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  1. It's fairly good - certainty worth £1.39
  2. Kinect enabled football manager game where if you swear you get banned by the fa from using steam for 2 weeks
  3. A call of duty game where the war in Afghanistan is over so you have to travel home and adjust to life on the dole
  4. If you play pathfinder (or old versions of dungeons and dragons) you might want to check out this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/froggodgames/the-lost-lands-the-lost-city-of-barakus (Posted because the people doing it are nice)
  5. Killed by Did I miss a bit at the start where you get a weapon that doesn't break every 30 seconds?
  6. thanks for all he pms but this has now gone
  7. I bought a graphics card that came with a code for battlefield 4 that I haven't used. I notice that it expires at the end of the month. I don't know if it works on steam or just origin but if anybody wants it pm me.
  8. Some sort of action, adventure or role playing game set in any point in human history prior to 1900 that doesn't involve Templars or magic. Or, possibly a little bit of magic if it was the baroque cycle: the video game.
  9. I wasn't surprised by Ned's death when I read the books, I'd always assumed the series was going to be about his children. Therefore I was really surprised by the red wedding.
  10. So the best example of a unrealistic male role model for children that the "yeah...but" community can find is from a 30 year old cartoon?
  11. Action games that don't involve space marines, wizards or Templars. It couldn't be beyond the wit of man to make, say, a musketeers game, could it? I want to play Tristram shandy the video game.
  12. he does disappear for a bit and then comes back
  13. Does Resident Evil 4 HD count as a port or a remake?
  14. just to clarify i refuse to believe that dragon age 2 was a big budget game
  15. i just watched this. i thought the ending was
  16. a well done mass effect film would have absolutely nothing in common with any of the games. apart from the bit where you continually punch the woman
  17. oh good the assassin still does that marcel marceau thing by the wall
  18. assassins creed 4: exactly the same as assassins creed 3
  19. To be honest, if they decide that the PS4 comes with a free copy of fifa, I'm going to cancel my pre-order
  20. they were advertising it every ad break on itv4 when the tour de france was on. so if it didn't sell it's all bradley wiggins fault.
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