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  1. It's a tough one, but on balance I think I'd rather stick with the same car for the season (Godzilla for life!!). I'd rather do a full GT4 season after the next one if possible.
  2. Such a cool setup and I'm loving the improv with the music stands I'd love to have a setup like that where I could use extra screens as input devices for tweaking the car. It's really the only downside of VR that there's no way it would work.
  3. I'm really sorry to hear that mate. Hope it feels better soon and you're able to join us again asap.
  4. Another incredible night of racing, both in the league and on a public server with @davejm and @Count Buffalos afterwards! Race 1 was fairly uneventful for me starting from second. After @SneakyNinja missed a gear change at the start, I was able to take first place which I kept to the end. I thought Sneaky and @Thor would definitely catch me in that race, but their pace seemed to drop off after about half distance. Race 2 was obviously incredible I don't think there's anything better in sim racing than driving in the rain in this game. The feeling you get of grip thro
  5. I use optical straight from the PC to my amp, so probably the same world of shit! It seems to work ok as it is so probably not worth worrying about too much.
  6. I had no idea! Is this something which is applicable to PCs as well and would it have any affect when using a surround sound amp?
  7. And I have a Fanatec Rennsport stand I'll probably be looking to move on soon, which might work as an alternative to the playseat you have @Ry. It disassembles into something that would be reasonably easy to post and looks like this:
  8. You were quick though! Maybe it's the KTM? The Porsche is lovely.
  9. Not well judging by the number of multiplayer sessions that were available when I looked the other night. ACC is much better populated and the model makes the most sense to me out of all the ones I've seen (Raceroom, Project CARS, R-Factor etc, I'm not counting iRacing here) as there aren't loads of small DLCs which will totally fragment the player base. 2 content packs a year and a half after release really doesn't seem too bad.
  10. Sounds good, what did you think of Steep?
  11. Ah, I didn't realise the 2020 variants were tied to the DLC!! I'd assumed that the new tyre model would be available to all players and it was just Imola and the new cars that'd be locked behind the paywall.
  12. Thanks Dave, could probably do with some more Brands practice at some point as it was pretty cold the whole time I was on track last night. Will you be on later? Edit - I've just realised I can still access the server, so if I'm on my myself I could potentially change the track. Edit 2 - Are there 2020 versions of Zolder and Brands? Would be nice to use the new tyre model.
  13. @davejm Unless anyone has any objections would it be ok to have the server set to Zolder tonight? Need to get a reasonable setup for that track too!
  14. I think I'm going to stick with the Porsche as it's the only one I've really put any time into. Will be on the practice server later.
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