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  1. I like to see cars turning into tiny dots behind me
  2. There's no way I'd ever drive in VR without mirrors. To me it's one of the massive advantages of VR: being able to glance at any of the mirrors at any time. The spotter in Crew Chief also really helps when you're in close proximity to other cars.
  3. Some street circuits are decent and I kind of like Monaco. Paul Ricard though....
  4. SharkyOB

    art of rally

    I really like the look of this! Can't access the steam site from work, does it say how much it's going to be at launch?
  5. Yeah totally, it's a weird one for me to explain but it's a combination of anticipation and reacting to the body language (strange term, but I can't think of anything better) of the car(s) ahead when I'm racing close with someone and especially in the pack at turn one. It's not brake lights as such, more the way the car is/cars are moving on the track. I completely agree with that guideline, there's really no excuse for running into the back of someone when you're battling one-on-one. Side-to-side contact sometimes happens if you're up the inside and the other driver doesn't want to cede the corner, but that's a different thing to rear-ending someone. I'm sure you'd be quicker over a race distance if you didn't drive the widow maker
  6. Just a general note to take it easier at turn 1 folks. You shouldn't even be trying to use your normal braking point on lap 1, for starters it's very unlikely you'll be at the same speed as a flying lap so trying to do that is kinda silly. You're also not going to pass 5 cars like you're racing the AI on a Codemasters F1 game. Look at what the other cars ahead are doing and react to that, the track is irrelevant at that point. Make sure you're aware of other cars around you before you change position on the track too, if you're in any doubt stay on the same line.
  7. Great night of racing and really interesting as always! Race 1 was pretty uneventful for me, started 2nd and finished 2nd. Didn't have the pace to challenge @Thorand couldn't break into the 1:45s even though I'd managed a 1:45.5 in pratice. Race 2 was more eventful, I basically got really lucky when wrecking ball @davejm barrelled up the inside of me in turn 1 taking everyone out ahead! I think I'd managed to go from pretty much last to 4th in the first lap, and then got past everyone else over the next couple of laps to lead. I knew Thor was probably the driver I needed to worry about most and when I saw he'd made it up to 2nd I just tried to get into the zone and be consistent. Didn't work out though, on the second chicane I was taking my normal racing line from practice/race 1 and running really wide on the exit. Something about night and lower tyre pressures meant that I lost the car twice on the corner, hitting the wall both times. After the first one I was still ahead and the car was fine, but the second one caused more damage and Thor was so close behind me I decided to let him go. Had no real pace in the car after that and my headlights were cutting out in braking zones, which was fun I think Thor was over 10 seconds ahead of me by the end of the race so there's no way I'd have been able to put up a fight after the second crash. Nice to welcome @SANtoOos to the league and I can't wait for Spa! Really nervous about this and next season now though, Thor is way too fast and the pace is closing up between all of us
  8. Unfortunately you'll defo struggle with ACC in VR with that spec. You'll be able to run it but it won't look very nice, you'll get microstutters and certain lighting conditions will probably tank the frame rate. It should run fine on a monitor, but I ended up upgrading my PC for ACC VR and I had an i7 4790K with a GTX1070.
  9. I'd second @Thor's recommendation of the Rift S. Best headset you can get for the money, especially if you're planning on playing sitting down. I'd honestly not bother with PCars 2, the handling is so weird in that game. Go for Assetto Corsa (1st game) instead. It has the same multiple motorsport ethos of PCars 2, but the handling is much better and it's really modable. Some of the content you can get for free in that game is spectacular, especially if you have any interest in historic motorsport. You can get the ultimate edition for less than a tenner on a key selling site like CDKeys too.
  10. Are these support things really necessary?! I feel like I'm abusing my card now
  11. Sounds like diff settings might help with that. What options do you have there? You can only change the preload on the GT-R but I've never really played around with the setup on other cars.
  12. It's completely reliable for most things, but there are some inaccuracies with timings. The spotter is perfect in CC. For me, it's a must have. I have the main game sound coming through my AV amp and crew chief through my rift speakers, which really adds something to the game for me. No way to do that with the built in spotter.
  13. No more inappropriate touching! You too @Thor
  14. Cashback available via Quidco too
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