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  1. Predators The one with Adrien Brody. Saw this a few years ago and thought it was an okay movie in it's own right and positively amazing within the context of the series of movies.On rewatch there's actually more to like here than I originally thought.Brody is fine if not outstanding as the lead and there's some decent backup from the supporting cast including Fishbourne, Ali, Goggins, Braga.Story is as you'd expect and it ticks along at a reasonable rate , there's some silliness but it's not egregious by the standards of the franchise. What I didn't notice on the 1st time was some of the shots, there's some nice shots in here, not least a flare going off in a tunnel with the characters backlit and an overhead of a duel in some long grass.The finale is actually better than I remember and the design of the face on the "boss" predator is actually fantastic, really cool looking. It's the 4th best Predator movie after 1,2 and Prey , solid 3/5 movie.
  2. How High we go in the Dark I know this is a forum favourite but I thought it was very much a curates egg, and even the "best " chapter , if I was being cynical, was willfully manipulative. Lots of ideas have been lifted from other, better books and I really struggled to get through this at times. It did pick up after a pretty serious drop in quality but I got some serious "Emperors New Clothes" vibes from this. The final chapter was risible.Considering there's multiple different characters they all sound like the same person,chapter to chapter. On the plus side, there were some moments of nicely realised melancholy and it's not that long a book. I can understand why it pushed a lot of people's buttons but it just didn't work for me.
  3. Blood and Thunder- Hampton Sides- tales of the old west, reads like a thriller. Chickenhawk - Robert Mason - chopper pilot in Vietnam, gory, uncompromising and pretty brilliant Legacy of Ashes- Tim Wiener. History of the CIA from it's creation through to the War on Terror. Often reads like a Monty Python sketch.
  4. The Cruel Sea by Nicholas Monserrat Semi fictional account of convoys in the North Atlantic from from 1935 to 1945. Sounds like cold, unglamorous , dangerous and difficult work that took a heavy toll on the men that had to undertake it. A solid read and has a reasonable pace about it throughout , only slows down a bit towards the end of the war as it winds down itself. It's a reasonable companion piece to Iron Coffins which is a factual account from a U-boat captain's perspective.
  5. As someone who has little interest and despises the LOTR movies , including the Leprechaun ones , the 1st episode of this was actually OK, far more interesting and competent than that Wheel of time thing and the leprechauns had Irish accents, including Lenny Henry's which was surprisingly decent.
  6. All The Pretty Horses - Cormac McCarthy. 1st part of his border trilogy, will work my way through the other two presently, if you're a fan of McCarthy you'll most likely enjoy this , I am so I did.Not quite as bleak as Blood Meridian or The Road. Of Mice And Men- John Steinbeck. I did not enjoy this, though (obviously)I don't think that's the point, it is an 120 page exercise in building tension and masterfully done. Absolutely recommended.
  7. Echopraxia isn't as good but it's still great.
  8. I 'd add tuppence to the mix that's pretty similar to everyone else's but I will say that when they do tension right,they do tension right, there was some really decent moments of peril throughout the season and that trend carried over to the final episode.
  9. Finished Fine Structure by qntm- they of "There is no Antimemetics Division" , similarly mind bending in parts but a straighter sci-fi rather than sci-fi horror story, was very impressed again.
  10. Not familiar with the comic but enjoying Derek Broodlander's adventures.
  11. Ah, I've misunderstood, apologies.
  12. In support of your retaining subs argument - I only re-subbed to Disney for the Larry Kenobi series but saw that Prey was coming up a month, maybe less after the conclusion of that series so didn't see the point of unsubscribing and resubscribing.An now I'm watching Legion and waiting for Andor.... Also, I missed the end of the post credits- feel rather foolish
  13. This is tight as a ducks bum and pretty decent to boot , along with Predator,Predator 2 there's now 3 good(one classic) Predator movies and 1 that's not bad (Adrian Brody one). There are obviously faults but some of the callbacks are incorporated pretty well.
  14. "Horse of air" didn't grab me nor did " The man who waved hello" despite the latter's obvious influence on Fight Club.
  15. The Visible Man by Gardner Dozois Another collection of short stories, a few of which are in "when the great days come" by the same author. The title story gave me anxiety and is almost worth the price of admission alone, there's on or two others that felt a little flat though. " A dream at Noonday" is in both collections and is such a melancholic story, will stay with me for a while.
  16. I read it a few years back and wasn't entirely sure what the fuss was - enjoyed the sort stories moreso than the main one, I actually took my time recently and it worked much better for me, I'm thinking I'll need to read it again because I'm sure there's a load of detail that I can't remember or undoubtedly missed.
  17. I reread Schismatrix Plus recently after watching the Swarm episode on Love ,Death & Robots . I kinda appreciate the effort that went into LD&R version of Swarm given how much they had to simplify it for TV. Re Schismatrix, you could hang entire space operas (and people probably have )off single ideas in chapters there's that much going on.
  18. lolly

    Day Shift

    It looks fun in the same way that zombie movie in Vegas by Snyder did but ended up being so forgettable I can't remember the title.So hopefully better than that.
  19. So the Avs, they were the better team obviously and closed down that 3rd period pretty effectively after taking the lead. I put money on a couple of teams before the season started for the Pacific Division and the Stanley Cup and neither made the playoffs. So if anybody wants some really bad betting advice for next season let me know.Also it's 3 cup losses in a row for that charming man Corey Perry with three different teams.
  20. It in regards the 2nd spoiler , it looked like both actors were actually enjoying themselves which added a great energy to it IMO.
  21. "The Swarm" was a trigger to go back and re-read Schismatrix plus again so regardless of anything else it's a success for me.
  22. I saw Litmanen play for Finland against Ireland in Lansdowne road in one of the worst games I've ever witnessed, it was fucking freezing as well so a miserable experience all round, the only high point was the 1st 20 minutes as Litmanen (who was returning from a long injury) did a few class things before fading badly as his match fitness was shot.
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