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  1. "We are completely disconnected... but... we are also... together!"
  2. Yeah, this is great. Worth watching the "how we got from this... to this!" intro on each episode if nothing else. I hadn't realised the Coronation Street tram crash was so ridiculous.
  3. That's good, and I'm the same! I ended up actually liking the Enterprise credits by the end, but that might have been Stockholm syndrome.
  4. I remember finding the shaky camerawork really irritating back in the day (one of the reasons I didn't make it very far!), but this time around I haven't even noticed it beyond realising that it used to bother me but it doesn't now. Perhaps that's more an example of it genuinely being a bit of a trendsetter rather than desperately trying to be all modern, though.
  5. Can't believe I even bothered getting up to check, but it is not in SD on BBC2 HD - although the broadcast compression is doing the relatively grainy look no favours. I had no complaints on iPlayer earlier!
  6. That's my favourite dumb thing of all the dumb things to happen in Discovery. Only narrowly beating out the scene in the finale where BURHHAM and Spock, with time being of the essence, spend about half an hour tearily saying goodbye to each other in space suits while a ridiculous space battle rages around them.
  7. I watched Series 1 after Series 2, purely due to availability on Now TV. I'm glad I did it that way round as I'd probably have been put off by the opening scene of the first episode otherwise. It's easier to appreciate the toilet humour when you know that it isn't all the series has to offer, if that makes sense. I was way more receptive to stuff like the Bortas storyline since I already knew where it was going, too. It does look good, but one thing that's a little jarring compared to my TNG rewatch is that while just about everything in TNG seems to be a bespoke prop, The Orville
  8. And moving to BBC1, I see from that article. That's the first time I'd heard that. Wonder if it comes with a bigger budget.
  9. McCoy. There's a lot to like. Even the serials that don't really work that well (Paradise Towers) or have bits that make you cringe yourself inside out (The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, The Happiness Patrol) have some great ideas and are a lot more fun than the worst of the classic series. Even some of the Tom Bakers! If I had to recommend three stories I'd go for exactly what @Mogster has said (the McCoys plus The Caves of Androzani for Davison). If you like those, maybe skip the first series of McCoy if you're really risk-averse but then watch them all from Remembranc
  10. Awesome. I was in the studio audience for Lab Rats. A true story.
  11. I'm gonna have to bite... who is Pants McSkill?
  12. Summer sale now on. Nothing grabbed my interest. With so many competing delivery platforms offering great sales lately it's tough for Steam to stand out. To be fair, the "items from your Steam wishlist are on sale!" emails might be more enticing if I'd bothered to update my wishlist in the last 8 years. When I've already bought F1 2015 for £1.51 through an Amazon misprice when it was the current year's F1 game, I'm not likely to get excited over F1 2011 for £2.49.
  13. As a 12-year-old in 1996 I still had an Amiga - not many new releases coming out for it by then! A quick look at lemonamiga.com reveals that Chaos Engine 2 came out, along with a two-player split screen freeware game called Dogfight that was absolutely hilarious. 1996 was also the year of Gloom, a blatant Doom rip-off for the Amiga market. I remember coveting it but it required an upgraded Amiga or something, so never got to play it. The modern games I did get to see were played at friends' houses. Games like the original Formula 1 on the PlayStation which blew me away. But what I was
  14. I finally managed to win the racing league on this recently on an emulated Amiga (via RetroPie). Slightly gutted to find that this just pushes you into the "Super League" where everything is impossibly fast! I really thought 2020 was going to be the year I would complete Stunt Car Racer.
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