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  1. I do indeed and it's rather wonderful! Doesn't seem very much harder on my system than the old Oculus was tbh. Just wish I could race with you guys more often, defo missing it.
  2. SharkyOB

    F1 22

    Reversing was always the biggest test of my early VR legs!
  3. SharkyOB


    Maybe we can move away from unsubstantiated rumours for a bit and talk about the upcoming shows? Who's going and to which ones? I'll be at the Manchester show and I can't wait!! I've seen them twice before (Manchester on the 10,000 Days tour and Download 2019) and it's been an incredible experience both times.
  4. SharkyOB


    That's not evidence, do you believe everything you read online? These allegations came to nothing and you'd think if there was anything substantial to them, it would have come out with the way the world has changed over the last few years.
  5. The only time I've ever had bad weather at OP was when we went to the GTs! Glorious sunshine for the BTCC, every time (obvs I have now cursed myself).
  6. It's a shame they didn't get it right so it could be the game this already is?
  7. SharkyOB


    I suppose we all believe what we want to, especially in the face of absolutely no evidence.
  8. It would probably cause just as many issues for others tbh mate and rehearsals are a bit of a movable feast for me.
  9. I'd really love to drive this week to try out the new cars, but I'm rehearsing
  10. SharkyOB


    Who can you trust if not toiletovhell.com?
  11. I mean, I kind of agree with what @Hanzo the Razor has written there, but unlike Taylor, the timing seems a little off.
  12. Cheesed that fucker last night, just murdered him with my bow from the platform above where he stands. Perfectly valid tactic as far as I'm concerned
  13. I'm in pretty much the same situation although I'm over 40 hours at this point. This is already the best game I've ever played and I've revealed less than 50% of the map, god knows what this still has in store for me. Just an utterly incredible achievement which I hope is going to move gaming on significantly. Started as a wretch and I've built a jack-of-all-trades type character, putting points into everything except faith and arcane. I tend to use normal sized weapons in these games, mainly swords (lordsworn sword +12 and crystal sword +5 ish) and I'm also levelling up a morning star so I have something for every situation. I have a levelled up shield, longbow, staff and crossbow as well. Finding the crossbow a really useful substitute for my staff when I'm out of FP. I've really enjoyed reading the thread alongside this and I didn't want to post until I'd caught up. I absolutely can't wait to get back to it tonight.
  14. Just been able to register. I'd forgotten to turn off the VPN on my browser!
  15. Also, I don't think the replays use the same graphics settings as the main game, there're separate options for replays via the main options menu. I think I'm racing later Edit - simracing.gp page won't load though, so I can't register at the moment.
  16. I cancelled my CD Keys order and bought it directly through Steam for this reason. I've got no issue paying more for this game and I wanted to know I'd be playing it immediately on release (in NZ ). It's preloading as I type.
  17. Great post! Just wanted to chime in on this bit; I think it's more a case of Fanatec trying to offset the loss leader of the wheelbase itself. I suspect they've had to offer the base at, or below, the cost it takes them to build it, to undercut the rest of the DD market by such a huge amount. I don't know for sure of course, but I suspect they're trying to claw some of this back by over-charging for the boost kit.
  18. No way I could play this without proper analogue brake and throttle, you need that subtlety to avoid locking up and to properly powerslide the cars.
  19. Gutted I can't race tonight guys, love Imola. I'm going out for food later and I'd probably be at a gig if I wasn't doing that, two layers of not racing
  20. Slightly weird set of recommendations in today's Amazon email: A million just doesn't cut it anymore.
  21. Oh, I thought you were taking the piss as this conversation has been had many times on here.
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