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  1. Game of the Year Kid Icarus: Uprising The Last Story Pandora's Tower Resident Evil: Revelations La Mulana The Crimson Shroud EscapeVektor Best 3DS Game Kid Icarus: Uprising Resident Evil: Revelations The Crimson Shroud EscapeVektor Best Download-only Game La Mulana The Crimson Shroud EscapeVektor
  2. Maybe someone should remake Deus Ex: Invisible War while they are at it.
  3. I must admit I did struggle with the inertia of the camera control until I realised you could stop on the spot by tapping the screen again ("like spinning a globe" as the game put it, should have been paying attention). I have no real trouble supporting the 3DS with the palm of my right hand as i use the stylus. Then again, played a lot of Metroid Prime Hunters. Lovely game by the way.
  4. I never got on with the 2d Mario games with the exception of Yoshi's Island. Mario is Mario 64 to me. I am far more into the exploratory nature of the 3D Mario games than the assault course styled 2d ones. I loved 3d Land and the Galaxies immensely, but I am still waiting for that true spiritual successor to Mario 64.
  5. You can always tape some weights to it if it isn't heavy enough for you.
  6. I'd give this series a second chance if they actually made some attempt to explore the potential of the series's human vs nature theme. Perhaps they could explore the impact the hunters have on the ecosystem rather than pretending you can just kill and take as much as you like without there being any sort of repercussion. As it is, I gave up playing Tri because it felt too much like a twisted fantasy big game safari, and that isn't a concept I can get behind.
  7. I'm replaying Metroid Prime 2 as part of the trilogy on the Wii. The soundtracks to those games somehow manages to swing between amazing and awful. Here are a couple of "standouts" from Echoes...
  8. Believe it or not, but COD already exists on the Wii I have MW3 and it controls beautifully already with the existing Wii remote and nunchuck, runs smoothly and looks serviceable enough. If anything it would be great to finally play games like this using the Wii remote on the Wii U without visual compromise.
  9. A bit late maybe but I bought my red 3DS back in february. Since then I've acquired Mario 3D land, MGS 3D, Resident Evil Revelations and Kid Icarus, love them all, though while I'm fine with the controls in KI I find the multiplayer to be completely insane as well.
  10. I owned and really enjoyed Conduit 2 on the Wii. As an FPS it was like a poor mans Halo crossed with elements of the original Perfect Dark. It had some interesting weaponry, pleasingly colourful artistic direction and the ability to play with Wii pointer controls which counts for a great deal in my book. it was also clearly unfinished and couldn't cope with more than 8 people in multiplayer without turning into a laggy buggy shambles. I played about 300 hours of multiplayer before moving on the Modern Warfare 3 on the Wii, which was a far more technically solid and populated game, but I still miss the colourful sci-fi cheesiness of Conduit and the joy of shooting people through cover on the other side of the made with the phase rifle, a spiritual successor to Perfect Darks farsight.
  11. I put about 150 hours into this but ultimately stopped playing it as my heart just wasn't into killing creatures for sport
  12. Mines arrived as well, and I won't be playing it either until I have finished Skyward Sword (on the final boss just now). Wish me luck!
  13. I found this comment in the erurogamer review comments thread: Made me laugh as personally that sounds exactly like what I am looking for. I've given up on Xenoblade after 75 hours and can't be sure I'll ever finish it. managable RPGs FTW!
  14. Another strategy: EMP grenade > unload in face > reload weapon repeat until dead. There are EMP grenades and mines stashed in the lockers at the perimeter of the room.
  15. How did you cope with Barrett? Really surprised you don't pack a taser. It's the single most useful weapon in the entire game.
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