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  1. Anyone watched this? Came across this the other day an not seen it mentioned anywhere.. Its a cartoon show about MechA Only * episodes, but it's pretty good... some interesting Mecha designs and some good battles!
  2. Living with yourself with paul rudd is pretty bloody good...
  3. 6 slightly different endings as in same scene tweaked dialogue, not 6 completely different endings to throw people off type thing....
  4. Fucking horseback?? Fuck right off... it’s not game of Thrones....
  5. Which is a bit cheeky, seeing as we've paid for it with our license fee...
  6. yeah he owes a truck load to the local trades...
  7. it just looked weird... you've got all that space so you build a thin tall building, and then whack an office in the top with minimum head room... the whole thing, especially the entrance and downstairs just felt incredibly cramped... where were the grand views? you've got all that glass, so what do you do? you stick it in the corner of your room so you've got a limited view out... its just bonkers, i get that its a semi active airfield, but come on.... couple with the fact they made the comment about being "debt free" .. i should blooming well hope so at their age! they're not springly 30 year olds and yeah the swing obviously had other uses
  8. Didn’t like this weeks when it was half built... like it even less now it’s finished.... looks like a metal shed from the outside and like a giant caravan from the inside...
  9. Is that MOS stuff he came up with?
  10. The locals fucking detest the guy apparently... he lives in Bath now and owes the local trades a fair bit of wedge....
  11. That moment where an extremely well known streamers tag pops up repeatedly in the kill feed and the final 4 is you, your mate the streamer/pro player and his partner and you get the winning shot with a beryl spray instant headshot on the streamer/pro
  12. Dropped pin Near Croyde Rd, Braunton https://goo.gl/maps/MMuqWJSUszoaBHeK7 i know it’s wrong to revel in someone’s misfortune, but it’s kinda amusing to see someone fuck up that big...
  13. I thought it was just him imitating the accent and commenting on the fact that he’d made the news for what he’d done
  14. It’s actually early 80’s... the way I saw it this is a joker for the batman of the golden age of the darker 90’s batman
  15. Because if it’s about how the joker became joker it’s going to be in the past?????
  16. Yes. Bit rushed towards the end though.
  17. Yeah I suspect the Hoffa bit is the climax... with the rest of it being bobbies rise through the ranks
  18. Just finished it, sfx were a bit Ropey at times, but enjoyable none the less
  19. Did you get any good Graffitti street stuff?
  20. Honestly? Neither. If you're going for a longer lens shot of a skater, you want the skater much smaller in the frame, so it turns more into a shot of the environment that just so happens to have a skater in it. If you're going for a closer up shot you want to be much closer and actually on top of the min ramp, ideally with a wide angle/fish eye lens that distorts everything and makes everything look even more extreme than it is.. Also you can't quite see the guys face and on the first one you've shot too early and his truck isn't on the coping yet (I've got loads like that!), the second one looks like a rock to fakie or something and he will have extended the board right onto the platform at some point giving a much nice bodyform, instead he just looks hunched over.. Check out Leo Sharps shots from Boardmasters 2017 , which has a similar setup (I think its the same King ramp actually)... bonus points if you can spot me in them! https://sidewalkmag.com/skateboard-news/boardmasters-2017-skate-gallery.html Skateboarding shots are like anything really, you need to kind of know your subject a little to get anything good out of it... I can pretty much work out what someone is going to do by looking at their feet position on their board as they approach the transition, skaters are also creatures of habit... a lot of the time they'll do the same sequence of tricks, so you can watch them and work out what trick the'll likely be doing in 2 tricks time and get yourself in position! I don't want this to come over has harshly critical as everyone has to start somewhere and I'm guessing you didn't go just to shoot the skaters.. but thought you might like some constructive criticism! You'd have probably been allowed up on the ramp if you asked, stuff like this run by skaters tends to be a fairly chilled out affair!
  21. Here's a couple of shots from the past few nights, it's a shot I've been after for a couple of years, but a combination of being busy, the moon or the weather always seem to get in the way... anyway I tried it on Thursday night, but the clouds came in after only 30 mins, a bit luckier last night... still some clouds on the horizon reflecting the light from Salisbury but not too bad none the less. It's a 3 shot vertical panorama shot in portrait. There is a bit of light cloud right at the very top on the left that annoys me slightly, but I can't be bothered to fix it at the moment.... the bright orange star just above the left hand side of Stonehenge is actually Saturn. I managed to kill two birds with one stone with these, as I've just picked up the Canon 16-35 and 24-70 f/4 lenses. I've got the f/2.8 versions but they weigh a ton and i'm trying to get the weight of my kit bag down as climbing mountains etc in the dark with 18kg on your back isn't exactly fun! Anyway, I wanted to see if they would be ok for astro stuff as i'm off to Iceland next week and want to make sure they'll be ok for the lights. Luckily at f/4 they seem absolutely fine and a hell of a lot sharper than my extremely battered f/2.8 versions! The bottomt shot was taken on Wednesday night, the cloud came in after about 30 mins ruining the night (Luckily I'm only 25 mins away), so I headed back last night and whilst the cloud again rolled in it stayed away long enough to get the shot I wanted (top shot) The biggest problem I found was the fact that the Milky Way keeps moving, so to keep it in the center (or as close to is as possible) you have to keep shifting left and go through the whole leveling/lining up the shot rigmarole again. The bottom shot also has a meteor going right through the milky way!
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