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  1. Just moved over to the Kase filter system, as much as I love Lee, they scratch to buggery just by looking at them and as soon as you get any sea spray on them they're fecked........ hoping to get out and try them tonight...
  2. Shoot with both eyes open... that way you can see stuff outside of the viewfinder and get ready.... a lot of the time its about knowing the sport and anticipating whats going to happen.
  3. Are you buying them for football and sports?? Typically you need a 70-200 and then something longer, say 300 ish The 70/200 is for when the players are down near you (you tend to sit to one side of the goal), the 300 when they're over the other side of the pitch. The only time you'd want something wide is for a remote camera stuck behind the goal... If you have any sports specific questions ask away as I know a couple of PA accredited sports photographers...
  4. How fucking difficult is it for the FA to ring up the RFA and say "Alright guys, you know your video replay system etc that you use... any chance you can forward on the details of who provides it for you so we can stick exactly the same thing in?" And whlist they're at it, Mic up the refs as well so everyone can hear exactly whats being said.....
  5. Just finished it.... thought there were 10 episodes so gutted whenI found there were 8 as it’s one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve watched in a while.... barely a wasted scene in the whole series... very very tight...
  6. On third episode and loving it! The end of episode 2
  7. Iceland flights and accommodation booked up! Very very excited!
  8. I can't even pronounce memes correctly .... I call then mem's... my son is aghast at this and tells me its meems.... I'm a maverick
  9. It’s Boutros Boutros-Ghali.
  10. This. As a Landscape photographer i'd say Landscapes technically are by far the easiest. The hard bit is getting into position at the right time (I left my bed at 2:30 this morning for what was eventually a waste of time) and getting the right conditions (out of your control)
  11. Anyone here done a landscape photography trip to Iceland? Looking to go mid September for some awesomeness!
  12. Fuck! https://fstoppers.com/originals/sony-announces-new-alpha-7r-iv-proper-rival-medium-format-390369 Very very tempting... mainly for the 15 stops of dynamic range... I've actually been considering getting a Sony for a while... we had a talk at the camera club from one of their shooters and some of the results they were getting were stunning... The ability to use my canon lenses with it is also a massive bonus.
  13. For portrait you're going to want an 85mm fast prime. 300mm will no use for portrait or product photography really.. you'll have to stand so far back it would be extremely awkward. go with the 5d at that price... a complete steal!
  14. Sorry yeah, thats what I was trying to get at!
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