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  1. I confess I only got it in one from watching the trailer for Would have been impossible not to get it from the other images regardless!
  2. And all the better for it. I think I missed the implication that Margaret had taken revenge the first (and only) time I watched the finale 22 years ago () but having just watched it on iPlayer... she definitely did, didn't she. Great stuff.
  3. What happened is that Rob Grant stopped co-writing. It's not that he was "the good one" or anything, but it's pretty obvious that he and Doug Naylor did their best work as a pair.
  4. Huz


    I bumped up to Premium just to watch Better Call Saul in 4k, and got this email: But I'm guessing they will be charging me £15.99 despite that (it's certainly what I agreed to on the website!)
  5. RIP streak. (Luckily not that big after a similar failure a while back!) Wordle 282 X/6*
  6. #Worldle #37 1/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr
  7. Oof #Worldle #33 X/6 (99%) Once I got myself into the right area, I did a full tour of all while forgetting that the target country exists.
  8. Dumb question probably, but why do some people have an asterisk by the number of guesses and some don't?
  9. The list of upcoming words is embedded in the app's source code, in sequence, so it should be easy to figure out for certain whether NYT are making it "harder" or not. The problem is that looking closely at the list obviously spoils the game for yourself, so maybe that's why nobody seems to have done it. Anyway. I think this is the first time I've had a full anagram of the answer. Exciting! Wordle 246 4/6
  10. Wordle 244 6/6 Lucky I had very few options left by guess 6!
  11. There's a BBC series called Canal Boat Diaries that I immediately thought of when I first saw this thread, but it hadn't been on for a while so it was unavailable. It's pretty much a YouTube series with decent production values, but it's nicely contemplative and makes you think about how it would be to have a completely different lifestyle, and travel. Anyway, the first series is back on BBC4 so it's started to reappear on iPlayer. I think there are two in total.
  12. The Apprentice Australia (with celebrities, except you've never heard of them bar one) was pretty good - largely down to the escapades of Ross Noble. And when the contestants were useless they were really, really useless. Agreed on the ridiculously catchy theme tune. The UK theme is relegated to when Sugar walks into the boardroom, like the Imperial March.
  13. Got an email from Now TV to say that qualifying and the race can be streamed live for no extra cost on the standard Entertainment package this weekend. (And of course the race will be live on Channel 4, if you missed that further up the thread!)
  14. After sampling Blink last week, I've gone right back to the start of the RTD era and I'm loving it, by comparison to Flux, so far. I'm only three episodes deep, but just having stories where people talk to each other and reveal their motivations without a ridiculous pile of hyperactive nonsense constantly going on makes a huge difference. I'm going to go at this with an episode guide though, so this rewatch will have an unfair advantage. I'm already poised to skip the first RTD story I remember being a bit poo, where aliens invade London.
  15. Just been having a click through the Ratings Guide mentioned on that image. Sorting by Audience Appreciation (AI) is er... interesting. All episodes of Flux are in the bottom 20 of the post-2005 series, with Chapters Three and One taking the bottom and second-bottom spots, as far as I can see. AI is ordinary punters filling in some kind of survey, not fans. The methodology must have changed since the classic series, because those are all rated much lower. Kind of a shame they're not comparable.
  16. The Omega Factor is on Forces TV daily at the moment, Freeview fans.
  17. Just watched Blink after I read this post and realised I've never seen the weeping angel origin story. I know it's unfair to compare the current series with an iconic all-time great episode, but the contrast is almost unbelievable. Just night and day. I'm going to have to revisit all the Tennant/Smith parts I missed out on, aren't I?
  18. There have been rumours that the older Star Treks are leaving Netflix for a while, so this must be another sign that CBS are sniffing around other providers in the UK.
  19. It's on in 10 minutes! I think the series appears then or maybe after the first episode ends. Or I have got the wrong end of the stick.
  20. Starting on BBC2 tomorrow (Tuesday), with the entire series being made available on iPlayer at the same time unless I've misunderstood. The film was also on BBC2 last night, which means it's on iPlayer again for anyone who hasn't seen it. And obviously series 1-2 of the TV show have been up there for a while.
  21. Oh yeah, I was hoping there would be a sneaky callback to the cat people from Survival. There's still plenty of time! And I watched What We Do in the Shadows afterwards and realised I'd be happy for them to lift some of the werewolf jokes from that too.
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