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  1. YOU BITCH! Com'on! Spill the beans.. Can you please please give me some of the "Classic" tracks? I'm not interested in the other ghay ones! ta! ANy idea on a release date too?
  2. After reading about it in Edge, I'm well up for this game.. Does anyone have any info? STuff like track listings would be good! Eye Toy is the game of the moment, I'm constantly putting on post pub gaming sessions with friends, and everyone, EVERYONE loves it! So, if you have any info on Sing Star, please spill it! What sort fo tracks would you want? I'm going for the classics one, As long as it has Some POlice, Duran Duran and MAdness tunes i'll be happy (although I'd imagine they will be SOny artists only)
  3. Take your fan boy head off.. this isnt about Sony, its about Nintendo stiffing the early adopters.
  4. Oi TM, Is old Phreak boy finally going to be allowed onto Edge? I like Phreak. I kicked his arse at jippii golf.
  5. Tghe PM's here are the most incompetant fuckwads the world has known. What makes it worse, is that half are contracters on £70+ an hour. They know nothing. They can just about manage to rganise meetings, they just sit there and do nothing. An example, a Project starts, one partciluar PM will ome to me, whilst i'm sat at my desk and say something along the lines of "Hey there, do you know anything about upgrading from exchange 5.5 to 2000 with AD?" Id say "yeah, just run the tool that comes with it, blah blah blah then do this" "great" he says, "Can you put everything youve just said down in an email and send it to me" Next thing I know, after doing that, What I have written, appears word for fooking word as a Project plan. I honestly spend half my time doing their work for them. THey spend mostof their time playing command and conquer, Going out to restraunts and going home early. Waste.of.space In contrast, the PM's at IBM were brilliant!
  6. Its fucking brilliant. Liek Golden Axe, but with xtra bits to do.. fantastic gfx, the Audio is top draw and the game is great fun! Well done EA!
  7. Try Delta Force 1 and 2.. Those rocked.. Specially with a Barrat .50.. Wind speed and stuff, curve of the earth.. bloody great fun.. I once made a 2K headshot .. It was great fun IN MP.. Specialy in DF2 , where you had a Guillie Suit and nice grass to hide in.. You'd spend ages getting to a good spot, take your shot and then move onto the next spot. Some people would hunt you, and you'd spend ages tracking accross mountain ranges playing a cat and mouse game.
  8. Yes you can. You can flog anything at any price if you want... Sky was doing it for years before they started giving their box's away for free.
  9. Hmmm, Ins't Galleon, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time??? What with its smooth intuative controls and what not..
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