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  1. TheNarcissist

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

    Frank saying he was involved in the Ted Kennedy bridge thing was the type of random reference I love. CCH Pounder too
  2. TheNarcissist

    Horace and Pete - CK, Buscemi, Alda, Wright

    Episode six was ridiculously harsh on Pete
  3. TheNarcissist

    Zoolander 2

    It is horrendous
  4. TheNarcissist

    The Beer Thread

    That Tesco Steam beer is suprisingly really nice. Got it on a whim and was pleasantly surprised.
  5. TheNarcissist

    Bob's Burgers

    That episode felt wierdly out of order. Was Aunt Gayle not shown to be dating Mr Fraun in a previous episode?[comicbookguy]
  6. TheNarcissist

    Robert Loggia died

    Great character actor, always associate him with Psycho II
  7. TheNarcissist

    Parks and Recreation

    Season 7 has some great moments but the last episode of season 6 was a fitting place to leave it really. The perfect send off
  8. Whats the deal with all the symbols in Sam Malone's house?
  9. TheNarcissist

    British Television Recommendations for the ill..

    If you like Bond and story of the week stuff try The Saint
  10. TheNarcissist

    USA 2015-16 TV Premiere dates etc..

    The Muppets made me cry tears of blood
  11. TheNarcissist

    Better Call Saul!

    Looks like he drooped a good bit of weight from his first BB appearance. Have loved this, far more than I enjoyed Breaking Bad, but I've always been a huge Odenkirk fan so probably biased.
  12. TheNarcissist

    Better Call Saul!

    I enjoyed how it was all completely telegraphed yet still tense, can't be easy to pull that off.
  13. TheNarcissist

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

    The show still hasn't got a massive audience. It's big online and many of it's fans are hardcores (myself included) but I never really hear it mentioned by people offline. Read an interview with DeVito awhile back where he said more people come up to him to him today to talk about his part on Taxi than It's Always Sunny.
  14. TheNarcissist

    The Comeback

    It's just finished a revived second season I think?
  15. TheNarcissist

    Parks and Recreation

    Seen Lowe and Jones are appearing in a few episodes in the final season. Seems really pointless that they left considering they'd have only had another 15 or so episodes to film.

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