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  1. Tickets arrived yesterday! Not super sold on the lineup, as mentioned I think I’ll be at more DJ sets & electronica than usual. Can’t wait!
  2. Rog

    Marc Rebillet

    I’ve read he’s making a “proper” album at the moment. I was taking the wife along to Bristol back in…Feb (?) and she was in the same boat! Cancelled though.
  3. Ha, as standard with the game, I killed it 5 mins after posting. I'd been getting frustrated with it teleporting behind me, grabbing me well before I could turn the camera and instantly killing me.
  4. Are you thankful though? Really? The most totally unfair encounter I've come across so far down there.
  5. I'm level 104, 37 vigor. Nice, my health bar is tiny in comparison though
  6. There's a coffin to check out on the brink of the rot waterfall, just left at the end of the cloisters.
  7. So I’m at a bit of an impasse here. I’ve got 4 great runes and have have an idea of what to do to get a 5th having opened up Any mild hints?
  8. Not that I’m reading much online about ER, but isn’t it a little secret that the lock on is absolutely shit? Coming from a 2/3 From veteran player, it’s always been bad.
  9. Yes I’ve just put that in, didn’t ask for a password. I’ve already seen a golden ghost running around so that’s new.
  10. Would this mean I only see messages from rllmuk group users? If so, how do I set this? I’ve had it up to here with people putting messages directly in front of doors, levers, ladders etc.
  11. Yep cleared all that up now thanks. There’s a sizeable chunk shown on the map that you just don’t seem to be able to get to. Odd!
  12. Bloody hell, literally 30 seconds after posting that, I find what I’m looking for
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