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  1. Barbarian episode 1. A bit slow and lacking in tension, actors seem fine but the threat from the romans seems a bit thin which probably impacts that tension as mentioned. Not as good as thieves of the wood as regards period piece non English drama. Will give it another couple to see if it finds its feet , loved Dan Carlin's Celtic holocaust so the subject matter appeals.
  2. Just on this , I've read on Kotaku.au that there's lots of folk having similar issues with the matchmaking and ranking as well as hits not registering, more prevalent for players in oceania.
  3. I got this on PS4, worked through the majority of the campaign and jumped on for a few quick matches online.managed about 5 in total. Matched up against folk in Germany and the US in different games and I was wondering how that would affect server lag given that I'm in australia? Also being dropped in games with folk who are level 25 and 50, I was almost getting spawn killed and won't be back until there's something done about matchmaking. Pity, I generally love star wars and really enjoyed starfighter assault in BF2, this seems a more in depth and interest
  4. The day of the jackal. Tight as a ducks bum thriller about an assassination attempt on de Gaulle. Probably one of the few books that the movie did justice to the source material. Some very questionable attitudes towards women as well as trans and gay people that is quite jarring and detract a bit late in the frame. Of it's time is probably the polite way of hand waving it away. Also pointed out on the modern escapism podcast about the attitude of Arthur C Clarke in Rendezvous with Rama, there's one part about women that I actually thought was satire it was so out ther
  5. Rendezvous with Rama- Arthur C Clarke. Giant alien object enters the solar system and turns out to be worth investigating. Nice sense of otherness and no real confrontation/whizz bang required for it to be a cracking story . Can't get my head around some of the imagery, just too vast for my tiny little mind to comprehend. Brucie bonus that I now know how to spell "rendezvous" - it's not rondayvoo apparently.
  6. That looks craptastic. Will be giving it a look. Noticed a 'face off' reference in there, a direct callback to one of his good movies.
  7. Eagle Vs Shark The tale of two socially-awkward misfits and the strange ways they try to find love: through revenge on high-school bullies, burgers, and video games.Directed by Taika Waititi in 2007 this is a pretty gentle and quirky rom-com with some genuinely lough out loud moments along with a fair dose of melancholy . There is a cracking version of Mortal Kombat that's worth the price alone. I was going to give it a lesser score as if felt a bit on the slight side but it's really rather good - 4/5
  8. lolly


    That's going to Bomb harder than the original Fatman.
  9. The Iron Jackal - part 3 of the Ketty Jay series by Chris Wooding He kitchen sinked it a bit in this one , there was all sorts in it (I'm going to list the most obvious in a spoiler, curious about ones I missed) and while it was again an easy and quick read that was rarely dull I might leave the last one in the series for a month or two to catch my breath. Always worth a read though and probably a series I come back to when I need a literary pick me up. Kinda reminds me of The Expanse- a lot of ideas that have been around a long time consolidated into a specific series so noth
  10. Just saw the trailer for Barbarians- looks like that could be right up my street, if you've ever listened to Dan Carlin's Celtic Holocaust (I strongly recommend Mr Carlin to any historical /military interested folk) it seems to be set around that time. And it's in German so I was going to say authentic but I doubt they spoke the same version of German back then. Netflix Trailer
  11. Roadside Picnic by Arkady Strugatsky and Boris Strugatsky Aliens visit earth without interacting or being seen by any of the human race and leave behind their "rubbish" in certain spots. This "rubbish" is highly technologically advanced and much sought after for study and experimentation but the zones/spots are highly unstable with dangerous and unexplained phenomenon . "Stalkers" travel into the zones to retrieve this "rubbish" and sell it on the black market despite attempts by the authorities to prevent it.The story largely follows a specific stalker over the course of a few ye
  12. I'm playing this at the moment as well - not on hard though, normal only, my abilities in (combat) games are no great shakes. The camera has caused me a bit of gyp in some fights, follows you around sometimes so you can't see where there enemy is , directional markers notwithstanding. When I originally played it I gave up after the 1st confrontation with Baldur(?) , multi stage boss fight with an irritating shit that early in the game annoyed the crap out of me, restarted it and pushed past it , great decision, it's a wonderful game and some of the set pieces are eye boggling.
  13. Just finished The Black Lung Captain by Chris Wooding, #2 in the Ketty Jay series. Again for those that don't know it's a fantasy Steampunk version of Firefly the series.There's a macguffin, some double crosses, couple of pretty big set pieces- larger than the 1st book and it all ticks along at a serious clip. Swashbuckling, easy to read and I blew through it in a few days , it took me months to read "The crow road" despite loving it too.
  14. just finished 'catastrophe' on Stan here in Oz, 4 seasons, irish american comedy set in London, bizaare and open ended finale which apparently isn't supposed to be ambiguous. BSG season 2 and on to Razor afterwards . missus is watching ' the affair' which she doesn't necessarily like but is invested now so tough shit for her. watched the latest series(last?) of Ray Donovan recently , was an improvement on the previous 2. also, 10 seasons of Shameless , it was on a slow dive quality wise from about season 4 but still managed to be entertaining for a fa
  15. Yeah, loved it, appreciate the recommendations too. on to The Day of the Jackal, love the movie and just getting into it, I'm usually wary of authors who churn out lots of the same sort of book , ends up being a repetition of the same thing( hello clive cussler) but its decent so far
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