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  1. Tickets arrived yesterday! Not super sold on the lineup, as mentioned I think I’ll be at more DJ sets & electronica than usual. Can’t wait!
  2. Rog

    Marc Rebillet

    I’ve read he’s making a “proper” album at the moment. I was taking the wife along to Bristol back in…Feb (?) and she was in the same boat! Cancelled though.
  3. Ha, as standard with the game, I killed it 5 mins after posting. I'd been getting frustrated with it teleporting behind me, grabbing me well before I could turn the camera and instantly killing me.
  4. Are you thankful though? Really? The most totally unfair encounter I've come across so far down there.
  5. I'm level 104, 37 vigor. Nice, my health bar is tiny in comparison though
  6. There's a coffin to check out on the brink of the rot waterfall, just left at the end of the cloisters.
  7. So I’m at a bit of an impasse here. I’ve got 4 great runes and have have an idea of what to do to get a 5th having opened up Any mild hints?
  8. Not that I’m reading much online about ER, but isn’t it a little secret that the lock on is absolutely shit? Coming from a 2/3 From veteran player, it’s always been bad.
  9. Yes I’ve just put that in, didn’t ask for a password. I’ve already seen a golden ghost running around so that’s new.
  10. Would this mean I only see messages from rllmuk group users? If so, how do I set this? I’ve had it up to here with people putting messages directly in front of doors, levers, ladders etc.
  11. Yep cleared all that up now thanks. There’s a sizeable chunk shown on the map that you just don’t seem to be able to get to. Odd!
  12. Bloody hell, literally 30 seconds after posting that, I find what I’m looking for
  13. Just to be clear, rather than the souls spent improving damage, speed, dodge etc (which I’m sure help) I mean, potential spoiler: In any case, there are definitely regular points where you can get the magic of your choice off at the doorman fight. Keep going!
  14. Finished this a few days ago over the course of a week, should've stretched it out a little longer really - it's a great game.
  15. Ikea's. Ceramic, adjustable grinder. "Upside down" so no spillage. £5. I've had my eye on that peppercannon for fun, but my Ikea ones have been going strong for years.
  16. Deary DEARY me. This takes the two sequels as a high shitmark and effortlessly surpasses them.
  17. I still get vbucks from STW but have had it for a while. As mentioned above, it's also rubbish so hope your son isn't wanting it to actually play it. The spell broke for me last season, haven't played for a few months until this week but the new season seems entertaining and has had me playing for a few hours, 4-5 wins A few observations - since when did the jump go all floating Halo? The laser dot rifle is fairly murderous, but I think they've removed the scar? Horror show. The map seems a little empty to me. Also, what the fuck have they done to the UI? They mess about with it every season and relentlessly make it worse!
  18. ~50 odd runs in, handful of successes and I've only just realised that the mirror talents all have alternative options
  19. Why hasn’t this generated a few pages of comments?!
  20. The Resi 4 non run was my brother; he'd played it through, lent it to me and was at my house watching me play and went a bit quiet when I started running away from enemies. I mentioned it in this sort of thread and it gets brought up once every couple of years or so
  21. Can someone give me a hand here please - the various editions and what is and isn't counted as DLC is a clusterfuck! I have standard Miles Morales disk for PS5 and have just finished it. I've not played the original game and would like the remastered version, which I understand is part of MM Ultimate. I'd also like the expansions that I think come with the Ultimate edition. Are Spiderman remastered and the expansions classed as DLC? ie if I buy a copy from here or CEX or whatever, do I need to check whether codes have been redeemed, or is it simply that the Ultimate disk gives me what I want? I'm also not seeing any offers on the MM game menu to upgrade my version, or just buy Spiderman Remastered, it's only showing me full price digital versions (which I object to!). Help! Edit: Duh, found it in the game menu. Looks like a £20 download gets me everything!
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