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  1. andynick

    Retro gaming magazine scan archives

    I've just done a scan of GamesMaster Issue 3. https://archive.org/details/GamesMasterIssue3 I'm not a prolific scanner and they certainly aren't perfect but there's a few different mags here too - https://archive.org/details/@andynick
  2. andynick

    Retro gaming magazine scan archives

    Kiwi's World (formerly oldgamemags.com) is another large archive with lots of UK and Aussie magazines. I've contributed some N64 magazines there over the past couple of weeks.
  3. Are you guys aware of http://www.oldgamemags.com/ ? I've been regularly contributing UK magazines scans there for the last few months. My scan of Amiga Action 21 and VIC Computing 1.4 have gone up today, with Ultimate PC 8 to follow shortly.
  4. andynick

    Magazines from the Past

    You can find Issue 1 at the Out of Print Archive. I guess they may add more in the future.
  5. andynick

    Magazines from the Past

    I've just had a look for you. It looks like its Issue 218 to me (Jan 2000). Something called a "Blind Test"? Would you be the one who drove all the way down from Stockport? It had a Resident Evil 3: Nemesis cover. There's one on Ebay at the moment, but he's asking a bit too much for it if you ask me.
  6. andynick

    Magazines from the Past

    The plan for the wiki is for it to be a big index of magazines. Yes, it is a huge task and I know it's going to take many years to complete, but I don't have anything else to do with my time (sad, I know). I'm hoping to get a few people contributing as and when they can. I'm not sure how well the search works for you guys when searching for a game, as long as the game name is pretty unique, the search should bring up all the magazines it's in or referred to (in the limited number of mags I have on there at the mo.) I had thought about doing separate game pages as well with a proper index to each games reviews, previews & tips. But for the moment i've decided to concentrate just on the magazines.
  7. andynick

    Magazines from the Past

    Robert you can find nearly all the Your Computer magazines at World of Spectrum, just scroll down to the magazine bit. Just be mindful that they have limits on how many pages you can view in one session.
  8. andynick

    Magazines from the Past

    Thanks for the comments Moora. I agree it would be brilliant to have all the scans on there as well but there are sites other those two you mention that scan magazines. I will always try to link to them if I know they have the magazine. Have you seen The Out of Print Archive or Retromags? It takes an incredible amount of time to scan a magazine properly it took me 4 hours to scan the front pages of 40 odd magazines just for the welcome page on the website. Each magazine is too big for an A4 scanner so has to be scanned 2-4 times and pieced back together. I certainly haven't ruled out adding more than just front page scans to the website, but for the time being i'm concentrating on just the data.
  9. Hi, Long time reader, first time poster here. I just wanted to promote a new wiki that i've been working on Magazines from the Past. It's purpose is to provide front cover scans and contents (including review scores) of all your favourite magazines. For example:- Game Zone Issue 1 C+VG Issue 1 Crash Issue 1 There's not too many magazines on there at the moment, but more are added every day. I have access to over 5,000 magazines either owned or scanned so I have plenty of material to add. I am also subscriber to many of the latest magazines, so will also be providing the latest scores and front page scans from magazines like Edge and Games Tm once they drop through my letterbox. So check back often. I have posted this on a couple of other forums, so apologies to those he keep seeing it pop-up. Comments welcome.

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