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    This is a fair assessment IMO , lots of good moments in season 3 but not great episodes and there's a decline in overall quality
  2. To be fired into his next movie? That was a cheap shot, sorry.
  3. Moneyball. Baseball statistics thing with Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill and Chris Pratt. Widely lauded by many and it's supposedly "not about the baseball" it took me 3 attempts to watch this, I really didn't engage with it. I thought the ending with Beane in his car was laughably poor and purely designed to pull at the heartstrings. Despite that , Pitt and Hill are generally excellent in their respective roles and there are no CGI dinosaurs chasing Crisp Rat so y'know, positives. 2/5
  4. Iron Coffins - Herbert Werner Wrote about it in the "currently reading " thread, was about 1/3 the way through and it continues the same , recommended for those with an interest in military history. Previously
  5. That trailer looks moronic and probably mildly entertaining.
  6. I thought this was great and saw it last year on Netflix. The old style , worn , hard wearing and grubby kit for a frontier like transport company reinforced the notion that these folk were low level grafters that were being budget shipped somewhere and it wasn't a grandiose space opera, at least that was the vibe I got from it. kinda like the way the old CRTs in Alien are explained these days by people who say, they're just space truckers, they'll use this cheap, effective gear that's proven to work in deep space etc. Fuck it, I'll buy that as a reason.
  7. Iron Coffins by Herbert Werner Werner is one of the few U-Boat captains that survived WW2 and this is his account of the experience. I'm about 1/2 way through , up to about 1943 as he's a 1st officer and it's equally depressing, horrifying and fascinating. Life aboard the U-Boats sounds anything but fun, freezing cold, soaking wet , eating rotten and gone off food and with the increasingly likely prospect of being sent to your death by improving allied technology and/or accidents on board. The north Atlantic in winter does not sound like a fun environment either for the crews of the U-boats or the Merchantmen and Destroyers escorting them. Also sounds like he was a bit of a ladies man when back on land and they lived it up as much as possible when not at sea- can hardly blame him.He mentions the increasing impact in Berlin as the war progresses and the lack of menu items in restaurants etc , seems like a minor detail but drives home the direction the war was taking. The losses in Africa and Russia are mentioned but almost as if they're disappointing sports scores , which , considering how far removed from both those theaters he is , may have the same impact on a day to day basis. On the basis of what I've read so far I'd recommend this for anyone interested in military history or people who like the idea of being cold and wet.
  8. Good call on Firefox (and The Eagle has landed), it's a decent adaptation, Eastwood is good value. Also, Firefox Down & Winter hawk , one obviously being the sequel and the other features Gant again are both pretty decent reads.
  9. Read the 1st one and agree, the movie was an improvement on the book. Going to add another, The Day of the Jackal, both book and movie are fantastic.
  10. The Thin Red Line is quite different to the book in a lot of areas but has a beautiful dreamlike quality to it and is a largely worthy adaptation.
  11. I read the synopsis at the weekend and immediately put it on my wishlist.
  12. I picked up SR4 recently on the cheap and while it's fun it's so excessively juvenile that I've parked it for the moment. The recycling of the map- while understandable from a continuity POV makes it feel like an expansion pack TBH. Those characters in the reboot don't seem any more annoying than any others, if they are I'll just turn the volume down on the dialogue,it looks like a fun sandbox (I liked vegas in GTA 4(?)) with the usual kind of activities.
  13. lolly

    Dredd 3D

    Dredd 3D is a drab , mean little movie that captures none of the occasionally garish and over the top design of the comics, the satire or the humour(except on one or two occasions). It's an excellent action movie in it's own right. Judge Dredd is an aesthetically fantastic ego vehicle for Stallone that again captures none of the satire our humour of the comics. It should have been given to Verhoeven and starred Michael Biehn or someone (possibly chinnier- Jay Leno). It is an excellent looking movie in it's own right.
  14. Goon (2011) Description for IMDB: Labeled an outcast by his brainy family, a bouncer overcomes long odds to lead a team of under performing misfits to semi-pro hockey glory, beating the crap out of everything that stands in his way. Seann William Scott is the moderately likeable idiot who becomes an enforcer for a hockey team. Liev Schreiber is the "baddie" as an ageing Goon who beats the shit out of people on the ice and he's the best thing in it, there's a laconic menace that he brings to proceedings.It's co written by Jay Baruchel who's also in it as the best mate, given he's a huge Habs fan you'd hope the hockey would be half decent, it's not, and neither the comedy or the drama are particularly good either. It's alright in a "on in the background" sort of way but I wouldn't be actively seeking it out. 2/5
  15. The Obelisk Gate- N. K. Jemison Part 2 of a 3 part Triolgy- the 1st being the 5th season which I read earlier this year. Good, feels like the middle section of a trilogy and it's nice not to have a 30 something white dude who may be "the one" as a protagonist. Have the 3rd in paperback that my wife bought me 6 years ago for Christmas after I mentioned the trilogy was of interest, I'm assuming she felt i might want to see how it all turns out to save myself some time. Currently reading Legacy - lessons in leadership ( methods used by the all blacks etc)and Left of Bang which is an awareness and self defence guide for marines but can be applied to everyday situations. Picked up Iron Coffins by Herbert Werner - he was a U-boat commander during WW 2 and it was recommended by a mate who was a submariner in the Navy. As opposed the air force ....
  16. Jedi:Fallen order Man, there's so much to complain about here, the shitty loading pauses , disguised QTEs, unconvincing relationship, input delays on the combat that I never got used to regardless of completing it and some piss poor animation effects. Despite all that it's still good fun and has that "just a little bit further " feel about it as you move between planets and back again with upgraded abilities. Your progression with the force feels pretty natural and there are some decent set pieces that use the lore pretty well. Boss battles are half decent and the level designs are pretty interesting , each world is really unique in their look.There's also one of the best "fuckity, fuck...fuck,fuck, fuck , I better get out of here " moments I've had in a game in a while.
  17. Tenet The answer to the question "What if we could do a thing on screen where some people are appear to be going backwards in time while others are just moving normally, could we hang a movie off that?" I know a lot of folks have complained that the plot of Tenet is very complicated and (needlessly) confusing but there is a more fundamental issue, it's a pretty boring story in and of itself.Which leave the action and the performances of the actors to carry the movie , both of which are decent and both Pattinson and Washington do a decent job with Debicki and Sir Ken assisting pretty well. The action sequences are spectacular on occasion for the most part and the opening assault in particular is excellent , it could be the finale set piece in many other movies and probably should have been in this. Which brings me to the another complaint: Anyway, despite those complaints this is still a decent watch ,as with all of Nolan's film's you get some spectacular visuals, set pieces and action and for that and two decent leads it's worth a watch. Inception is a far superior movie though. 3/5
  18. 12. The first 15 lives of Harry August- Claire North Yeah, not bad , the 1st half is pretty gentle and explains how the mechanics of the situation play out and lacks a bit of urgency and the 2nd half the story kicks in and to starts moving along at a better clip. There was the opportunity to delve into some of the respective lives and bloat this out a bit but given the scenario there would be little peril involved so largely pointless maybe and something the author avoids. While it was building up towards the climax it does end somewhat abruptly (at least for me it did) though it makes sense in the context of the story. It's pretty good and worth a read but I'll probably remember it in a few years more for the concept than the actual story. Previously.
  19. Bone Tomahawk In the dying days of the old west, an elderly sheriff and his posse set out to rescue their town's doctor from cannibalistic cave dwellers. I think this got a lot of attention for that* scene but I thought this was an excellent western in it's own right. It's a fairly typical story of abduction and rescue but there are some supernatural elements hinted at early doors and there's more than a little savagery, it can be quite gruesome though most of the gore is suggested rather than shown, which for me as the squeamish sort, was quite welcome. The cast are uniformly excellent with Russell, Wilson and fox doing good work, also thought that the wife/doctor was good , she's a competent and intelligent character though her screen time is limited.Some of the dialogue is quite modern in it's sensibilities IMO but it portrays the characters as generally intelligent individuals who are fully aware of the task they are undertaking and the potential pitfalls . So , even if the story is not especially complex it's not hard to gauge that I liked this as I keep using the word "excellent" in this review. 4/5
  20. 10. Dune In preparation for the upcoming movie I've revisited Dune as I don't think I got the full gist of it 20 years ago when I originally read it. Always thought it was bit of a White Saviour story and while it may well be argued that it is, there's a fair bit more going on. Some of the imagery and ideas are fantastic and it's suprisingly action light in terms of big set pieces anyway. Really liked it a lot this time around whereas originally I though it was a bit meh. Previously Currently reading the first 15 lives of Harry August as it sounded right up my street, and it is.
  21. Have watched two episodes but I'm a bit on the fence.Thought the 1st was quite good and love some of the ideas and visuals in it in general, there's some blink and you'll miss it body horror in there as well ,have no issue with it being focused on Teela but I'm not a fan of SMG as the voice actor (never really been a fan) or Lena as Evil Lyn, both sound like they've been voiced in isolation(which they probably have) and it came across as disjointed, dunno if it's a split second out or just me.
  22. I reread Dune recently in preparation for seeing this - that latest trailer is pretty decent. I'm trying to think of where would be an obvious stopping point for a 2 part movie and can't think of one other than meeting a certain character for the 1st time and that happens reasonably early. The green knight being cancelled is a bummer , that looked awesome.
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