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  1. Neither did I. I suspect that as tape-to-tape decks became so prevalent in the 1980s they were able to do very good copies. I think that Speedlock had "clicks" in the header to try and engage the automatic level controller in tape dubbing decks, making for unusable copies.
  2. TILLY is the best thing about Discovery.
  3. They're running the writers' room via Zoom but don't expect anything until autumn 2021 at the earliest - and that's assuming they can start filming this year.
  4. It was on Marina Sirtis' Twitter feed. They'd all got together to wish her a happy birthday, because that cast just loves each other, and I love it.
  5. But here's what I really want to know: what did @PC Master Race think of it?
  6. What a letdown, but I'd have been deluding myself if I'd imagined it would suddenly get its shit together for the finale. Poor. Proof that fan service is no substitute for skilled writing.
  7. Ah, The Incredible Coneman music. Nothing not to love.
  8. Thanks for the heads up on RTS - really been enjoying his videos since I saw this post.
  9. For a show called Star Trek Picard there often isn't very much Picard, and this week was the Rios show, where the actor proves that he lied on his CV about his ability to carry Irish and Scottish accents, and all in the name of serving a plot point that could have been handled in a couple of scenes. The new model of streaming series which have 5 times more episodes than plot is not working out well for Jean-Luc, I'm afraid.
  10. Well, me too - it's the best episode of the season by a country mile - but otherwise we've had 6 episodes of slow-moving, poorly plotted television where nothing very much happens, character development is vague, the most generic of action sci-fi clichés run rampant and everyone just spends their screen time explaining the plot to each other. That seems empty to me, I'm afraid.
  11. Fair enough! Actually, I'm sure TOS fans in 1987 were making similar complaints about TNG.
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