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  1. Out for season 21 I'm afraid... 2 week old baby hasn't grasped 'leave daddy alone for an hour on Thursday nights' yet. Hopefully back for 22.
  2. Hey guys... Sorry for my absence - my baby girl was born on the 9th March, and I haven't turned my Xbox on since... I don't want to leave you in the lurch, but I'm prob out for the season now. Fatherhood and gaming do not mix it seems
  3. Should probably have checked this thread before turning on my Xbox at 9:45 last night
  4. Missed the first game cos of a 25 minute system update, then the batteries in my controller ran out during the second game... never a dull moment. Played lads.
  5. 'Quick one down the line!' is all the instructions we get
  6. I dropped about 65/70 mins into the second game - well played everyone! Great to get that win finally.
  7. So embarrassing - sorry guys. I logged on just before 10, and had to fill in loads of new security details - then had to update my payment details as my card had expired. It then cut me off and said Xbox Live would be available again once payment had been processed. What a douche
  8. My fucking Xbox live has been disconnected.
  9. What a crock of dick. First time I've dropped in ages...
  10. Pants, we're visiting Ush and Steph on Thurs so not sure what time will be back.
  11. In! BUT, with baby Bunglefever due in March, there's a chance this might be my last season.
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