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  1. Maybe we should do full warm up laps for endurance, but the shorter run up for sprints?
  2. I do think it's a good idea. Word to the wise if we do go for it; allow a couple of extra litres of fuel for that lap and makes sure you turn your engine right down for it too.
  3. It's a set of the Thrustmaster T-LCM pedals, which use magnetic sensors rather than pots. They're supposed to completely bypass the dodgy readings you sometimes get from potentiometers (and have a much longer life-span too), so I don't think it's that. It could be a dodgy connection and I unplugged the pedals from my wheelbase when I tested them by connecting them directly to the PC last night. They're now connected back up to the base, so I'll just have to keep an eye on them to see if the problem re-occurs. Not exactly confidence inspiring when going into league races. I migh
  4. Gotta second this; come back in folks, the water's lovely! The new British GT tracks are incredible (Oulton Park ) and we're visiting all of them this season. Gutted for you @SweatyTravolta, hopefully it won't be too long until you can join us once more. I'm considering switching to the Honda for the new season, tried it last night at Oulton and absolutely loved it. The main issue though is that I'm committed to driving the GT-R in the other two leagues I drive in, so it's probably better to keep continuity. Maybe one for the future? Had a weird issue in
  5. Defo up for the next event! Getting my times destroyed by @scoobysi and @spatular feels lovely and familiar, just the old Dirt Rally league days. Just need @Speech to turn up and complete the set now
  6. Bloody hell, that is a lot of fun Chipping in with a ranked time of 11'10"139. A couple of little errors, but nothing major and I was probably a little too cautious in places.
  7. This is such an interesting interview, thanks for posting Dave! I really want someone to make the Wacky Races cars/characters for AC now
  8. Yeah, I feel the same. The GT3s seem almost easier to drive in the wet, as they are more pliable and can slide through the corners a bit more without losing all their speed. It's really key to still attack the track in the wet though, driving too passively/without confidence will probably cause the tyres to lose temp/pressure which will make the car harder to drive. Really looking forward to trying the GT4s in the wet today!
  9. I'll be there! Planning on doing some practice today to get reasonable setups sorted.
  10. I had an error last night, because it was trying to use my steam wallet for the purchase instead of my normal Paypal account. Do you have another payment method you can try?
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