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  1. You mean oral, right? Because it fucking sucks
  2. Ditto the above. I went in not knowing much thanks to a wonderfully provocative spoiler-free trailer, and found in Jennifer Lawrence one of the funniest performances of the year. I loved this movie!
  3. Still on my Classic Ironman for Unknown here. Wasn't going great, but I was holding in there until the first Cyberdisk turned up in a mission just after one where my A squad got wiped, and he was immediately joined by two more Cyberdisks in the same blinking level!
  4. MikeJones


    Outcast is a shame as it's running, just the picture keeps juttering in and out, like a TV with interference. I did mean Bloodlines, sorry, I know it's not GOG but I figured it's enough of a 'good old game' to justify a mention there and thought that while I had your attention you might suggest something like what you just did... I'm going to reinstall it later in the afternoon and try and get that fan patch running, before it kept saying something along the lines of "can't find Steam" whenever I went to run the .exe file. Ah, whatever, I'll sort it all out. Right now though it's 06.15 here and I've still not been to bed thanks to XCOM Enemy Unknown so good night guys!
  5. MikeJones


    I will indeed, I'm glad you posted that link as I was going to PM you to ask for exactly that advice. Your love of stealth is apparent even to someone who barely ever posts here Anyway, thanks! At the moment I am staying for longer than intended in a hostel just because it has free/reliable wifi and I can set everything up before hitting the road again. Completely lost patience trying to tinker with Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines and Outcast, though everything else is shaping up nicely. Got Planescape Torment running with the high res patch etc, looking forward to sinking time into that when I can.
  6. I never did figure out how you get the red boomerang in the original...
  7. That sounds flippin' brilliant. In other news I just failed my first Ironman Classic run through on Enemy Unknown and loved it, wifi speeds here are practically dial-up so there's no chance of me grabbing Enemy Withing, sadly* *I am not paying $50 at retail
  8. MikeJones


    Why thank you! I waited and waited to see what was going to come after Psychonauts just now, had the numbers of my card copied ready to paste in case it was some kind of bargain I had to be lightning quick about. It went down from 7 to 6 copies of 'nauts, then hovered painfully around that number but I waited, patient like a lion, and as soon as the ad banner vanished I pounced, ready to devour whatever the game was. "This promo has ended."
  9. MikeJones


    Got your PM, thank you! Same here on the cheap games front, got myself a shiny new laptop which marks pretty much my first foray into PC gaming. So far from the GOG sale I couldn't helo myself going for... -The Witcher 2 -Fez -Psychonauts -Thief 2 -Thief 3 -I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream They will be played!
  10. Has anyone here read Floating Worlds by Cecilia Holland? Utterly blown away by it, such an interesting lead character whose actions constantly surprise, the 'verse in which her story is told is so fascinating, and all of this is conveyed with minimalist prose which leaves you thinking so much more about the reasonings of characters' actions. Would love to hear others' opinions on it. There's The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood, in which the States is run by a highly religious patriarchy, kind of a 'must read in late-teens classic' but definitely one to consider. I never read Clockwork Orange but the movie seems to have the politics of a dystopic world as something of a backdrop so perhaps the book is worth a stab? Actually, is this an essay in which you're limited to just lit.? Anyway, though arguably more sci-fi than utopic fiction, there's The Dispossessed, by Ursula K Le Guin, in which the protagonist comes from an anarchic moon world. Your man grows up in a world with no possessions, the workings of which are explained through flashbacks, in the book he takes a trip to the neighbouring planet which is some kind of capitalist/chauvinist oppressive state so there's an interesting comparison of different societal types running through it. Another one I haven't yet read but, er, Utopia by Thomas More might be worth looking at.
  11. MikeJones


    Is The Witcher still available? I was just about to pay all of $2.50 for it so no worries if not...
  12. But still not completely avoidable then? Shame, but to be expected I guess. Would love an option to 'flatlander woman' one of them at least. Better still while I'm chasing the moon on a stick would be a chance to confront Sarif towards the endgame about all the unnecessary augs he forced on Jensen. I remember finding out the particulars in one of the earlier LIMB clinics and was hoping it would unlock some further dialogue options, it just makes Jenses seem like a toothless push-over left the way it is.
  13. How have they tackled the boss battles for this DX then?
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