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  1. Oh yeah, I'm totally going to be back whatever we're racing and I'd be at the final round if I wasn't on my hols! Just came out of last night feeling pretty down. Race 1 was a write-off and then race 2 went horribly wrong after it started well. I don't think I'm in a good mindset at the moment; if I get caught up in an incident or make a mistake, I push too hard to compensate and end up making things worse.
  2. Miserable night for me, my pace wasn't terrible but I was making far too many mistakes and getting involved in silly incidents. Don't postpone the last race for me @davejm I think I need a little break at the moment.
  3. Not huge tbh, there's defo a law of diminishing returns as you move up the ranks of belt driven bases. I used a T300 for years and I'd probably still be happy with it, although for me, the upgrade was worth it for the rim. I don't think I'd recommend it if you were going to buy the base to use with a rim without the additional controls.
  4. Yeah, it was a complicated decision weighing up lots of factors, otherwise I'd probably have cancelled much earlier! I did suspect it wouldn't exactly be the second coming after being used to a high-end belt driven wheel and in the end losing the rim and the buttons on the base seemed like too much of a compromise. I'm still really keen to see what Thrustmaster announce, DD wise, though.
  5. I like the look of that and I like replacing the whale that was the Levorg with the WRX even more!
  6. Not much use in VR Meers.
  7. Yeah, that looks great!! Shame it's boring ass WTCC based rather than the incredible BTCC, but I don't think the cars are massively different.
  8. One of my favourite historic AC tracks has just been updated: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/longford-1967.2741/updates#resource-update-80008 Longford is an incredible track, maybe we could use it with the Maseratis next time we do an AC night?
  9. I mean, you can buy it off me if you like and try it for science?
  10. Yep, just for the DD. It ups the torque from 5 to 8nm.
  11. Hardcore unboxing porn video please @davejm!! I certainly found my limit; pre-order cancelled
  12. I think screenshots should be provided for all times, especially frankly ridiculous ones in the 28s
  13. Improved by a tenth: Hopefully I'll get another chance tomorrow...
  14. The rally event under the weekly TTs is amazing!! I do think it needs more tracks though and the GP events should use random tracks each time for variety.
  15. I suspect there's something buggy about the way penalties are applied. I'm pretty sure that if you get a penalty and then reset to start the lap again, the penalty is still applied at the end of the new lap.
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