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    I only heard Quebec and the odd song. Love the straight rock songs on Quebec. Also downloaded a song titled "Captain" but it turns it wasnt from Quebec and was mistitled. It ended with the repeated lyrics "You bring me round" and was fantastic. Any idea what that track is really called roskelld? Checking out Shinola Vol.1 as my next port of call.
  2. Watched 2 + 3 back to back tonight. Stupid, stupid films. 2 is like a TV Movie. 3 is a mess. Still fun though.
  3. It's an ok film. Engaging, enjoyable, occasionally stupid but nothing to avoid. It doesnt feel like part of the original trilogy so it really shouldn't "break your heart". Watch it Kerraig. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Just don't expect anything approaching the originals. I'm really interested in what you'll make of it.
  4. Oh c'mon, it's got nothing on Machina.
  5. I'm not sure if it's the best, but Cuttooth from the Knives Out EP is definitely up there. edit: Whoops already responded to this three years ago. How strangely depressing.
  6. Well, listen to Bleeding the Orchid at least. The rest if you're feeling more adventurous. Who knows maybe you'll like it. It isn't a patch on Mary Star of the Sea though. And everyone professes to hate that, so...
  7. Guilty pleasure was too generous of me. After giving the album a couple of runs through I am over it. This is a poor album, closer to FutureEmbrace than Zwan or Pumpkins. Avoid it, I'd say. I hope Corgan disappears without a trace after this cynical effort, but I imagine instead he'll recruit a whole new legion of naive teens. Oh, and the Tarantula (terrible song) video is abysmal. Corgan in front of a geen screen with loads of scrubby, "trendy" goth kids ticking every demographic box. At one point Corgan shoots lasers out of his eyes. Bleeding the Orchid (track 3) and the closing track are pretty much the only worthwhile things about the album.
  8. Album is out there. Not sure about the mix of the album, the lyrics and theme are all a bit juvenile, it's a guilty pleasure. Tracks 3 + 4 are great.
  9. As with most of the new Who. Some of it worked, some of it was embarrassing, but it was AS ALWAYS incredibly entertaining to watch and the only British TV show outside Peep Show I have an interest in. The Doctor chanting was pretty terrible and The Master dying was irritating as he was the best thing in it, but everything else was superb. I just wish they'd have the balls to do some darker stuff... show some deaths... I mean it's not a kids show... it's a family show and so I think they can afford to go a little bit darker sometimes. Also I may have pinpointed what I hate about the new Who aesthetic. The lighting. It's absolutely stupid. Bright yellows, pinks, purples... coming from where exactly? If it wasnt so expensive on dvd I might be tempted to pick it up.
  10. I'm not convinced you can make a full length feature film out of that story. It's a great little story, but it hangs entirely on the ending. Padding it out by making the box do other things defeats the point. I've only seen the 80's Twilight Zone version though.
  11. It looks a bit too serious. I want bright colours and fun. Guess I'll have to wait for the Vice City sequel...
  12. I disagree. The writer admits himself that some points were over-reaching (some blatantly and embarrassingly so), but I think there are plenty of insightful, valid points in that analysis. Mainly to do with lighting, mise-en-scene, self-reflexivity and Godfather references. People who think this was a copout because they didn't get everything spelled out to them need to stop badmouthing the ending, because it was a work of genius. I am not saying Tony was killed at the end. It's ambiguous. It was the work of a confident director playing around with perspective, huge expectations and characters he's crafted finely for the best part of a decade. This was a definite farewell to Tony Soprano (whether literally or metaphorically) and the viewer was placed in the centre of it. I really hope they don't resurrect it because that ending is probably the most provocative and exciting ending to a TV show since... hmm... Quantum Leap?
  13. I ordered a G6 Lite 4G from divineo.cn yesterday. Was sposed to take 2-5 days to deliver. They haven't shipped yet.
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