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  1. If you're in essex I know the retro hunter will give you a good price
  2. How much for a ps1 crash bandicoot if you're selling that mike?
  3. I still read PC Gamer, Edge and Wireframe plus a few non gaming mags
  4. I imagine it's a subscriber offer. I got mine when I subbed to PC gamer.
  5. Here already is another issue of Retro Gamer...issue 196 lordy 30 years of the gameboy Ultimate guide super adventure island Making of dogz and catz In the chair Vincent Baillet X-Com History of 2000ad games Making of firelord Plus loads more
  6. Not sure on the K unless its spectrum games which case def 48k or lower. In all seriousness my TV is not 4k no
  7. I've been using the xbox one version on my 50 inch Sony bravia smart TV and not had that. Here's a grab I posted on Instagram the other day.
  8. You'll be boyo's new bessie mate haha
  9. Looks good. Backed!
  10. Issue 194 History of Burnout History of Guilty Gear Cybernoid Army men Story of Yie ar Kung fu Desert island disks Mark Greenshields Bluffers guide to immersive sims Making of x pilot Archives tower studios Making of ultracore Plus the usuals!
  11. With alien isolation the scariest most intense game I've ever played I don't even dare try it in VR. Kudos for completing it!
  12. I'll be there with my boys and will certainly pop over to see everyone at antstream
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