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  1. Their branch at Lakeside were told to expect 300 X's and ended up with only 50.
  2. I look forward to finding out for myself.
  3. The important question is how was the latency?
  4. hat

    PES 2020

    Gameplay always comes second to the net physics.
  5. I hope they fix the game breaking save points.
  6. Is Dave no longer doing this is association with Craig Turner?
  7. You mean the Norbreck Convention Centre?
  8. I've got an imminent house move coming up and need to move on a large part of my games collection. Is there anywhere that buys collections as the thought of selling things on eBay feels like a full time job to get things moved.
  9. I think I picked the wrong week to dip back into GB West. The mid-Atlantic inhabiting Gary Widda talking about Baddlefield and the Vida totally did me in.
  10. You can take control of a demon and invade another player's game. Also, team up with other demons to create a slayer party. Blimey
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