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  1. Days Gone- Quite liked the premise ,I tend to enjoy apocalyptic scenarios , and the setting in the woods and mountains, the gunplay and combat was barely competent but passable. Died a few times in the opening hours due to my own stupidity and not understanding the rules of the game world and was having an okay time until I did a mission where I had to pick up some mcguffin and it teleported in enemies to the area that I had cleared out , they appeared out of thin air in the background. I know it's a long game and if it's doing that kind of obvious shite and is only passable in other areas I'm not sinking time into a badly realised open world collectathon. I like my open world collectathons well realised like Ghost of Tsushmina or some of the Assassins Creeds thank you very much.
  2. 16. Oryx & Crake - Margaret Atwood Post apocalyptic shenanigans and a general run up in a pretty dystopian future, took me a year to read it as I wasn't getting too much from it so put it down about 1/2 way through. Picked it back up last week and really enjoyed the 2nd half , not sure what I was doing putting it down, structurally and tonally it was consistent throughout. 1st part of the MaddAddam series and ends pretty much as a setup for the next book - seems like it might be worth continuing. Previously:
  3. I just noticed a "Turdis" police box in that last trailer so the level of humour still seems to be the edgelord variety, hopefully they haven't overdone it . And I'm not a Dr Who fan either so it's not specific butthurt over that one reference .
  4. Well, they were some interesting results on the opening night of the NHL I put a couple of bets on for the season - Vegas to win the division @ $3.85 (pacific is piss weak in general so that *should* be a stroll) and the IsIanders for the cup at $26
  5. I've started rewatching from series 1 in preparation for the final series, really has been one of the most consistently decent series I can remember. Dear jebus I hope they stick the landing.
  6. I bet it's actually yours Mr . _1 , and you're just trying to drive traffic to it in the twilight of it's relevance and probably, existence. You're no Bond villain, that's for sure.
  7. Ghost of Tsushima Started this over a year ago maybe , got 2/3 of the way through and left it for a while. I have a base PS4 and at times it looks fantastic , duels with leaves flying or the wind billowing create such an atmosphere. In regards the game - pretty much what everyone else has said the combat keeps this one fresh almost right through to the end and the duels are the absolute highlight , I adored these. Pretty much negates any requirement from Ubisoft to do Ass Creed Japan, the combat is unlikely to be anywhere near as good and any open world collectathon is just flavours of the same. The story , which is a pretty straightforward revenge/liberation tale , has some nice twists and turns and some of the side quests and a few of the set pieces are decent as well. I'll probably get the expansion in a few months if it drops in price, the game itself definitely deserves to be on a best of PS4 list IMO. 8.5/10
  8. This is available on 28th October in Australia on Amazon Prime, this kind of thing annoys the crap out of me but at least it will be available this side of the heat death of the sun.
  9. 14. The Fifth Head of Cerberus- Gene Wolfe Three interconnected stories set on colonised French planet(s) where the existence of the aboriginal population is debated and uncertain as they're supposedly elusive shape shifters.The 1st story won a number of awards but for me felt initially like a Dickensian tale and I have bad associations with Dickens. I also have bad associations with Wolfe after reading The Shadow of the Torturer and half of The claw of the Conciliator and I allowed my previous bias to inform my opinion on this , I didn't enjoy it for large parts. Previously:
  10. This mad me LOL IRL, I watched QOS massively hungover and couldn't understand what Aly McCoist was up to for most of it.
  11. Just watched episode 2 , opinion is the same , there's some great stuff in here mixed with not so great.Harris is again the standout and turns what should be an eye roller of a speech into something heartfelt and affecting.Emperor can be fantastic one moment and a bit shit the next, he seems much more capable of the subtle than the bombast. It feels like they're writing a "hook" for each episode because they might not trust the overall giant hook that civilization will collapse , hence certain things happening, would be nice if they trusted themselves and allowed it to play out but I'm on board for series after episode 1 anyway. Love the design of the ships too, pretty much all of them.
  12. It's fantastic all right, quite on the nose inspiration for the Sopranos and definitely worth a watch. I took a look at the current team and they have a much more professional looking website than some of the other teams in the league , I'd imagine they'll generate a bit of revenue off the back of the doc.
  13. Watched the 1st episode, as others have mentioned it's very much a mixed bag , the effects on certain items look a bit shoddy while some of the scenes, especially with Harris, are fantastic.Will watch the rest of the series but it's not essential viewing based off that opening. I also read the entire series about 20 years ago, couldn't tell you much of what happened apart from the beginning and the very end.
  14. And that's why you've been exiled to Canada.
  15. lolly


    This is a fair assessment IMO , lots of good moments in season 3 but not great episodes and there's a decline in overall quality
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