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  1. No need at all, you were absolutely fine. The line that works for me is to not brake at all in a straight line, so partial brake all the way to the apex, gradually tightening the steering, then get on the throttle but don't use the curb on the outside as it upsets the car too much. For fast times you need to really attack the curbs at the apex of some of the corners, particularly on the GP loop. Westfield, Sheene and Sterling's can all be cut so you can carry more speed. It's bloody hard to be consistent though.
  2. The first time I loaded into a single seat racing car in VR (in the first Project Cars) and I was just THERE! Felt like I could reach out and touch the sides of the car.
  3. Thanks man, but having raced online a bit I know I'm not that quick compared to some of the crazies out there! Having said that, these forum races are really helping me in terms of getting nice baseline setups and track experience, which should really help online. Any pace I do have is down to a couple of things. Firstly, this game has been a bit of a revelation to me as it completely feels like driving a real car, so setup changes seem to have the effect they should and I find it comfortable racing the car on, or at least close to the limit, which always seemed like a bit of a lottery in PCars2. This also makes trail braking feel way more natural. Secondly, VR has been a game changer for me, not so much in terms of speed, but definitely with consistency. I used to be a proper choker on driving games, going to pieces as soon as I could see a gap behind me going down. I've managed to cut a lot of that out as braking points etc feel so much more natural in VR when you have depth perception. It's hard to explain, but you can kind of feel where to brake (rather than having to really look at brake markers) and also modulate the brake pedal more effectively during the braking zone as well.
  4. It's reduced a bit in the current steam sale (assuming it's still running).
  5. ACC has taken the crown here though, it gives such an incredible sense of being in a race with a car/track that's changing dynamically as the race progresses. Can we change the thread title? I'm not really feeling a huge need to read anything about this game.
  6. I had no idea about this, I thought the pads were just in sets, like the sets of tyres that are available through a race weekend.. Love all this stuff!
  7. Tyre pressures are probably the most important thing you can change with these cars. My starting point is always to load the aggressive setup, increase all the pressures by 1 whole psi and go from there.
  8. I'd agree with the above, although I do think getting hot running pressures of around 27.9 in dry conditions is really important and pretty easy to do. Try to make sure that the rear pressures are a little lower than the front (just .1 or .2 is fine), as I find if they're higher the balance quickly shifts towards oversteer. Also, as I always say set the brake ducts at 2 at the front and 1 at the rear as a starting point. Anything lower than this and you will Meerman your brakes
  9. Oh, it's possible I added that section when looking for ways to improve VR a while back. This is my entire CV section, might be worth copying and pasting the lot:
  10. Loved that Such a great experience pushing these cars to the edge. For VR users, this was the tweak I mentioned which seems to have massively improved my VR experience. Go to: C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\AC2\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor Open engine.ini and add this line to the [ConsoleVariables] section: vr.InstancedStereo=1 That's it. Save the file and you should be good to go.
  11. Yeah, tbh I'd go with the longer race but still allow refuelling. That way if you do mess up on fuel load you can at least fix it in the race. It'd be frustrating to start, realise you're low on fuel and have no way to fix it.
  12. I'm up for longer races. The mandatory pitstop is probably a bit redundant at the moment, I think this should open up some tactical choices. Random weather would be interesting too!
  13. Monitor settings like that aren't relevant to my system as I'm in VR. I think I've capped the FPS already but I will double check.
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