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  1. On 13/12/2021 at 20:57, Chosty said:

    I watched the film Passengers the other day, and while it left a lot to be desired, I quite enjoyed the first bit when it was just Chris Pratt alone on the ship. It made me want a similar experience in book form, so does anything like that exist? Just one person, or maybe a few, hanging out in space, maybe on some kind of mission or with some weirdness to investigate, with a strong focus on isolation, survival and just wandering around a big empty ship. In my head it would ideally be a mash-up of the first half of the first Red Dwarf book, the beginning of Alien, and Silent Running, with maybe a bit of The Shining thrown in for good measure.

    The Black Corridor by Michael Moorcock

  2. All sports films are this:


    a bunch of no-hopers take up a sport and become good at it however just before the big final they have a fight and a key member of the team goes off in a huff. Then just at the last moment when the team is about to quit, they turn up again to rejoin the team and they do acceptably well.

  3. 14 hours ago, Timmo said:

    Help needed! I'm looking for a scene/quote.


    To paraphrase:


    Mr Burns: Smithers, who is that employee who is always messing up?


    Smithers: Simpson, sir?


    Mr Burns: Yes, get him. He's due a good turn. 

    I think it’s from the one where he ends up in international waters, series 11 episode 12: the mansion family

  4. On 07/08/2020 at 22:05, phresh said:

    Our small group is considering D&D as a way of getting back to gaming in a reasonably socially distanced way (and giving us the option to continue should there be another lockdown). Problem is we've got no idea where to start or if there are any obvious alternatives to D&D that might be better.


    1) There will always be a minimum of 4 people (including the DM) with 5 some of the time. Unlikely the group will expand beyond that though.

    2) None of us have ever played a TTRPG before, or certainly not in the last 15 years.

    3) Our board game sessions tend to be long-ish affairs so time shouldn't be a limiting factor.

    4) Theme isn't hugely important, although we haven't discussed that

    5) I think the group would probably err to something with a reasonably well defined ruleset and not something that relies on very heavy RPG/creative elements. At least to start with!


    D&D seems like the obvious option, and if it is - where the hell to start to have a 'trial' session of sorts? I'll probably end up being the DM and i'm happy to do all the initial legwork to get it up and running.


    I would have suggested either the Call of Cthulhu or Takes from the Loop starter sets so if you don’t get on with D&D maybe try those. 

  5. 1 hour ago, jonnyalpha said:



    I've posted this in the bargains thread but I'd suggest Nusfjord. It's a game where you carry out actions to gather cards into your "village", these cards give you access to other abilities and options so your choices increase as the games goes on. It's quick and adds some complexities without being overwhelming and is a good intro to worker placement, card powers, combos and shares.


    Currently £16.95 from Chaos Cards




    If the game bug really bites then we both have a lot of love for Everdell. A beautiful looking game with a great arc, you start off with very few options and struggling for resources but soon your powers and options are growing and you can end turns with resources pouring in and feeling like a little woodland tycoon.




    Nusfjord is good, we prefer playing it to Agricola, but this is possibly because my girlfriend always beats me

  6. On 20/10/2016 at 18:35, therearerules said:

    The creators of Tales... write about the difficulties in adapting the stories natural middle easterness for a western audience when making the game, they've thought a lot about it.


    Theme is important for a few reasons to me- drawing new players in to learn the game, making it look nice, and helping learn the mechanics- Agricola may have a dull theme, but it makes sense and looks great.

    We bought Agricola purely because my girlfriend liked the bucolic theme

  7. 1 hour ago, K said:

    Richard Ayoade has done films with Jesse Eisenberg and Ben Stiller, why the hell is he hosting a celebrity TV game show starring Louis Spence and someone from TOWIE?

    Maybe they felt sorry for him after he had to be in films with Ben stiller and Jesse eisenberg?

  8. 2 hours ago, Mike said:



    This Christmas there has been talk of a games afternoon on Christmas Day.

    After the old games from our childhood had been discussed D&D was suggested.  It was met with much interest.  


    Sadly none one of us have ever played before and we have little to no knowledge of it. 


    Is is there an easy to get into version we could look at, we will have 5 players and would like to play something with a mythical/fantasy type setting.


    Thank you. 



    EDIT:  Would Pathfinder be a good start?


    I wouldn't start with Pathfinder as it's gets quite complicated.


    There is a Dungeons and Dragons starter set that's got all you need to start with.

  9. I was recommending resources that are (or I have read are) good resources for learning how to play roleplaying games. Once you've got the basics down then it's much of a muchness about which particular variety of D&D you play (and pathfinder is just a variety of D&D relabelled for copyright reasons).

  10. There's an adventure finder on Paizo.com that might be useful - there's a whole load of different "adventure paths" that they've written.

    On the other hand, if you fancy something a bit more old-school dungeon crawly then I recommend looking at Stoneheart Valley from Frog God Games.

  11. I tried playing dark forces 10-15 years ago and i didn't think it had stood the test of time even then. Wouldn't mind giving dark forces 2 and Jedi knight 2 another go

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