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  1. You def weren't the only ones! I'm not even into F1 but enjoyed it. Top game!
  2. Thanks mate! Been trying to track down Mike for ages so was nice to be able to finally get it done. Might be something else for you soon...
  3. Next issue here already! Ultimate Guide: Outrunner Making Of: Formula One, Plok, Spider-Man, Eternal Darkness Archives: Ocean France History Of: Destruction Derby Back to the 80s Special Legacy of Myst plus loads more
  4. those seymour games are quite rare, the number of copies out there getting less all the time as they are snapped up by collectors. Not surprised at the price, over £250 now
  5. custom loaders were a pain in the arse even back then!
  6. New issue dropped on my mat yesterday, and after a thorough disinfection, here it is... 40 years of Pac-Man History Beneath A Steel Sky Ultimate Guide Return of Double Dragon Ultimate Guide Sakura Wars Evolution of Questprobe Making of Arcanum Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Making of Shadow Man Future Classic Alien Isolation plus all the usual little bits and gems and biffo!
  7. Those double play adventures can sometimes fetch a few quid, and maybe the telstar double pack too, but others have said that's a pretty good bunch in terms of some nice games but nothing overtly rare.
  8. If you're in essex I know the retro hunter will give you a good price
  9. How much for a ps1 crash bandicoot if you're selling that mike?
  10. I still read PC Gamer, Edge and Wireframe plus a few non gaming mags
  11. I imagine it's a subscriber offer. I got mine when I subbed to PC gamer.
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