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  1. I guarantee you - I guarantee you - that if RLLMUK 1968 had been a thing, there would have been people in the Star Trek thread complaining that there was a Russian character, a Japanese character, a black character. The network had already nixed having a female first officer because Straight Men Wouldn't Like It. Diversity is the whole point of Star Trek, so I don't want to hear that it's "cynical". That is, diversity as long as you're straight. Because, if you're queer, you don't exist in Star Trek until DS9, and even then it's sneaked in the back door because the exe
  2. Discovery to introduce both a non-binary and a trans character in season 3. https://www.gaytimes.co.uk/culture/star-trek-discovery-set-to-introduce-its-first-non-binary-and-trans-characters/ I applaud this, and I look forward to them both being barely developed, then forgotten.
  3. And several scenes from Rose were remounted in later blocks with a different director. There was also a whole thing with a stunt involving a burning sofa flying out of Henrik's department store. I've never read a definitive take on this but the two main narratives are either: a) the director went ahead with it against the advice of H&S and put extras at risk, enraging both Chris and the producers. b) the stunt was done but tape wasn't rolling for some reason, so huge amounts of cash was wasted. Also, Phil Collinson and RTD have been frank about how
  4. Disney are charging $30 to watch Mulan on top of the Disney+ monthly fee in the USA. No word on UK pricing yet.
  5. It's an action-adventure thrillride next to the snooze fest that is The Monster Of Peladon, which is at least 287 episodes long.
  6. Crash was so bad at this point - a covertape with a bonus pamphlet - that a "YS, now incorporating Crash" might actually have been a more dignified way to go.
  7. It's been a long time since I watched it - I skipped it when I got the Blu Rays - and I should think you're right in terms of how it reads in 2020. In the 90s, though, it was an obvious attempt by the producers to "deal with" homosexuality - specifically the fact that it didn't appear to exist in the Star Trek universe - without actually doing something as radical as having an actual same sex pairing. The whole thing was designed to placate the gay fans without upsetting the straight ones. Naturally, it failed. And so, for me, it still leaves a bad taste. DS9, of course, manages th
  8. As far as the TNG ones go, "Angel One" isn't even the worst episode of the season, never mind the series. It's hugely clichéd, it's styled like Dynasty meets Drag Race in space and the plot isn't exactly the greatest story ever told. But if you want a truly, truly terrible episode of TNG, there's only one other option besides the racist "Code Of Honor" - step forward, "The Outcast". A show about homophobia that doesn't even have the courage to use the word "gay", it's a piece of centrist slop that takes the "good people on both sides" approach to, you know, human rights. Also, for
  9. They actually reshot some of the pilot, at vast expense, because the studio decided they didn't like the hairstyle that they'd chosen for Janeway.
  10. I just watched this episode today; I had to watch this scene on mute. The cringe is real.
  11. Neither did I. I suspect that as tape-to-tape decks became so prevalent in the 1980s they were able to do very good copies. I think that Speedlock had "clicks" in the header to try and engage the automatic level controller in tape dubbing decks, making for unusable copies.
  12. They're running the writers' room via Zoom but don't expect anything until autumn 2021 at the earliest - and that's assuming they can start filming this year.
  13. It was on Marina Sirtis' Twitter feed. They'd all got together to wish her a happy birthday, because that cast just loves each other, and I love it.
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