. I'd say Ferguson has probably paid off all the other Premiership managers to gloss over it
  8. You don't see Johnson pushing him in the small of the back? And Valencia then falling in that direction?
  9. United right? I've seen you post in there plenty if I remember right. And it is embarrassing. But these are the realities of professional football, there's no sense in pretending that it's any different and this is the way it's going to stay unless something drastic happens. Hell, the sad thing is that the most embarrassing thing about the dive is that he didn't even try to make contact with the keeper. And in a professional sport, that's a shame
  10. Wwell it was better than that QPR goa... oh wait
  11. It's funny how hypocritical people get when it comes to football. United scum! JUSTICE!! Only you know, definitely ignore it when your own team does it. Newsflash lads: EVERY TEAM DIVES
  12. Dayman


    Hmm true, although for most matches it's not going to be nearly as expensive to go to the replay as it would be for a final. All the same, I wouldn't be opposed to having extra time, 10 minutes a half to seperate the two. Actually, for the quarters last year didn't Donegal v Kildare go to extra time? No penalties or any kind of equivalent though, it's just not fair. So then a replay if it's still a draw after extra time. It's a shame that I probably wouldn't be around for the replay, the atmosphere yesterday was incredible. I just hope to fuck Galway do it the next day, I've never supported a county to that extent when I haven't had a personal stake in it!
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