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  1. 2 hours ago, Valver said:

    Sounds like we need to start collecting some "EA Play/Origin" names to add friends in game then!


    I am "MIRVValver"


    I'll be on it eventually but I have the same pedals as you, also connected via USB, so not much point me getting it for now.

  2. 26 minutes ago, Shimmyhill said:

    I have the same one then, with the seat thingie - I was thinking of the Apex a think but not sure the seat frame will fit it but not sure how much better it would be. My biggest issue and one you may run into is that as the wheelbase is now not tilted I can’t get as much angle as I want, I would say thats more of an issue than the stability but then GT7 doesn’t have very strong FFB and it does rattle the stand!


    Yeah, I do think there's a good chance I'll need to upgrade. If the stand audibly rattles that'll seal the deal! 


    I had a feeling the angle of the wheel might also be an issue, but looking at your setup I think that would be fine for me, so still unsure about that. 

  3. 9 minutes ago, Shimmyhill said:

    What stand are you on mate? Since adding your 8nm boost kit thingy my stand does get rattled loads more - adds to the sensation…. but having never really thought about a proper rig I can see that my setup would benefit from something more solid than the stand plus seat add on thingy, its never ending isnt it? I remember being happy with an ironiNg board 😉


    I'm currently using an original GT Omega stand.  I'm going to see how it copes before spending any more money, but if it's not up to the job I think the GT Omega Apex, or the Next Level Racing 2.0/DD stands are looking like the best options.  At the moment I'm leaning towards the NLRs, not sure which I'd go for out of those 2 though!

  4. After selling my randomly obtained Fanatec boost kit to @Shimmyhill and deciding that Thrustmaster are never going to announce their DD wheel (it'll defo happen tomorrow now), I've decided to go another way with direct drive.  A Moza R9 wheelbase:



    To be paired with their CS wheel:



    Should be here the week after next, excited!

  5. 1 hour ago, mexos said:

    Will be the first one I don’t get since codies got the license. I was still hoping the videos would show something new to hook me but what is new is so wtf (F1 life, supercars) and of absolutely no interest so I’m out. Another story mode would probably have got my money.


    I will wait for a new engine and a ground up new game. Might be waiting a while.


    VR though, which is why it's the first one I'm getting for a while.

  6. 3 hours ago, wev said:

     always remember a bit in Jackie Stewart's book, when talking about Francois Cever, they had been discussing what gear to take a particular corner in, Stewart said he would go for third as the lower revs gave him better grip, Cevert was downshifting to second and letting the back end come out.


    Through the esses at Watkins Glen. Cevert was killed when he lost control going through those corners and Stewart suspected it was due to the instability caused by using the lower gear. They're really fast corners so I suspect it was fourth and third rather than third and second. 


    You can drive those corners in PCars2 actually, they haven't changed since the 70s.

  7. 18 minutes ago, Shimmyhill said:


    Seems to be a common theme for anything thats in the UK - I want to get the McLaren wheel, loadcell pedal and the beefier PSU and they are all available direct from Fanatec but if you look on eBay people are just reselling them with markup thats well above price + vat + delivery. 


    I guess its like the PS5 situation where people are willing to pay it so people are taking advantage :( 


    I have a spare, unused, boost kit I can sell you for a bit below RRP if you're interested?

  8. 1 hour ago, mexos said:


    I think it goes something like this. They saw the Fanatec DD announcement, panicked, did a press release then sat down wondering how they were going to make the product they just teased.


    Yeah, this does seem to be the way.  Tbh, I might be better off going with the Moza anyway, as it means I'll have a full TS-PC wheelbase/wheel combo to sell on (if anyone's interested let me know).  My intention was to buy the Thrustmaster base and use the Ferrari rim that came with the TS-PC, assuming they end up being compatible, so I'd then only be selling my current wheelbase.

  9. I wish Thrustmaster would get their act together and announce their DD wheel!  So tempted by the Moza R9 wheelbase with the CS Round Wheel rim and I need them to stop me pulling the trigger 😅

  10. On 15/06/2022 at 14:50, SneakyNinja said:

     expect I'll need a pre-race checklist soon...


    PC on - check.

    SRS started - check.

    Audio output set to VR hat - check

    PC Display extended - check

    Crew Chief started - check

    Oculus loaded ok - check

    Oculus guardian disabled - check

    Oculus link started - check

    ACC started - check

    Velux closed - check

    Room lights on - check







  11. On 04/06/2022 at 13:44, sbrandon111 said:

    Thanks for the replies, I’ll stick with the paddle shifts. Annoyingly I couldn’t get my wheel to work with Euro Truck Simulator (maybe a blessing in disguise).


    I think that's the way to go at first, it sounds like you've just started to use a wheel so there's enough to learn at the moment!  I drive a lot of older cars in AC though, so an h-pattern shifter is needed if you're going to do that properly.  I had one for years, but only really started using it properly during the first lockdown when I decided to teach myself how to heel and toe.  It really does add something to driving old cars, defo recommended!

  12. I really like it, but it needs way more stages.  They should be comparatively quick to create so I'm not sure why it has so few of them.


    On 07/05/2022 at 10:49, El Stevo said:

    That Manchester show was amazing. Shout out to the guy behind me* who was so in to it, three notes in to every song he was like "IT'S THE PATIENT!!!" etc. and was practically in tears the whole night.


    *I might have just been having an out-of-body experience


    It was incredible. I've seen them 3 times now and this was defo the best. Such an amazing set and I'm so made up they played Pushit 😍

  13. 2 hours ago, Meers said:


    Is it not option to change race day to, say, Wednesday or Tuesday? I know it's been Thursday since the beginning, but I'm a bit more flexible myself these days now that the kids are getting bigger. So just throwing the idea in here.


    Thanks mate, but the problem is my rehearsal nights tend to change week-by-week depending on everyone's availability.  Best to leave it as it and I'll just join when I can I think.

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