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  1. What's up man? Hopefully the league stuff is temporary, I know there were some changes to it in the latest patch so might be related to that.
  2. Did we get promoted again this week? I struggled for time over the last week, but I did the weekly and Sunday's dailies too. We were sitting at the top of the leaderboard at the time.
  3. Seems that way! If you're into Transformers and hate the Star Wars prequels I'd say we were separated at birth
  4. Some awesome setups here! Just wanted to post mine too, as it's pretty modest compared to some of the above. I have the same stand @Shimmyhill uses, but I've not had any issues using it at my sofa: Stand - GT Omega Classic Wheel base - Moza R9 Rim - Moza CS Pedals - Thrustmaster T-LCM (excellent loadcell pedals) H-Shifter - Thrustmaster TH8A I'm also using a button box I got from ebay (complete with Rllmuk racing sticker on top, donated by the awesome @Valver) and a usb hub mounted to the stand, which acts as an interface for all of the separate components. Here's an older shot where you can see the shifter and the usb hub through the rim. The massive advantage of a sofa based setup like this is it means I can use my home cinema setup for racing.
  5. Maybe try the vintage version of Intelagos with the same cars? The old Austerich Ring (now the Red Bull Ring) or 70s Kyalami would both be great too. Really hoping I'll be able to race as there might be a few weeks with no rehearsals coming up.
  6. So true! I had a firmware update for my wheel yesterday which I'd missed, so when I started my first stage I had no rumble or ffb. I ended up driving the whole stage with no feedback at all as it was part of the rallymuk weekly and it obvs makes a huge difference to immersion. The ffb and rumble effects really are great in this once you've sussed out some decent settings. The experience did teach me to tone down the ffb a bit though, it's essential to not have the wheel fighting you too much when rallying so you can countersteer quickly.
  7. I'm using a Moza wheelbase with Thrustmaster shifter and pedals, all independently connected to the PC via a usb hub. Yeah, I'm set to manual clutch but I don't actually have to use it when driving. You can drive any of the cars as if they are sequential (even older cars which would have had h-pattern gears) and it doesn't even have any effect on starting a stage (just hold the handbrake like you would with auto clutch). It might be worth switching over to manual clutch, mapping a control for it then ignoring it.
  8. Are these throttle issues specific to certain pedal sets? I'm not having any problems with my setup and I can hold the car at half throttle with no issues.
  9. Yeah, it's brilliant isn't it? Loved the challenge of learning the TT course!
  10. That does seem on the pricey side! No regrets jumping over to Moza now, the R9 with the CS rim basically cost the same as the Thrustmaster base by itself, and I was able to sell my TS-PC complete with rim to offset the purchase.
  11. Is anyone else driving in the online team events? Let's see if we can get Rallymuk promoted this week!
  12. Do you want to sell your 4080 so you can get a card that will fit in something minimal, small and out of the way?
  13. SharkyOB

    Your music/band

    The video for our new single is now up on Youtube
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