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  1. Its fucking stunning though... it really is, I set clouds to medium and they're at about 6k feet, you fly through them and its like being there... and whilst under them you can see patches of the land in front lit from the sun as it breaches through.... a very very pretty game.... the flight model seems fairly accurate, very simliar to the couple of flights I've done in real life.
  2. i7 6700 3.4ghz, 32gb ram and 1060 6gb
  3. yeah it doesnt run like that on mine You'll need a beefy as fuck pc for this... Just flown over southampton, its mental, you can see all the traffic driving around.... stunning really
  4. if you don’t enjoy straight sim then I might offer that something called “Microsoft Fligh Simulator” is probably nor for you.
  5. Just got my Alpha invite! Woohoo
  6. Its text to speech isn't it? Makes it pretty much unwatchable for me...
  7. I'd wager that both consoles will be fairly similar, one might be slightly faster than the other, but in the grand schemes no one will really notice... life will go on, games will come out and the world will continue to turn. The Xbox will have some great exclusives, the PS5 will have some great exclusives and both will have oodles of the same game.
  8. They're both fucking shit. The writing for this was on the wall the moment they announced the Discovery writers were also writing this.....
  9. I'd like to do it in an F15E.
  10. It's a couple of seasons ago.... but yeah... interesting....
  11. Yup... even thought you know whats going to happen, its fucking hilarious just watching the soul get ripped out from everyone and stamped on... It's the best doc for showing what being a football fan really means, Kudos to the Black Cats for allowing it...
  12. Yes! Season 2 of Sunderland Till I die is out in a couple of weeks! It's probably the greatest fly-on-the-wall sports docu ever, mainly because it's proper warts and all, nothing is hidden from the viewer, which makes for pretty amusing viewing!
  13. This, it makesit borderline unplayable at times. Gun shots that sound close end up being 1k away, footsteps seem to magically appear when they are 5 feet from you and the vertical sounds are way more messed than pubg's. For all PUBG's faults, the sounds are for me second to none. All the guns sound different, you can tell what someones shooting and with what muzzel attachments from sound alone. You can accurately tell how far away someone is just from the sound of the weapon.... if someone is popping off a Kar98, you can tell that they're 400m away and probably not looking at you.. but most of all, its realistic.... gun shots actually sound like proper gunshots and not hollywood shoot bang whizz. They also need to reduce the volume on stuff like the pointless intro everytime you play, sort that out and theyre onto a winner
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