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  1. Huz


    I remember it being marketed online by them simply making around 15 minutes of it available to download. Was it that sequence they released, do you remember? Whatever it was, it definitely worked on me! Went from knowing nothing about it to a trip to the cinema, and forking out for the cinema is a pretty rare event for me.
  2. Huz


    I guess a lot of people will have watched Serenity before Firefly, especially in the UK (given that Serenity had a widespread cinema release and Firefly was hidden away on pay TV). Me included! It works really well that way round. Serenity is on Netflix at the moment by the way. By coincidence I watched it last night for the first time since I saw it in the cinema. Still great!
  3. You should watch the whole thing! I was strangely grateful that Discovery's awfulness made me go back to Enterprise's first season with fresh eyes, then stay till the end. It's way different from other Trek but a great series in its own right.
  4. The ghost who's running around with no trousers is one big sexual reference. That's his thing! It will go over kids' heads or be easily explained away though.
  5. My hatred for Discovery made me revisit Enterprise about a month ago, too. I had a bit of a downer on it originally and didn't give it enough of a chance, but it turns out that I was just spoiled for choice back then. I think it's great now, especially in contrast to Discovery! It's so refreshing to have the stories unfold at a sensible pace and to have characters I vaguely care about. I've taken a bit of a break between S3 and S4, but it's only getting better so far.
  6. The bridge crew all volunteered, which at least implies that the ship can be flown with a skeleton crew so the rest of them probably didn't need to come. But no doubt their undying love for Michael Burnham and despair at the thought of being separated from Tilly drove them to their doom, even the ones they'd never met.
  7. Huz

    Now TV

    Now TV's stick is a rebranded Roku stick - even the remote is basically the same. I can't remember whether the NowTV version supports Netflix and Amazon though!
  8. The ice cream queen was introduced in one of the Short Treks available in Discovery's "Trailers & More" section on Netflix. Of course, the deep personal affection she now holds for Tilly is out of all proportion to their brief encounter, as is de rigeur in this show.
  9. As far as I can tell, the most notable part of Discovery's design - the fact that the outer ring of the saucer section spins around for some reason when the jump drive is activated - hasn't been explained or indeed mentioned by any of the characters at all. Have I missed something?
  10. Huz

    Now TV

    Can you watch part of an episode on your phone, and have it show up in your account as a partly completed episode on the Apple TV?
  11. Yeah but that was so his mates could short the economy, or something.
  12. Huz

    Doctor Who

    Worst episode of the season so far. But for my money the only actually bad one! We're still net positive by quite a margin! Next week's looks promising - someone said to me that an episode exploring Yasmin's family background would be good and here it is.
  13. Huz

    The Wire

    PAL DVDs have 576 interlaced lines, if you want to be boring about it, which perceptually loses around 30% of the vertical resolution compared to progressive video, taking you back near to 480p. Well, you started it. No way do DVDs even approach anything that calls itself HD, even 720p. It depends what you call acceptable in 2018!
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