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  1. Huz

    Doctor Who

    Worst episode of the season so far. But for my money the only actually bad one! We're still net positive by quite a margin! Next week's looks promising - someone said to me that an episode exploring Yasmin's family background would be good and here it is.
  2. Huz

    The Wire

    PAL DVDs have 576 interlaced lines, if you want to be boring about it, which perceptually loses around 30% of the vertical resolution compared to progressive video, taking you back near to 480p. Well, you started it. No way do DVDs even approach anything that calls itself HD, even 720p. It depends what you call acceptable in 2018!
  3. Huz

    The Wire

    Yes, it's true that sticking to a 4:3 ratio at a time everything else was making the move to 16:9 was a deliberate stylistic choice for The Wire, but as a HD transfer in the 2010s mashed into a 16:9 ratio it's one of the best efforts I've seen. There are only a few scenes where the framing feels off, and if I didn't know it had been shot 4:3 I probably wouldn't have realised (yes, apart from random snippets on BBC2 back in the day, I've only seen the HD version). In an ideal world you'd be able to watch it in HD (or even 4K!) in 4:3, but since the world is a flawed place I think you'd be silly to stick with disgusting 480p just to get the "right" aspect ratio. As with all filmed US drama, it looks lovely with the extra pixels.
  4. Huz

    The Wire

    NowTV, until 1st April 2019. It'll inevitably be back again after that, though. (NowTV is 720p, but close enough).
  5. Having read the last sentence in the teaser section on Memory Alpha, that certainly sounds like the kind of revelation that would have made me bail out. If anyone who's shocked wants to prepare a list of unmissable Ferengi and/or comedy DS9 episodes, I'll gladly go back and fill in the gaps!
  6. Yep, when I ran through DS9 for the first time a few years back (for shame!) I still couldn't bring myself to watch every episode, so I had a simple rule - anything that looked like it was going to be a comedy Ferengi episode or had jaunty music during the cold open got skipped. I'm sure I missed some good stuff but I think I came out ahead overall!
  7. BBC TV version or GTFO. They got as far as The Silver Chair and everything.
  8. Huz

    Telltale Games closing

    Now that the dust has settled a little bit, The Verge has heard from some of the developers affected and written an article that fills in some of the story. The new CEO was evidently making some positive changes to the culture of the company, but not fast enough, and eventually poor sales and two potential backers pulling out on the same day led to their demise. It's here: https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/4/17934166/telltale-games-studio-closed-layoffs-end-the-walking-dead Meanwhile, even the skeleton crew responsible for finishing Minecraft: Story Mode have been laid off, according to this tweet?! You guys have probably realised this already, but if you bought games directly from the Telltale store, the installers were updated (apparently long ago) to be DRM-free, despite having the same filenames as the originals that required activation. Worth grabbing your purchases if you haven't done so recently.
  9. Huz

    Killing Eve - BBC Spy thriller, comedy, drama

    I realise this is an ancient post, but the BBC made their own version of Dirk Gently starring Stephen Mangan a few years earlier that wasn't popular enough to make it beyond a few episodes, despite being great. I think it would be something of an own goal to then spend their UK budget on an American version of the same thing. Only reading this thread to see what you guys thought. I seem to be the only person in the world who thinks that Killing Eve was basically fine, but nothing special - no surprise to see I'm almost alone here too! If it hadn't been for the hype I would have given up after a few episodes rather than watching the whole thing. The comedy didn't work for me, mostly it served to turn the characters into unlikeable dicks. Once I'm not interested in the characters a show is pretty much DOA.
  10. Huz

    Jacqueline Pearce has passed away

    I vaguely remembered it being repeated on BBC2 in the 90s and I've just checked - it was the first series only, actually in 2000. The first and only repeat showing on the BBC for each of those episodes! UK Gold used to repeat it all the time though, as davidcotton says. That's where I was introduced to it.
  11. Huz

    Doctor Who

    I read Malorie Blackman's children's book "Hacker" several times as a kid. It sticks in my mind as the first book I read with a non-white protagonist, at least as far as I'd noticed, and also one of the first to deal with "issues" like the girl living in a dodgy council flat or something. Doesn't sound like much but as a sheltered kid from a very uncosmopolitan suburb, those aspects had a positive impact on me. So I suppose what I'm saying is hooray for some diversity among Doctor Who writers.
  12. Looks like it's a selection from the mainly 21st century oeuvre of this guy, with a couple of legit 80s releases by this dude thrown in. Dunno what the emoticon thing at the bottom of the list is.
  13. Huz

    Doctor Who

    The Twitch marathon ends tonight with two of my personal favourite stories - the wonderfully atmospheric but confusing gothic horror Ghost Light, and the more accessible vampire riff The Curse of Fenric guest starring... Nicholas Parsons! Both of them showcase the new direction Who was just starting to take before being canned, with the companion Ace playing a role in an ongoing plot arc revolving around a darker Doctor playing three dimensional chess with those around him. Sophie Aldred doesn't quite have the acting ability to pull off some of the more emotionally charged scenes, but it's great to see the New Who style of intrigue they were going for. There's also the last ever classic story Survival tonight, notable for its contemporary domestic setting (until they head off to a cat planet anyway) and being the work of a writer who returned for the revival.
  14. Huz

    Doctor Who

    I didn’t either, even though I knew that Bradley Walsh is one. I’m watching The Twin Dilemma on Twitch.

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