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  1. Sapa

    The Boxing Thread

    Yeah, I've been storing up the 5 Live playback episodes to do them properly. I want to sit down and watch the fight at the same time. Love the Bunce & Costello podcast. By far the best boxing podcast available IMO.
  2. Sapa

    The Boxing Thread

    This is good. Mostly Bunce, Tyson and Andy Lee watching a playback of the 2nd Wilder fight. Also analysis and other appearances.
  3. Sapa

    This is Hip-Hop.

    BBC podcast documentary on Killer Mike It's good https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w3ct0w2p
  4. The brilliant Rolling Coastal Blackouts Fever release their new album today - Sideways to New Italy (and tickets for their gigs next year - fingers crossed!).
  5. Crazy World Really funny crazy little film from Uganda. Unlike anything I've seen before and far more entertaining than most things costing millions more. Released on YouTube as part of the We are One Global Film Festival. (Worth checking out the rest of the lineup. I'm about to put on a Trojan Records documentary). 4/5
  6. I think they're mostly all created from real conversations he's had with guests on his podcast. Some of them are really just backing visuals for the conversation without a real storyline as such. I would really just recommend watching the final episode just for that conversation. There is a bit of a storyline arc, but not really, it's not important. It would be a shame for people to give up before getting to that last one. I still haven't stopped thinking about it.
  7. Has anyone been watching The Midnight Gospel? Still wiping away the tears from that last episode! Article about that final episode The final Midnight Gospel episode found a profound way to talk about death
  8. For me personally a macro lens would be the first purchase. It just opens up so many possibilities and can still be used as a normal lens (at the right distance!). So much fun to experiment with - flowers, insects, water droplets etc. I had the Canon 100m 2.8 macro, which also took fantastic portraits from a distance as well as all of the very cool up close shots Arguably the next best thing, and a close second, would be a telephoto lens, again for similar reasons. Just use your 18-55 for most things. It would be lovely to have a 50mm 1.8 or something, but really, that just does pretty much what your other lens does, just better.
  9. Loving The Last Dance. My favourite thing on TV at the moment, and for a while. Not a basketball fan at all. Only had a passing interest in it as a kid, mainly because of NBA Jam. It's just really well put together and you're watching greatness. Not a football fan either, but similarly enjoyed the Maradona documentary. Senna too. You really don't have to be a fan of sport to appreciate their brilliance.
  10. The Nightingale Colonial/Penal colony era cross country adventure in Van Diemen's Land. Second film from the director of The Babadook. I think it lost its way with 30 or so minutes to go, but would still definitely recommend it. Grim, brutal, and a little corny at times. 3.5/5
  11. The Death of Stalin Great performances and characters. I really enjoyed the subtle and dark humour. 4/5 A Perfect Day Dumb film about aid workers trying to retrieve a body from a well in the Balkans during the war. Benicio del Toro and Tim Robbins star. Weird use of rock music throughout including Marilyn Manson. 1/5
  12. Southland Tales Bizzare load of shite. I knew I shouldn't have bothered after seeing that Justin Timberlake and The Rock were in it, but I was seduced by it being on Mubi as 'perfect failure' and having a positive review. Also, quite an interesting concept. It's the second film by Richard Kelly, director of Donnie darko (his first film). Apparently it's now reached cult status acording to the Mubi 'take', though I suspect it can't be a fraction of the cult status Donnie Darko has. I found it to be a confusing mess. Maybe if I had finished it, it would have wrapped up and revealed itself. I had to switch it off though when Justin Timberlake started a weird music video scene where he lip syncs to The Killers All These Things I have Done. I just thought, what the hell am I doing wasting my time persevering with this shite. The JT video is hidden below.
  13. The Decline (Netflix) Decent French Canadian survivalists in the wilderness thriller. Just the right length at around 1hr 20min. 3/5
  14. Tell Me Who I Am is another great documentary on Netflix. It's about twin brothers meeting to talk about memory, trauma and family secrets.
  15. The World is Yours (Amazon Prime UK/Netflix US) Good French reluctant criminal/gangster story, along the similar lines of 'one last deal' before going legit. I watched it after reading this recommendation. I'd also really recommend it to anyone who likes a good crime/underworld film. 4/5
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