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  1. Plunder mode is probably my fave.... the gunplay doesn’t come anywhere near close to pubg, where all the guns feel real and different from each other .... in this the guns all feel alike with pretty much zero recoil so very little skill is actually needed on the gunplay side of things.
  2. spent a few hours on this yesterday... I'm mad keen on PubG, I love its tactical slow paced approach and the gunplay is second to none.. This was fun, but it's no pubg. I'll start with what I hated first It feels like its been designed by someone with ADHT. There's so much going on on the screen that its hard to work out what i'm doing, its very much a move and shoot type affair. The sound is waaaaaaaay too loud, the A-10 strikes are stupidly loud, they are in serious danger of damaging peoples ears with this. Gunplay, there doesn't feel like there much skill involved, recoil is practically non existent and all the guns in the same class feel and sound the same. What I liked/Loved Parachuting mechanic works well Gulag/Respawn mechanic is superb map design, I love the fact all buildings are different Overall it's 3/5 so far from me, like I said, I love Pubg , but its a very very different beast to this which is more to my skill/age (Theres no way my reflexes will stand up to a 20 year old these days)
  3. errrr. get a 24-70 and take your 100-200 job done
  4. Didn't even know you could still buy compacts to be honest! Is this for going travelling? My gut recommendations would be to suck it up and take your full frame, you're only going to wish you had it with you..
  5. https://www.denofgeek.com/tv/westworld-season-3-review/ Den of Geek loved it... no spoilers in the article
  6. the scary thing is, kids today won;t have a clue what that means!
  7. This, the 360 games are basically virtual machines running on the xboxone hyper-v hypervisor. Each game essentially comes packaged with its own x360 virtual machine. I'm guessing they are going down this route for XsX as well (windows 10 core hyper-v based hypervisor with two virtual machines for games and everything else) , which means everything should just work.
  8. essentially both companies are winging it...
  9. One things that’s been puzzling me... so two different species can have sexy time now... humans and Vulcans, humans and romulans etc... so does that mean humans can have sex with animals now, or is it only creatures who can talk? ALSO! At the start when’s he’s looking at pictures and he sees himself as a borg, is it me or does it look like another actor.... and wasn’t the both stuff on the right hand side of his face?? It’s on the left on the photo... still at least Space Legolas gets to play with Space Lionel Messi now....
  10. pubg lite, its free and a lot easier than full blown pubg... its designed for lower spec machines so it looks a bit arse, but its the same game...
  11. yeah, Discovery actually had stuff going on and was anything but dull (despite it being complete turd)... this is just dull AND turd.... As soon as it was announced they had the Discovery writers on board you knew this was going to be bad...
  12. alone in a huge giant borg ship full of marvels... I know, let’s go slide in our socks down a corridor.... weeeeeeeee! what the actual fuck?
  13. 4 episodes in and this is complete and utter shit. If this didn’t have the Star Trek name attached it would already have been canceled by now.... utter utter turd. stillnhave to watch it to the end as I’ve started...9
  14. Watched the 1st episode .... cracking stuff! Glad it’s back!
  15. No, but I at least expected him to be either in a bloody spaceship or going to the stars... not fart arsing about in California.
  16. I'm just expecting *something* to happen.... episode 3 - Picard hails a space uber using his OAP bus pass.... episode 4 - Picard visits his local Federtaion Legion for a quick pint and a go in the meat raffle episode 5 - Picard queues at the Starfleet post office to pick up his Starfleet pension Look, i'm not expecting Discovery levels of shithousery, but for fucks sake, 2 episodes in to a 10 episode season and he's still dicking around in the California countryside... How on earth is this going to appeal to even the most die hard trekies? Any normal person tuning in will be like "what the fuck is this shit? So far it's a dull sci fi show, with some pretty awful writing and even worse acting, where fuck all happens in the first two episodes.
  17. It’s fucking boring. its Star Trek for fucks sake.... there’s no stars and no trekking.... just some old dude doddering around the Californian countryside and people hamm acting with English accents...... 2 hours in and he’s still exactly where he started.... fuck all has happened.... dull dull dull
  18. Can’t seem it being EF after all the new RF lens’s... suspect it will be the same RF Mount with free EF adapter as the current mirror less models have...
  19. It seems like Canon are about to get on the mirror less wagon for real this time (instead of just removing the mirror from a 5dmk4 and trying to flog that...) https://www.techradar.com/news/upcoming-canon-eos-r5-mirrorless-camera-all-but-confirmed-as-specs-leak Sounds a bit of a beast... tempted if its under £3.5k...
  20. 1: Equalizer (It had guns in it and the best theme tune ever) 2: Tour of Duty (amazing end song) 3: Airwolf 4: Streehawk 5: The Highwayman
  21. Yes and yes. Consoles will always be a compromise on hardware. Price up a top of the range pC and compare it to a console. When your tip of the range gfx card costs more than an entire Xbox onex there’s no way you can get the same power or relatively same power on without compromising somewhere. added in the components need to use less power so they generate less heat as you’re typically restricted to a small box under a tv with shit air flow. so whilst they will be great when they launch and good stuff that maximizes the hardware will really shoe due to a fixed spec it’s not long before parts of the design begins to look long in the tooth.
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