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  1. 10. Dune In preparation for the upcoming movie I've revisited Dune as I don't think I got the full gist of it 20 years ago when I originally read it. Always thought it was bit of a White Saviour story and while it may well be argued that it is, there's a fair bit more going on. Some of the imagery and ideas are fantastic and it's suprisingly action light in terms of big set pieces anyway. Really liked it a lot this time around whereas originally I though it was a bit meh. Previously Currently reading the first 15 lives of Harry August as it sounded right up my street, and it is.
  2. Have watched two episodes but I'm a bit on the fence.Thought the 1st was quite good and love some of the ideas and visuals in it in general, there's some blink and you'll miss it body horror in there as well ,have no issue with it being focused on Teela but I'm not a fan of SMG as the voice actor (never really been a fan) or Lena as Evil Lyn, both sound like they've been voiced in isolation(which they probably have) and it came across as disjointed, dunno if it's a split second out or just me.
  3. I reread Dune recently in preparation for seeing this - that latest trailer is pretty decent. I'm trying to think of where would be an obvious stopping point for a 2 part movie and can't think of one other than meeting a certain character for the 1st time and that happens reasonably early. The green knight being cancelled is a bummer , that looked awesome.
  4. "I'm not happy having to shit myself in this stillsuit thing"
  5. Spiderman into the Spiderverse. 5th time watching it. Still not sure. may require a rewatch.
  6. The ad break thing was amusing but a bit on the nose.
  7. Tampa are Stanley Cup winners again, 4 -1 the series, Montreal were outclassed for much of it in fairness and were struggling to match Tampa in a lot of areas.
  8. You have the danger of it becoming Zack Snyder's army of the dead , which is of course just an Aliens skin job.
  9. Tenet appears to be on Netflix Australia , hopefully I a) understand what's going on and b) enjoy it - missus is supposed to be away next weekend so I might get to sit down and watch it in peace.
  10. Pascal Blanche on artstation is worth a look- I've ordered a print of this so that I can frame it and put up.
  11. Just to keep adding to the hate, if you edited this down to 1.5 hours it would possibly be a much better movie - for example - in Aliens, Burke gets offed in an scene that lasts approximately 1 and a half minutes or so - he does the sneaky escape , stuff happens, dead. In this the Burke avatar gets out, Both scenarios serve the same purpose but in Snyder's version there's a gratuitous bit of torture porn that lasts an extra 2-3 minutes , is obviously CGI,carries fuck all weight and achieves the same outcome. We didn't need to see Burke getting tortured unnecessarily to know he got his and is indicative of the pointless largesse of Snyder's movies in general. He could have been actually slightly different and achieved the ultimate aim of the conclusion of the movie by And that's just one example.
  12. I'm rereading Dune after originally reading it about 20 years ago and thinking it was a bit meh and couldn't see what the fuss was, the whole messiah thing just left me cold. Currently about 30% of the way through and despite being initially turned off by the opening exchange for some reason, leftover bias perhaps , I'm loving it , there's so much depth to the world, politics and lore of this universe. Younger me is an idiot and deserves to be walloped in the back of the head with the hardback version.
  13. I've given you a POS because not only do I agree with you but you've also provided some education too with the copy and paste tutorial.
  14. Army of the Dead I thought this looked fantastic from the trailers ,pity about the rest of the movie. Overlong, boring, mean- I mentioned a few items in the dedicated thread. It's like someone described Aliens to Zack Snyder and he decided he could make it better except with Zombies and more "wacky "characters. 2/5 Love and Monsters Post apocalyptic giant monster road trip type movie that's been described as fine, but bland. And it is. Does very little original except have giant bugs of which some of the designs are nice and there's not much to either get excited or offended by. Michael Rooker is in it for maybe 20 minutes and is easily the best thing here. 3/5
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