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  1. Looks like some crazy fan fiction to me. I just know this is going to end with us all having sex.
  2. I still think this game is amazing and I'll be on tonight if you're up for some stages Karzee. Let's just keep this little diamond in the rough to ourselves eh?
  3. Fair point, might have to turn them back on for a while at least. Won't get to play this again until Weds at the earliest
  4. Must admit I actually really like the FWD cars. You have to use a completely different driving style and be very precise and gentle with the throttle. However, I have got past these now and into the P-WRC cars. I am slightly in love with the Subaru! Did a couple of online races last night too. Initial impressions are that it's very well implemented and has quite a lot of different modes. I was pleased that I could turn off the other players ghosts - I don't need the distraction when I'm trying to set good times.
  5. I've had a fair amount of time with this over the weekend. Thought I'd add some more impressions. I know there's more negative points than positive, but my overall opinion of the game is very positive. I think it's a great first effort by a small developer, hopefully they'll be able to really build on this next year. Good Points: - Handling model really is very good. You can really feel the effect changes to the setup have on the car. Braking hard for a tight hairpin, grabbing the handbrake and powering through the turn feels great! - AI are hard! I’m on medium difficulty and seem competitive on gravel but really struggle on tarmac and snow – must improve! - Like the career structure. - Graphics are generally good. - Stages are generally good and well designed. Germany and Wales have been highlights so far. - I really like the fact that you can change the timing of the pace notes. Having them set to ‘far in advance’ is essential for me. - Being able to turn off all the on screen furniture is good. - Sense of speed is great on the in car camera. Could be improved: - Pace notes are too inconsistent (not sure if this is just a problem if you have the language set to English). There should be distances to every corner in the notes, not just the odd one or two. Also, there are far too many hairpins in the notes. Just because a corner goes through 180° doesn’t mean it needs to be labelled as a hairpin in the notes, a ‘3’ would be sufficient for most of them and it makes it difficult to judge the tight ones when they do appear. - It would be nice to have proper dynamic weather in the game. It’s a shame that rallies like Japan are always wet and Spain is always dry. It would be nice to be able to drive the rallies with different weather. Working windscreen wipers and rain effects would be good too. - There are some inconsistencies with the graphics and sound. For example, Spain is far too dark – it’s hard to see where you’re going at times. Germany has a very cartoony look to it. Also, crowd noises are far too loud, you can’t hear your co-driver at the start of some stages. - Certain rallies are completely lacking the unique features which define them – where are all the blind turns over crests in Finland, or the cambers in New Zealand? - I’d like to be able to turn off the co-drivers ‘personality’ type speech. I just want them to read the notes, stop squealing when I tap a rock and keep their opinions to themselves. It breaks the immersion in the game. This isn’t helped by the fact that half the time what they say is rubbish anyway. They will say you’ve just driven a ‘terrible sector’ when you’ve just set a green time (I sometimes get the feeling the speech is generated by the sector before). - It would be nice if the rallies were a bit longer (10 or more stages would be nice!). - I don’t think you should be able to repair your car after every stage (CMR 2.0 had this down perfectly). Every other stage or every 3 stages would be good – you’d have to drive much more tactically and it would be far more realistic. Minor niggles: - Stages are labelled with the wrong names. It’s pretty obvious there’s only 3 stages to each rally which have just been reversed, but then the reversed version is not <stage name> 2, but another stage entirely. Is this a mistake or are they trying to pull the wool over our eyes?! - The method for entering your name after setting a top 10 stage time is a pain – I can see why it’s been implemented like this but why not let us save a few preset names which we can then choose from instead of having to enter the name every time?
  6. I'm sure if Evolution were still making rally games we'd have something much better than this. The handling really was spot on in Rally Evolved, and I'm sure the next game would've had more than 3 stages per rally! I remember discussing that with you at the time actually, do you still work for them mate?
  7. But everyone's driving style is different. I was finding the cars too oversteery with the default, while most people seemed to find them understeery. Not sure how they'd get round that. And this game is far from crap.
  8. Totally agree. There is a decent handling model behind this game. I'm really looking forward to properly getting into it this evening.
  9. How did you lose your wheel? That's careless, as it's quite large
  10. I haven't had much chance to play this so far, just a quick blast after work yesterday and before heading out. I'm using the MS wheel. First of all, it's pretty much the same game as the demo. I can't see any graphical improvement so for those for whom this is extremely important; look away now! After setting up my driver details, I've only completed the driving school stuff and one stage in career mode so far: The driving school section is a bit pointless tbh, in that it doesn't give you any instructions on how to approach each challenge, unlike the excellent rally school in Richard Burns Rally. However, it does introduce you to each surface type and does a good job of showing how the handling of the car changes between each. The challenges weren't particularly tricky. You just need to beat a ghost over a single section of stage, or a whole stage for the final challenge. The rallying geek in me quite liked the fact that when driving as Henning Solberg you have a female co-driver (even if she isn't German). Onto career mode. First thing you do is drive a single stage in a works C4 (not sure what the point of this was tbh). After this you set up your co-driver who can be male or female and who you can name (I went for female hoping she'd be a bit less annoying). You can also pick the name of your team. And that's where I'm up to. The handling is the same as the demo and I found the car too oversteery for me. I haven't actually done any stages where I can change the setup yet, but that will be coming next as I get into the main career mode. Pace notes seem slightly inconsistent - sometimes you get distances to the next corner and sometimes you don't. It hasn't caused me too many issues so far, but it's early days. To summarise, I'm liking it so far. Looking forward to really getting into it tomorrow night.
  11. I didn't get where the bug was either, especially as you said in your first post you were driving for Sauber! Getting towards the top 3 in a Sauber would still be impressive though
  12. I thought that about Melbourne until I came out of the pits and went straight into the gravel at turn 1! It takes some re-adjustment to get used to playing an F1 game again after so much Forza.
  13. I know, he uses traction control like a proper special
  14. This man loves bacon.

  15. I have sent you a friend request - never let it be said that I duck out of a challenge!
  16. I would gladly accept your challenge sir, but I have a gig tonight. You about Sunday night?
  17. Or you could, you know, use less throttle through the corners. I know I'm crazy though.
  18. Same as my forum name mate - SharkyOB
  19. First impressions on 360 version: After setting up my driver, went straight into a time trial round Spa in the McLaren. Took a while to get used to the handling and power of the beast so I invalidated my first few laps by going wide at La Source/Blanchimont/Bus Stop. Finally managed a clean lap but there's loads more time in there. I'm using the official steering wheel, Hard mode with all assists off and in cockpit view. Went into career next - half race distance, short weekend. This means you get 1 hour long practice, 1 10 minute quali and the race. You can speed up time in the practice and qualifying sessions or skip them completely if you like. Went for Lotus as my first team from a choice of them, HRT and Virgin. Bahrain GP first then. Was 20th after quali and finished 19th in the race, just missing my team target of 18th. Beat Jarno though so all good. During the race I was impressed by the way you can feel the tyres going off through the stints. Started on options then went onto primes after my stop - could definately feel the difference in grip between tyres and going out on cold primes after the stop was pretty hairy. I think I span 3 times during the race, riding the curbs was a bit of a lottery with the setup I had (default middle setup - average speed and downforce, neutral handling). The AI seem decent, if a little twitchy at times. They will definately defend their positions. Not sure if hard is the right level for me yet, may have to switch to expert. Technically the graphics are good. Frame rate was a little choppy, but I got used to it and didn't see it after a while. Penalties didn't seem overly harsh as some people have been saying and my pit stop was fine!
  20. Really interesting. He's obviously someone with a real passion for games and the sport; I think we're going to be getting some amazing F1 games over the next few years!
  21. Interesting read - they were much more open than I would have expected.
  22. What's the difference? Don't remember them mentioning it on the coverage for Moto GP or F1.
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