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  1. Ta... had already bought 2 other types but going for this just in case....
  2. wowsers! it turned up today and ive already managed to punch my desk 6 times! So much better than the Occulus dev kit 1! Just need to find a cable for link now, the one I bought doesn seem to work...
  3. My son will end up with the next generation Xbox and for me just the PC....
  4. Apparently it's not actually proper HDR, it's just normal 4k footage in an HDR container.... bit cheeky....
  5. Soft toys that you all require are being released next Friday....Favreau convinced Disney to hold off on releasing them for a few weeks...
  6. I like that one a lot! Was it foggy or did you photoshop out the horizon?
  7. Looking to get this for my Son for Crimbo,was initially against it, but the ability to use it with a pc has swung me (especially with ms flight sim coming out!) I take it theres very little point going for the 128gb version now it can effectively be tethered to a pc and run normal pc games instead of using the onboard storage and completly mobile version?
  8. yeah, it’s got a real fun vibe to it, there’s none of the political bollocks from the prequel trilogy...
  9. Yeah the music is deffo a grower.. especially the Ennio Morricone the good the Bad and the Ugly 'esque horn thing... starting to love that sound
  10. Not really no, full 1080p, just hard coded subs on it. Perfect quality
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2HwLeJSAGc wowsers!! that is properly stunning!! 9:30 onwards for Southampton.... the detail is jaw dropping... I could see my mates house on that video!
  12. Really really enjoyed episode 2, the music has grown on me.... this is soooooooo much better than the prequels and sequels!
  13. Enjoyed that, had seen the spoiler as a guess several days ago... music is absolute bobbins though , really grates
  14. If they did the original trilogy in 4K with the original versions I’d be all over it like a rash
  15. Got it in 720... then saw 1080 was available and now the blinking 4K hdr version is there.... I should learn to be more patient!
  16. Doubt it. Its Disney's flagship program designed to sell their future income stream, there's no way they'll risk diluting that income stream by letting you get it another (legal) way. This is the company that consistently removed its products from sale to increase their worth and iirc never had them at sale prices.
  17. So apparently no screeners for press review have been sent out at all, which might mean it's really bad or because (according to Disney) there's a fairly huge spoiler that Disney don;t want getting out ahead of it's release.. My guess is (huge guess based spoiler)
  18. You sure? Can;t find hide nor hair of it, nowt on any of the scene relases sites either...
  19. GOOD! hopefully this will stop half my pubg games being plagued by CHINA NUMBA 1 crap and cheaters...
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