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  1. The ending was excellent. I thought the game itself was very decent and to my eyes they've actually made a videogame adaptation which is better than the source material, which is a first. Shout out to the mad lad I saw on twitter earlier complaining (100% straight) that the series didn't have enough action, infected or "any puzzles".
  2. Ignore what I said earlier about some kits not having a speaker pre-soldered, I was talking about the original (DMG). My pocket knowledge is minimal. Sorry!
  3. Yep! Just make sure to get one with a pre-soldered speaker as some kits don't.
  4. Do it! I never soldered until about a month ago and today I finished my biverted/backlit build to go along with my IPS build.Plus, the amount of times I've got rid of random broken electronic stuff and now I have the confidence (and iron) to at least try and fix things.
  5. I was sceptical but the 'retro pixel mode' on these newer DMG IPS displays really is pretty neat.
  6. First time I've ever completed a mod for anything. DMG with a v4 IPS display and new shell and buttons. Overall pretty pleased with how it turned out, although strangely it was a bit of a pain threading the screws into the new posts. For a first attempt I'm quite chuffed.
  7. Mangled pins on the ribbon cable connector and made a total mess trying to remove the bivert chip. You're right though, I'll spend some time with it and see if I can salvage.
  8. I've no prior soldering/electrical experience but I got it in my head that I wanted to trying backlighting and biverting a DMG. First attempt resulted in a total botch of the motherboard trying to install the bivert chip, as well as two missing horizontal lines on the screen. I bought a 'broken' dmg to try again (the battery contacts were corroded so an easy fix). I managed to solder the bivert chip to the motherboard perfectly and it works great. However I somehow managed to damage the ribbon cable for the screen again! I was super careful taking off the polarizer and there doesn't appear to be any physical damage but shit, horizontal lines all over the place. I've ordered another DMG and we go again! Hopefully in a week or so I'll be able to post a picture of my new backlit DMG, having only learned to solder over the past few days.
  9. Funniest match I've ever seen. Gabriel so deserved to win that. Superb performance.
  10. The last couple of days have been fantastic. Today kicked off with the excellent Dirk v Ross match too. For some reason I can't stand watching Rob Cross throw a dart so I'll skip the Cross v King match and clean the bathroom instead.
  11. Obviously without Vern (RIP) but this is huuuuge. I was 16/17 when they broke up so missed them the first time round. Some UK dates to follow, surely?! Best Post Hardcore band ever, probably?!
  12. This is a fairly barebones collection but it looks nice and Klonoa 2 is still dripping with that dreamlike atmosphere and is tons of fun to play. Really enjoying the first game too as it's totally new to me.
  13. Back on Lumines, and now can't stop playing Lumines. Damn it's still so great even through I am bobbins at it m8.
  14. Never thought that a Sonic trailer would initially make me think of Nier.
  15. iloverage

    Sleaford Mods

    Holy shit. Totally ripped off their sound wholesale.
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