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  1. Enjoyed it but the sfx were incredibly bobbins.... the production values reminded me of some kind of cbbc series or something.... satans child was very annoying...
  2. Is it? can;t seem to find it anywhere...
  3. I just want to fly C-130's down the welsh valleys..... let me do that and 'll be a happy chappy....
  4. Matt has confirmed he's currently writting/thinking about writing series 4!! It has t fit in with his contracted 3 months a year in the US for WWDITS.
  5. It was filmed in my village. I'm in one episode on the back of a trailer being pulled by a tractor. No idea which one as I havnt seen it in like 35 years... One of my earliest memories is John Pertwee chasing my brother down the road in full Wurzel gear, with my brother screaming his head off (he was 3)
  6. And it’s been cancelled.
  7. I was in Worzell Gummidge!
  8. Its looking promising... 1st episode has some pretty cool graphic moments in it and its ot the right feel.... it'll will all hinge for me on Swamp Thing himself, how he moves and talks.... hopefully the supernatural aspects will start to play a large part... I'd imagine at some point Constatine will have to make an appearance...
  9. Whilst playing Horace goes Ski'ing in 1982 or whenever, there's no way on earth I could have envisaged the ability to pickup and murder prostitutes in GTA i a fully formed living and breathing city.
  10. I stumbled across them before Christmas and they've been spot on so far...
  11. Don't get your hopes up for the finale, thats all I'm saying....
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