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  1. Well Muk is pretty quiet right now on Draenor tbh J. Do you need a hand with anything?
  2. Have started playing again on a new paladin called Chandni. Is there anyone on Draenor who could add me to the Muk Guild pretty please?
  3. Happy Birthday John/ Heather. I know I posted on BookFace but wanted to on here too. Hope you both had a glorious day!
  4. Second this. Was a really good series
  5. Ben is online now. He will be able to add you
  6. I guess my query is what is your rotation? What your uptime is for all your dots? Have you had a chance to read EJ and on how to max your dps?
  7. Apologies for not signing up recently. I've been struggling with injuries and work and haven't been able to log on at all. I hope to be back raiding very soon. I have missed bantering with ya'all!
  8. Apologies for leaving early. I was feeling very poorly.
  9. Been having a hell of a bad time with skinning so yeah. You're right.
  10. My gear is nowhere near up for this yet I don't think I'll be able to do this until next week
  11. Hi John. I'm levelling Tank gear on Sav now so that should cover for Tank on days we don't have the three musketeers handy! If not have begun to level my hunter as we were always crying for ranged
  12. Been trying to get onto Draenor for 2 days now. No joy
  13. Can't make tonight. Had an off and am feeling very woolly
  14. Be nice to get mythic or do we need 20 for that?
  15. I actually only read Gatsby's update and texted Ben ASAP
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