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  1. I would very much like to play this game in VR.
  2. Could be. DR is a proper test for your VR legs as you get thrown around so much. The new Argentina stages are particularity ruthless as they are extremely bumpy.
  3. If you do, we should start some game specific chat in the thread!
  4. Just to re-visit this after becoming completely obsessed, Dirt Rally 2.0 is far and away the best driving game in VR for me, as long as you get the Oculus store version. I absolutely love it and can't wait to get home to play it later. Really looking forward to the DLC being released for it too, but there's more than enough content for me for now. The 60s mini is so much fun to drive in VR!
  5. @centurion Bravo! Three posts in a row where you managed to avoid descending into total gibberish
  6. I've built up a bit of resistance to my wheel now, but it did cause a bit of soreness at first. Nothing major and I don't get any issues from flinging the cars around in Dirt Rally 2.0 anymore! That game is glorious in VR btw, it's just a shame you need the Oculus version to get decent performance on PC.
  7. @Meatball I have the T300 and it's an excellent wheel. I use a set of modified Logitech G25 pedals with it, but I have used the original pedals (not the fancy T3PA ones) and they weren't total shit, but weren't great either. They could potentially tide you over though, so maybe consider getting the base T300, then upgrading the pedals at a later date? One of the good things about this stuff is it's all modular, so you can build a decent setup over a period of time, rather than going totally crazy at the start. Why is the G29 better for mounting initially, does it have a better clamp system than the T300? I have to say, in my experience the clamp on my wheel is not great (although I don't use it anymore)! Stand wise, I have an old Fanatec Rennsport stand, had to drill it with new holes when I switched to Thrustmaster.
  8. SharkyOB


    I don't think I've ever listened to something I hated 20 times just to make sure. Maybe you'll have the same experience with Fear Inoculum.
  9. Wow, the tone of this thread has certainly shifted since page 1! Worth checking out for a sci-fi fan then?
  10. What does curn mean?
  11. SharkyOB


    I do think Lateralus slightly pips 10,000 Days, but as long as you have ears correctly attuned to like both, you're alright by me
  12. Hopefully proper controls will get patched in
  13. That's kind of put me off for now tbh, are there any alternative control methods? Can you use a pad while in the ship, for example? I can't stand motion controls.
  14. I haven't had chance to play it yet but this is astounding. Why the fuck have they implemented motion controls when we have sticks right there on the controllers?
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