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  1. Both of these things plague my Nissan, it's a new adventure every time I go through there
  2. Ah, is that due to high aero load pushing the car down on its suspension then? Is it something that you should fix with setup or something you'd just live with?
  3. No, sorry I ninja edited my post to specify it's most obvious in turn 12 (high speed left hand kink towards the end of the lap), but you must've quoted me before I saved my changes! When @milko turns into that bend, the car starts bouncing pretty violently, which I don't think is down to bumps. You can also see the car start to do it in other places too, like the entry to the fast chicane and the exit of turn 11. I can't imagine that's doing the aero on the car any favours!
  4. It looks to me like there's something really odd going on with your car in that video @milko, it appears to be chattering across the track as the tyres constantly grip and then lose traction. Could be due to ARBs being set too stiff or possibly the suspension itself? What do you reckon @Erik? It does seem to happen more at high speed (it's really obvious in the high speed kink of turn 12), so maybe an aero-stalling issue?
  5. Deluxe edition (which is definitely the one you want as it has all the DLC) is £9.99.
  6. No probs mate, it was a good battle and it's just a shame it ended like that. Just as a general thing, last night you did seem to be pretty aggressive in defending your position, I think sometimes a bit to your detriment in terms of losing too much laptime. I had a run on you a few times and you went all the way to the inside on the track, which obvs left me no way to pass, but also cost both of us quite a bit of laptime as you were slow through the next corner. It's a tricky one really, because I don't think anyone should just jump out of the way when someone's passing, but sometimes you c
  7. Awesome work mate, but it's Luis rather than Louis. I should probably have let him tell you that though
  8. This looks amazing and I will, of course, be in day 1.
  9. Yeah, no way am I paying £500 + for a wheel rim, but then I wasn't ordering the base yesterday
  10. Yeah, that's my issue too. I only want a single rim due to needing to develop memory of where the buttons/dials are on the rim for VR, and it needs to be round for rallying as well as circuit racing. None of the round rims look anywhere near as good as the TS-PC Ferrari rim so I feel like it's going to be a step down I'll keep you in mind! Won't be until November though....
  11. Yep, you can get it here: https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/oculus-traytool-download.html Really useful tool which allows you to get the most out of your headset and set up specific setup profiles for your games. Welcome back man
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