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  1. Yeah, I defo think there's something fishy going on.
  2. Best game I've ever played in vr, get on it mate
  3. It's a bit of a mystery to me. Best rally game I've ever played which puts it comfortably in my top 10 games ever. Part of it might be I wasn't able to run a league this time as my band takes up a lot of my free time. No one else seemed up for taking on the role which defo affected the longevity of the thread. I suppose it's just not really a driving games forum, I don't think there's even a thread for Assetto Corsa Competizione for example.
  4. Tories always think the past was better.
  5. From the weekly email of lies: Yeah, releasing the fucking game would be nice.
  6. Yeah, I have no idea why! I didn't even like it as a kid and I've always loved the films.
  7. I bounced off Spelunky because I didn't like the time pressure it puts you under. Also, the mouse and keyboard thing puts me off so I'll probably give this one a miss. I'll definitely have a look at Nuclear Throne though, so thanks for the recommendation!
  8. I think this looks like something I'd really get into! I've been playing Enter the Gungeon loads recently, so if I like that, would I like this too?
  9. Yeah, Argentina is a trial but the tricky corners are all marked with cautions in the pacenotes. It's mainly a matter of getting really attuned to the notes (and learning the stages a little). The New Zealand stage Waimarama Point Forward is the best in the base game for me, such a lovely, fast, flowing stage. Can't wait to try Greece later, loved that rally in the first game.
  10. Yeah, it's brilliant. There have been huge issues with this game (most of mine are pretty much resolved now) since release but the actual driving is ridiculously good. I played the Steam version in VR via Oculus mode for the first time last night and it feels like it runs a bit better than the Oculus version, possibly due to improvements in the 1.9 patch. There's loads of cars and content available now, so it'll definitely keep me happy for a long time.
  11. Patch was released this morning, going to be doing some serious rallying later
  12. SharkyOB

    Fleetwood Mac

    They're named after the rhythm section, so both the drummer and the bassist. Peter Green's idea apparently.
  13. It definitely isn't, the handling model is way better in DR2.
  14. Because they are actually being pushed this year by other teams? They've been pretty dominant over the last few years, so strategy isn't really an issue when you're only racing the other side of your own garage.
  15. Is this a thing? If there's any strategy fucking-up to do, it's usually Ferrari doing it.
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