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  1. Doom Tie Fighter Baldur's Gate Baldur's Gate 2 Planescape: Torment Grim Fandango Deus Ex Half Life The Longest Journey Jedi Knight 2 There's possibly a Thief or a Morrowind in there instead
  2. they're a safe but boring way to kill some enemies
  3. i tend to snipe lightning dickhead from the start of the first bridge until he falls off and dies
  4. it's great losing thousands of souls in a SL1 run and not giving a toss
  5. when he starts charging up run up to him and hit him a few times to stop him exploding
  6. I know this is a bit off topic here but I see people are complaining there that it's not assassin's creed 2 which is free. For reference my local Game were selling it for £2.99 last week.
  7. it doesn't make a lot of difference but pyromancer is actually a pretty good choice
  8. still sounds like bollocks - i doubt there are a billion households on the planet that could afford a console
  9. I've just completed this with a SL1 character. It took me about 50 attempts to kill gwyn.
  10. if you summon two others let them kill her and just stay away. otherwise attack from the side and leg it if she jumps in the air
  11. 4 and 5 are ok (but i got lost on 5 twice and never completed it) however, i would buy chrono trigger instead if you haven't got it already
  12. I think the red wedding was the only bit in the books that actually surprised me.
  13. the PS4 thread sucks more
  14. for me it's because it has no ethernet connection and can't cope with 5GHz wifi so I can't use it.
  15. fully aspel has convinced me to boycott the xb one now
  16. my guess is that it contained Cthulhu
  17. Microsoft showed 1 new game in their presentation... and that was a tv programme. I'm not boycotting the xbone - i just see no reason to buy one.
  18. I don't know how people who work in libraries sleep at night.
  19. I bought my house off the people who lived here previously. I now see that I should have bought a new house from a house builder.
  20. i feel quite sick that e3 is one of the highlights of my year
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