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  1. How can you tell if you're on a Series X or not?
  2. Hah, I played on my PC at a mix of my desk and the living room but always with a pad. It's not that M+K isn't technically 'better' for the basics, but I wasn't going to learn two sets of controls and just generally, I prefer Pad when possible because of all the OTHER buttons. Pulling triggers to shoot, etc., is just better than clicking. Also I find twin sticks more immersive as it feels more like how people move vs. the instant flicking around of mouselook.
  3. I expect they’re going to wait and see. But I imagine the plan is for a season 2 at some price - like… 20, 30, 40 bucks for another run of games?
  4. This is the absolutely most hipster device ever devised. Panic x Teenage Engineering x Lucas Pope x Poolsuite.fm x ad by Sandwich video. But I'll certainly be getting one and I seem to be alone in thinking it seems insanely cheap at $179. Sure the hardware is worth $15 but it had to get designed, tested, shipped and it includes a full 'season' of games. I bet if it was $399 it'd still sell the hell out. Then again, the video only has 50,000 views, so maybe it really is an uber niche audience... But it feels like every 40+ year old gamer will want one. And there are a LOT of us.
  5. Ultimately, I'd probably rather Nvidia pocket more of the 'market value' of a card than sell it for £500 only for it to fly off the ebay shelves for £1100. If demand is massively outstripping supply then it does make sense to raise your prices, surely? I just wish they properly took measures to stop scalpers period. E.g. I got a second PS5 recently (for a friend) because I'd signed up for stock alerts on BT.com months ago, and then when they finally came in, they sent me a unique code so that only those of us who had got in the queue (effectively) could buy one. Obviously this is also exploitable but systems like that that stop folks just automatically buying up all the available stock to re-sell would be great. I would honestly just love to see ebay/FB etc. disallowing listings of graphics cards or PS5s for 6 months. That would be a good start.
  6. Apparently at least the whole of 2021 it’s going to stay like this ! https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/15/22385261/nvidia-gpu-shortage-rtx-3080-warning-comments-2021
  7. Paging @murray to the thread! Just a 48" screen surely isn't enough... https://twitter.com/matmurray/status/1374381457141948419/photo/2
  8. Yeah it makes no sense that flashing the BIOS would lose the settings in a Windows app. It’s just terrible lazy design and engineering. But given what I know about Gigabyte I should’ve guessed!
  9. Gah. Fixed most of that but now also notice it lost my custom GPU voltage curve in MSI Afterburner too. Again, yes, I should've known, but I genuinely didn't think flashing BIOS would lose *all settings everywhere*. I guess they're keyed to some device ID that changes when the BIOS is updated. Incidentally, if you don't undervolt, you really should. On the GPU especially it's super easy and has HUGE benefits:
  10. Advice to my past self: until you're actually seeing frame rates below 100+, don't try to optimise or change ANYTHING whilst it's all working. Just noticed its lost my work VPN settings (which should be coming from just signing in with my AAD account) and I can't sign in to another work thing (which should also work through AAD).
  11. Well that was a fucking nightmare (as I kinda expected it might be). Update GPU vBIOS -> BitLocker recovery Update Motherboard BIOS -> all BIOS settings lost including TPM config, underclocking settings, XMP and others -> BitLocker recovery again -> Windows Activation Fail -> find product key again and re-activate... Oh and all my fan curves and RGB settings that stem from the Gigabyte Windows apps also ALL RESET. FFS. An hour later and it's mostly sorted. Except the RGBs are still all stuck on burnt ochre. THANKS PCs.
  12. Prices continue to rise: https://www.theverge.com/2021/3/23/22345891/nvidia-amd-rtx-gpus-price-scalpers-ebay-graphics-cards Paying retail £1400 for a 3090 FE from Scan is looking like more and more of a 'bargain'.... ! Of course, it's crazy money, but in relative terms to have the absolute best card that's going to be great for likely ~5+ years, it seems like it wasn't a bad call, fortunately.
  13. On which note... upgrade yesterday to custom GPU cable (pslate customs hype) - prettier and marginally better airflow (cos the other way was ridiculously long for my tiny case):
  14. Yeah, as each month passes, I'm happier and happier that I just splurged the money. So nice to have a PC that just runs everything and also that feels like it's pretty future proof at this rate. The fact many many gamers seem to like 1080 and 1440p for the framerates also makes me feel like 4K gaming is pretty futureproof for now too. And the fact I don't have any screen even capable of more than 60Hz (!). Though the LG C1 is going to tempt me hard.
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