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  1. Sadly that font is only uppercase.
  2. @Rob Rulecheers, i'll give it a go!
  3. Hi everyone, I can't for the life of me find out what this font is and i'm looking for someone who can. I think i've had luck in the past putting stuff on rllkmuk for people to work out. Thanks for all your help.
  4. Hello fellow people, Can I get JonSnoPatrol #2457 invited to the PC clan? He isn't a member of Rllmuk but he is a dear friend of mine and is now in the Discord with us. Cheers!
  5. Now updated to one, snazzy, fantastic youtube playlist for your listening/viewing pleasure! COOL RIGHT? YAH.
  6. Oh man, I thought my time was up to Masterwork all my solstice armour... fingers crossed. I only have 2 to do.
  7. Splendid. I'm in Discord. Just waiting for the acceptance of the clan page.
  8. @KardeI clicked it but it said it had timed out.
  9. Had no invites to any clans. Anyone? I've got Forsaken prepped and ready for the drop.
  10. @Oz - Bada boom bada bingle - KingCluster#2633
  11. I've finally managed to get the Whisper and Whisper catalyst. Holy craps is this a sexy piece of death.
  12. Sounds creamy @Scruff. The player name is KingCluster. I look forward to an invite! I've just grinded my way (solo) through the Hero's Of Solstice missions. I've got myself up to the purple set but there isn't much chance of me getting Masterwork on all these pieces. Maybe for one or two.
  13. Hello all. First time posting in this thread but i'm getting very into D2 and I lack a fireteam with a good number. Is it possible for me to join the Rllmuk clan?
  14. That's ace man. Nice lows!
  15. I'm currently in the process of creating a showreel and happened to come across a track for this album which I never released. The reason being the fact that I wanted to arrange a full choir to do the vocal chores but I never got around to it so scrapped it. Figured it was good enough to stick on the album anyway! So 3 years later i'm adding a final track to this little project of mine. Hope you enjoy.
  16. No worries, hope the babbie gets well soon.
  17. Steering Wheels? hahaaha. That burn from a fellow TCF member.
  18. Anyone I can add on here that is around the challenger I - II level and likes 2v2? I'm obsessed with this game, borderline the unhealthy.
  19. For those who simply salivate over pics of pizza. Also do reviews too (Mainly in Manchester). http://www.imgrum.net/user/pizza_hunters/3108539928
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