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  1. 1999 was the one I was thinking of, but that was probably only really down to Schumacher's broken leg. I think Frentzen in the Jordan was in with a shout of the title about 3 races from the end that year.
  2. The original Automobilista was released in 2016 and is one of the most highly regarded driving sims ever released. The new game has just released into a short early access phase on Steam at a discounted price of £24.99. As a side note, it's only come out in early access due to the Covid-19 crisis, which has affected their ability to get everything finished on time and the main release will be 1 or 2 months from now. There is a crazy expensive season pass (£71.99!!), but you can ignore that as the game is pretty much feature complete and contains a crazy amount of content already. It's primarily based on the Brazilian racing scene, where the developers Reiza are based, but the new game contains content from all sorts of international racing disciplines. It's got racing trucks! Cars (and Trucks!): Tracks: Here's a link to the Reiza forum post for current content, as the image is hard to read here: https://forum.reizastudios.com/threads/automobilista-2-all-cars-and-tracks-currently-in-the-game-beta3.8704/ And this is just what's available now, there's more to be added during early access. The game is based on the same engine as Project Cars 2, so has all the same great weather/time-of-day features, but has been hugely tweaked by the devs and already has excellent force feedback/AI etc and is fully VR compatible too. I'm very impressed with it so far, driving the 90s F1 car at Suzuka felt pretty special for example. Anyone else interested or getting it?
  3. Have you actually looked at how much content the base game has? Full price demo my arse. Cars: Tracks: And that's only today, there's more to be added during early access. Reiza do not fuck about. I've started a thread:
  4. I like driving older cars in games though, at least as much as modern stuff, probably a little more!
  5. Already got it! Yeah, it's expensive if you get everything, but the base game is discounted to £25 on Steam for the early access period. I'll just decide whether I want the season pass further down the line. What I've played so far seems really good btw, defo haven't felt any need to change ffb settings for my T300. It's a shame to be put off by the engine, it does so many things so well, weather especially.
  6. I thought I'd need pedals that were closer together (one of the things that's put me off before now) but it's actually fine with my Logitech G25 set, which are in fixed positions with the throttle and brake further apart than the clutch/brake. It's actually fine though, seems much more down to getting the technique of rotating your foot correct and into muscle memory. That's what seems to be working for me anyway. Are you interested in Automobilista 2? It's supposed to be releasing into a short early access phase today.
  7. You inspired me and I've spent the last few days learning how to heel-and-toe so I can use my h-shifter properly. Still finding rallying a real challenge, but I'm loving track games with it. Currently recreating GP Legends with Assetto Corsa + mods, seriously good
  8. Nope, sounds like more of a Steam issue than something wrong with the game. How long has it been stuck like that?
  9. Yep, it's the same now. When you run the game from Steam select 'Launch DIRT Rally 2.0 in Oculus VR Mode' and you're golden.
  10. Yep, you can create an online championship for that and race the stages at the same time via a lobby. This page covers it pretty well: https://www.gamespew.com/2019/02/how-to-play-dirt-rally-2-0-with-friends/
  11. If you're into rally games I'm sure you won't regret it. Best one ever for me and I'm a rally game obsessive, so much content at this point too.
  12. They've said it's the final major DLC. Might be some more liveries for the cars, but I don't think anything will be charged for.
  13. I just use the button that's closest to my right thumb for handbrake, but I'm a heathen and I don't use H-pattern/clutch, just sequential gears. Don't you use the paddles for gear changes on more modern cars? New DLC is amazing btw, I think the Scottish stages might end up being my favourite. Loving the Subaru Legacy too.
  14. Argentina is a nightmare but it's defo satisfying to improve there, mega soft suspension and short gears are necessary. Poland is a lot of fun, I'd soften the suspension a bit there as well, or the fast bumps can throw you around all over the place. If you want a recommendation for a stage to try though, Waimarama Point Forward in New Zealand is the best stage in the game for me. Beautiful fast flowing road that's great in any car.
  15. Doubt it, weren't you one of the guys who used to thrash me in the Dirt Rally leagues?!
  16. Probably something like different standards in naming conventions (can't have sweary names on some platforms etc) and also because of potential duplicate names?
  17. Yeah, but you can't see players' names from other platforms (they just show as something like 'Dirt Player') and obvs there's no way to add someone who's on Playstation as a friend on Steam etc.
  18. Because it's amazing! And the Colin DLC is due very soon, can't wait to try out the Scottish stages Is anyone playing this regularly on the Steam version? Would be nice to see some friends on the daily/weekly/monthly challenges, Steam ID is in my signature.
  19. I'd defo rather watch the 1965 stuff than anything from 2008. Those cars sure were hideous!
  20. Can't view that at work, what's the gist?
  21. I don't like master mode at all, it turns battles into a massive hassle to the point where I just avoided any encounters with more than 2 or 3 enemies. Ended up restarting on normal.
  22. SharkyOB

    Disco Elysium

    Christ, how do you cope with some of the posts on this forum?
  23. Yes and yes, only weapon and armour smiths can craft them. I'm fairly sure you need a better quality smith to craft the standard and greater runestones too.
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