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  1. You'll be boyo's new bessie mate haha
  2. Looks good. Backed!
  3. Issue 194 History of Burnout History of Guilty Gear Cybernoid Army men Story of Yie ar Kung fu Desert island disks Mark Greenshields Bluffers guide to immersive sims Making of x pilot Archives tower studios Making of ultracore Plus the usuals!
  4. With alien isolation the scariest most intense game I've ever played I don't even dare try it in VR. Kudos for completing it!
  5. I'll be there with my boys and will certainly pop over to see everyone at antstream
  6. Issue 192 is out and features:- Making of Yoshi's island, Tenchu, Space taxi, Skitchin' and Afterlife From the archives mythos games My first month at Ocean with Mark Jones Ultimate guide Road Runner Evolution of Head over Heels In the chair Rebecca Heineman Plus a rather cool Rob Hubbard CD! And more! Subscriber / newsstand covers
  7. No..imo Target is a classic and golden axe nowhere near it
  8. Finally took the plunge and got this at the weekend. The mega bundle just seemed too good to miss. So far, very impressed. The mini games that came with it are fun, and the vr worlds underwater level is very atmospheric and an excellent showcase for the system. 'Proper' gameswise only played wipeout which is simply stunning. Got resi 7 in addition to the bundled games which am really looking forward to. Just got a ps4 too, so have a bunch of exclusives to play for the first time. See you in summer 2019!
  9. Saw Widows last night. Heartily agree with this assessment. That dog was very good!
  10. Never had one until last week! Bought a bunch of games, mostly cart only due to the price. Uploading a vid later
  11. Vigilante 8 was a scaled back version of interstate for consoles so not surprising it reminds you of it. I love both games and played both of them again for articles in gamestm. Interstate 76 in particular I played a lot bitd.
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