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  1. I don't understand aftershows myself, I appreciate that there might be interpretation that I've not thought of being discussed but any I've seen after GoT or the walking dead(which is not many TBH) has just been a bunch of blerts shiteing on about incredibly obvious plot points. Is there any actual value to them or is it just an additional fix for fans?
  2. Last action hero I, like a lot of other people, didn't get LAH originally, I thought it was playing it straight and the kid was annoying. Rewatched it over the weekend and have a bit of a different opinion, the entire premise and how they send up 80s action movies is beautifully on the nose. None of that would be possible without Arnold being so willing to send up his own image so completely. Some of the visual gags are fantastic and there's some great supporting characters, including Danny devitos cat... It loses some steam in the last half hour as they change location but overall it's a decent action comedy that's well worth the time. 4/5 Mortal engines I have little or no knowledge of the source material but was intrigued by the trailer, the design of the rolling cities and general premise of the world. I saw that Jackson was involved and heard reviews were poor, sits at 28% on RT, not that that's an indication of anything these days. Anyway it's a pretty standard underdog, chosen one defeats the big bad, scifi scenario. The designs are fantastic, there's real weight to elements of the CGI in the final battle and some of the performances are decent. 2.5/5
  3. Paul (2011) Simon Pegg, Nick Frost & Seth Rogan on a road trip where one's an alien trying to escape incarceration in America.There's a who's who of American comedians who are be household names now . I's pretty short, has a few laughs, lots of direct sci-fi references , some of which land better than others and is all round inoffensive. 3/5
  4. By Grabthar's hammer that was uncomfortable watching.
  5. The 1st is the best because they seem like they might be undercover as opposed the Ethan motorbike chase support group on tour. Also it's the sma.... Sorry, something else occurred to me, Fallout is a decent enough action movie and the fight in the toilets is great but the central chase is dragged out too long, saw casino Royale again a day later and it just seemed a much tighter and better movie action wise, the chases are actually shorter and better for it. Don't know if MI attempting to go bigger at every iteration is to the benefit of the franchise.
  6. Terminator : Dark Fate Old Arnie, original Sarah Conner, Cameron as exec producer or something, where could it go wrong? Ah, the repeated attempts to capture the magic of the 1st 2 Terminator movies and the relative failure of all the subsequent sequel movies to do so. I've seen them all and appreciated aspects of each movie, even the poor execution of one or two still had some really nice ideas and/ or interesting Terminator designs. I liked the bleakness of 3 and that crane chase, the design of the motorcycle terminators and the illogical eels, the different feel of the original re-imagined slightly before it went to pot, so was interested to see this. They've basically gone and done a 'libtard Hollywood' job on John Conner and made the savior of the human race a female Mexican as opposed a white middle class American male, probably lost themselves the racist misogynist market in the process, oh well.that did not occur to me during the movie BTW, only when I checked the news this morning to see what batshit Stupidity was going on in the world today. Anyway, Mackensie Davis is the soldier sent back to protect Dani, the new savior of mankind from an even more serious Terminator threat. Yadda, Yadda, initial confrontations occur, Davis runs out of battery, literally, and Sarah Conner is reintroduced. More stuff happens and Arnie is introduced. A few beers, Bombastic set pieces etc, today, next Thursday, whenever is saved. Like most reviews have mentioned the 1st half is good and then the 2nd half just ends up flat and to me there's a clear delineation between the two, when the focus moves from Davis and Reyes characters to Hamilton and Arnie, it just seems to run out of energy as said focus shifts. Which drags down what was easily going to be the best Terminator movie since 2 down to the level of 3, which is a pity. Anyway, the bad: unremarkable bad guy, bombastic and boring 2nd half,humor /jokes that aren't earned, Hamilton is not actually that good as Sarah Conner, Lena Hedley (?) would have done a much better job but is probably a bit too young. The good: unremarkable bad guy had a nice design, 1st half is good, Mackensie Davis is really awesome. Also liked the idea of what would a Terminator do if... Etc So 3/5, on a par with T3 but could have come within distance of the 1st two, though probably a moderate distant third at that
  7. Inception (2010) Holy shit, inception is 10 years old. I've attempted to watch it on two other occasions and got 1/2 hour in before giving up for some reason and the fact that it's nearly 3 hours long is quite daunting. Anyhoo, Nolan and 3 of his apparent best mates, Tom, Ciaran and Michael with help from one or two others put together a mind bending heist movie. Given the fact that the movie is 10 years old and the 'ohh, ahhh' moments have largely been given away I was wondering if the plot would hold up to scrutiny. People smarter than me will pick holes in said plot no doubt but for me there was a pretty consistent level of tension and some cracking set pieces in the 2nd half, for me it's Nolans best. Which is not to say that anything else he's done is not good, I just appreciated them more than enjoyed them outright. Am looking forward to Tenet, seems similar in mind bending stakes to this. 4/5
  8. Jumanji: welcome to the jungle. So this is on Oz Netflix as of today.it's not a bad way to waste 2 hours and even Kevin Hart's inclusion can't fuck it up. Kids will probably love it and it's mild diversion for adults, the rock does his thing, Jack Black is fine, Kevin Hart is only moderately annoying and Karen Gillian(?) kicks arse. 3/5
  9. The shipping news. Won various awards and probably deserved them too, it's at times, grim, funny or affecting in what would be a reasonably slight story if not for the characters that inhabit the town. The setting itself is almost given a life of its own and the bleakness of the environment almost has a stark beauty, I can see the town in my minds eye as I write this. Anyhoo, don't let the pulitzer prize put you off, it's well worth a read...
  10. The Kitchen The wives of New York gangsters in Hell's Kitchen in the 1970s continue to operate their husbands' rackets after they're locked up in prison. Based on a DC comic /graphic novel it's a bit of a twist on the up and coming mobsters thing. Unfortunately despite some good performances from the cast it kinda loses its way about half way through, at no point does it seem like the success the women are having has been sufficiently earned(apart from one) and the 2nd half felt weirdly flat despite the stakes being raised. It's 1 hour 42 minutes which is not overly long but about 1/2 hour from the end we were wondering how long was left as it started to drag. 2.5/5
  11. The Half of it.IMDB link When smart but cash-strapped teen Ellie Chu agrees to write a love letter for a jock, she doesn't expect to become his friend - or fall for his crush. Quirky, rom-com where as per the IMDB spiel above a love triangle forms when a high school jock enlists the school nerd to write love letters to a girl he fancies . Shenanigans ensue and it all comes out in the wash with Paul and Ellie forming a bond and Aster (the crush) being largely relegated to a minor role and never effectively appearing anything other than a perfect object of desire. I'll start with the bad- if you don't enjoy quirky then this sail might close to the kind of fuckery where teenagers smoke pipes and spout philosophy decades beyond their years as it certainly does the latter.There's also a pretty serious back-flip by a character which is largely unearned or at least an underdeveloped aspect of their character but is required for the feel good ending.And teenagers being played by 20 somethings. The good- it easily passes the 7 laugh test for me and there's a certain charm to it, Diemer's Paul is a pretty likeable character and it never felt overly long or drawn out.Not especially taxing and pretty gentle all round, worth a watch IMO. 3.5/5
  12. I picked up the entire series cheap last week having previously watched season 1 years ago. Watched the pilot again yesterday and had forgotten about the closing shot in the garage, holy shit , that's how to do tension. Looking forward to working my way through it.
  13. Finished Colony, man that's frustrating that there's no 4th season, was set up nicely and had grown in strength as the seasons went on. Watching Harlan Coben's "the stranger". It's utter bollox but so convuluted that we're wondering what mickey mouse coincidence they can come up with next, it's almost a comedy. Also Dennis Pennis is in everything these days too.
  14. Blood and thunder by Hampton Sides gives a reasonable account of the expansion to the west and a brief sort of autobiography of Kit Carson. Reads like a thriller and is worth a look. Blood Meridian is one of the nastiest and black hearted books I've ever read. It's fantastic.
  15. Colony, or "alternative Half Life 2" the series.Starts off a bit shit and dull but picks up as it goes along, some nice set pieces and tense scenes towards the end of season 1 , currently on season 2 and it's pretty good so far.
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