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  1. There's no way it'll ever get that far - Part 7 - Temple of the Ancients and Gongaga!
  2. I'm going to replay the original I think, this looks pointless and shit.
  3. They didn't show the guy whose face had fallen off for a start.
  4. I'm not, not everything is about you.
  5. Do you have a link at all? I hadn't heard of this and it sounds intriguing!
  6. I didn't grasp it immediately either, I noticed it on second viewing. Tbh I was more responding to Kerraig and his standard dog-with-a-bone posting style.
  7. EVERYTHING MUST BE SPELT OUT CLEARLY! It hit the crane FFS, probably because the pilot was blinded by the huge amount of smoke he just flew straight through. Some of you are starting to sound like that Guardian reviewer.
  8. Can we all make an agreement to never use the term 'woke' ever again?
  9. SharkyOB

    Outer Wilds

    Epic Games store: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/outerwilds/home
  10. SharkyOB


    How can you not fancy it when Tool live is one of the best things you've seen? I'm only going for them, Smashing Pumpkins are a bonus but I'd be going anyway. It's a rare opportunity to see Tool and I'll grab every one I can.
  11. SharkyOB


    Yeah, Descending and Invincible are both amazing. Less than 2 weeks until Download
  12. Steam isn't shit though, what's shit about it? I'm no fanboy, but I've used various store platforms on PC including GOG Galaxy, Epic Games Store and EA Origin and Steam is way better than any of them, both in terms of layout and the features it provides. I take your point about exclusives, but all they do is force me to install platforms that aren't Steam. If everything was on Steam that's all I'd use.
  13. There was also a belief at the time that the vodka mitigated the effects of the radiation: https://www.eurozine.com/the-vodka-was-supposed-to-cleanse-our-thyroid-glands/
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