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  1. What, the champions of consumer justice and ethics haven't replied? Can't believe it...
  2. Actually, it's about ethics in free speech fundamentalism to the point of funding the exchange of child exploitation imagery.
  3. He's either a troll or from that ST:TOS mirror universe where everyone is evil.
  4. there was a Reddit AMA with Simon Barry http://www.reddit.com/r/TheContinuum/comments/2p3fo9/i_am_simon_barry_the_creator_of_continuum_ask_me/
  5. Well quite, it's hardly worth you spending an hour on the phone, let alone queuing up in CAB or filing with small claims. If it were £400 it would be a different story. And they know that. Really the bad press angle, which you're trying in cooperation with others, seems the best approach. Also contact Trading Standards. And maybe the police. If they're interested, great. If they're not interested you have more material for the press to run with: "... and what's worse is there is no practical way to hold Sony to account." [edit] Maybe contact self-proclaimed consumer justice warriors (CJW), too, like TotalBiscuit (over 300k Twitter followers and over 1m YouTube subscribers).
  6. I think you would. I'm not so sure about them evil multinational corporations.
  7. They claim they 'know'. It may be true. It may not be true. They may believe it to be true, or they may just say it because they think it's expedient. After all, no-one is likely to take them to court (even small claims), the authorities aren't interested unless there is a big enough fuss at which point Sony can say, "after careful consideration blah blah blah we have decided to refund these customers blah lessons have been learned." You know, the usual guff. They don't need to do anything until there is a big enough fuss. Whatever; AFAICS, they are presently complicit in the fraud they agree is occurring and they have stolen money from the innocent customer. They would be compelled to do something if the amount was ten or a hundred times as much.
  8. I didn't intend to suggest otherwise (although I wouldn't use the word leap). But the coalition's filter wasn't conceived of internally, a very vocal, tiny minority persuaded the coalition to make ISPs deploy filters.
  9. The slippery slope isn't always a fallacy. Some of the people opposing the UK government's plans to filter extreme porn from the internet weren't concerned they would no longer be able to jerk off to extreme porn, they (rightly, as it turns out) feared other things would be filtered out including political speech and inoffensive things like Childline (yes, Childline the counselling service for children and young people, which was at one point filtered by O2). Assuming you don't want what might be at the bottom of the slope it is wise to keep an eye on things like that and consider them carefully, even if you wouldn't go so far as Voltaire in being prepared to die for them.
  10. They can see a fair distance from atop their ivory tower, you know.
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