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  1. RJames

    Apple Arcade

    Just to be clear, there is no way to use a PS4 controller shared between Apple TV and an actually PS4? I have to unpair and repair and use a cable every time ? ie the real solution is buy a dedicated controller for the Apple TV right?
  2. My ranking is probably: Pulp Fiction Inglorious Basterds Jackie Brown Django U Hateful 8 Reservoir Dogs (should prob be higher but I haven’t seen it in ages) Once Upon A Time in H Kill Bill 1 Kill Bill 2 I actually liked all the films in the list except Kill Bill
  3. I have to admit I also turned away during the final fight. I certainly don’t understand how that scene is the ‘funniest’ scene someone has seen in their life. No one in my screening made any noises except gasping. I’m not against that kind of thing and it’s pretty signature Tarantino at this point but I do think it felt very out of place in this film. The whole thing is so meticulously detailed and observational and then you have someone brutally murdering 3 kids he could’ve very easily just incapacitated. Why? Because the audience knows they’re actually creepy cult members (I didn’t). It works in Hateful 8 because the whole cabin situation is a hyper tense heightened comic book situation. In this story, it made a lot less sense.
  4. Yup. Exactly this. There was no dread or tension because I didn't know who the hippies were or what they were doing.
  5. What a mess. Just out of it. Had heard of the Manson family of course (vaguely) but had no idea they were in the film until I saw the name in the final credits and don’t know any details about them anyway. Also have never heard of Sharon Tate and still don’t know anything about her (will google later I guess). My movie going buddies all went in cold too (we hadn’t seen or read anything about the movie before going in) and also had no idea about any of the above. From my perspective the film was a beautiful well acted meandering mess. It had no plot or narrative to speak of, then a sudden conclusion. Lots of weird voiceover and time stamps and then none for an hour. If you have to know about some famous crimes from 50 years ago, fair enough, but I didn’t and it was completely wasted on me. Think about the Margot Robbie character. To me she played no part in the film plot whatsoever: we see her dancing to records, in the car a few times, in a cinema and that’s about it. So weird. Don’t see this film without doing your research.
  6. Hey folks! Picked up a Quest last week. My username is kazaroth Please add me - especially the beat saber crew...
  7. RJames


    Yeah, I suck at rogues for the reasons you mention! It’s also why the pro players are so good with it.
  8. RJames


    Had no idea there was an active HS thread still going. I still play a lot and spend a lot of money on it (I basically have all the good legendaries in Standard already after dusting a lot in the Wild rotation) (!). I am definitely a whale! I've never made Legend which is REALLY ANNOYING to me. I was doing really well with Mech Hunter for a while (I independently 'invented' the deck right after the rotation and it was amazing before it caught on) and got to Rank 3 but then fell back down. It beats Control Warriors and Khadgar Mages pretty much 80%+, is about 50/50 vs. Rogue and 50/50 vs. Token Druid depending on teching. Loses pretty hard to Control Shaman. The list I like tops out with Flark and Leeroy and doesn't run any Whelps or Nine Lives. I like Dire Wolf Alpha to activate bombs and flip flop on Mossy Horror as a one of. I don't much like Unleash in the list, though it can be ok for reach. Anything on the board that isn't a Mech is bad for you. To that end, I wouldn't bother with Oblivotron unless you really like that build of the deck. My main problem is I get bored with a deck and change. And it really take a while with a deck to get a winrate that can climb above rank 5. You need to know the match ups and mulligans pretty well to make progress. -- I've tried Rogue a fair bit but it's a class I don't seem as good at. Too many decisions (!). Sometimes I steam roll but a lot of the time I just run out of steam if I don't draw any Raiding Parties or Miscreants. I like Firebat's build with Toggwaggle's Scheme and Baron - the idea is you empty your deck, then shuffle in Leeroys with the scheme and then use the Wand treasure to draw 3x 0 mana Leeroys for 4x Leeroys in one turn total -- I've also played quite a bit of Big Shaman - really fun interesting deck to play, Control Warrior - really powerful boring deck to play, and Khadgar Mage - interesting, quite draw dependent but can win ANY match which is fun. Token Druid also can feel powerful but is pretty boring. -- If you get into playing moderately seriously, consulting the stats on HSreplay for drawn and played WR can really help you tune and improve decks, which is fun. Am almost tempted to pay for it...
  9. RJames


    This was great, I watched the whole tournament. Also...
  10. RJames


    Don't craft Oblivotron! More later
  11. Enjoyed this, it's a solid 3/5. Biggest laugh by far in ours was
  12. Came here to post about 'Legos' - immediately took me out of it. There better be a reshoot. Also the trailer looks really bad. The special effects (I realise sometimes they're not finished for trailers but still...) look ropey as hell and none of the effects, costumes or environments look well integrated. Even the London street dressings like the pub signs look SUPER cheap.
  13. Hah! I actually didn’t notice that before now. They did not get their money’s worth.
  14. Just saw this. Holy forking shirtballs. It was incredible. Absolutely love the soundtrack too. The only minor downside was the continual and exceptionally blatant Nike product placement. Kept taking me out of the movie as the only singular branded product in the whole thing. They really really got their money’s worth.
  15. I usually never notice accents but yes, his was real bad. Kept dropping back to his natural Aussie mid sentence.
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