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  1. This will be me when I finally get to go on this
  2. I really really want this to be good - and a single story spanning the whole season is a good idea..... But I have lost all faith in the show runner. Would love him to prove me wrong, but he's made Dr Who boring - something that the show should never, ever be.
  3. Just started Bloodroots on Game Pass - I absolutely love the art style, shows real promise so far. Oh and still enjoying Halo 5 online.
  4. I think you'll like it - the new setting/characters etc are so refreshing, probably more than I realised it would be. Ever since I finished it, I've been thinking that Disney perhaps made a mistake doing the sequel trilogy rather than exploring a brand new era such as this, and I say that as a fan of the new films who often defends them in the Star Wars films threads! I've ordered 2 more books - Claudia Gray's Into the Dark (which I think takes place at the same time as LotJ) and the proper follow up to this - Cavan Scott's The Rising Storm. I'm really looking forward to finding out what happens next - it's got so much promise. I found this before I started reading which was useful to work out which Jedi was which, particularly in that potentially confusing first act. I already really like Porter Engle in particular. (Not all of these appear in LotJ by the way!)
  5. The High Republic - Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule Here we go then - the first 'new' Star Wars since I first fired up KOTOR nearly 20 years ago. I've been pretty excited about this new Star Wars project since it was first announced - the fact that the legendary Claudia Gray is one of the authors who is contributing makes it all the more exciting... But anyway - onto the very first instalment - Light of the Jedi... So.... to start off with, I really wasn't impressed for a very good reason - so many characters are introduced all at the same time, and it really is absolute chaos. Just as soon as you get used to a character, the chapter ends and you have to work really hard to get to the same stage with yet another new character by the end of the next one, repeat to fade etc etc. HOWEVER - after the first part of LotJ, I realised that this chaos is pitched exactly right. This opening section is pivitol to the story, and I'm sure will be a very important moment in the whole of this High Republic saga. It's called 'The Great Disaster' and is a way of introducing the dastardly Nihil - the new antagonists of the galaxy, as well as showing just how bloody ace the Jedi really are - heroic bastards, the lot of them. Anyway, the Great Disaster - a seemingly impossible natural phenomenon - has seen a transport vessel somehow break apart during a hyperspace voyage. Most of the debris threatens all life in the key Outer Rim system called Hetzal. Other parts of the doomed craft have spiralled past this system and instead threaten other Outer World planets - Chancellor Lina Soh therefore has to close all hyperspace routes in this section of the Outer Rim, resulting in devastating ecomic ruin for billions of Republic citizens. So yes, loads and loads happens and it's hard to take it all in to begin with, but we also get to meet some characters who I feel will become key in this saga, such as Avar Kriss, Bell Zettifar, Loden Greatstorm, Burryaga and Elzar Mann. After this opening section, the action moves to separate locations, and this is when LotJ starts to deliver. Once the Nihil - and their excellently written leader, Marchion Ro (we'll be seeing and hearing a LOT about this chap...) appear, it becomes a proper page turner. The hierarchy of the Nihil is really interesting - they're a sort of mish mash of pirates, Belters from The Expanse mixed together with a dose of heavy metal and cyberpunk - they're as different from the stealthy, sleuth Sith as it's possible to be. These guys are horrible - but I like them! The action which unfolds focusses on far fewer characters (almost all of whom we have already met during the Great Disaster in the Hetzel system) during the aftermath and it's all really very interesting, chockablock full of action - it's proper Star Wars, and not some bullshit Merchant Ivory spin off that heavily blighted Queen's Shadow. Something that happens a lot in LotJ is the clever twists on Staple Star Wars - we see new ways of Force manipulation, the way hyperspace works is also excellent - this isn't just more of the same and crucially, The High Republic isn't weakened by the restraints of novels set in and around the movies - it's shaping up to be a very interesting, exciting instalment of tales set in that galaxy far, far away we all love and it's definitely a saga I'll be following with great interest if it can carry on like this. Top stuff - get it read. 8/10
  6. Really not happy with Wolves essentially scrapping the loyalty points scheme for non-season ticket holders. Basically, if you want to buy a membership now, the points accrued from previous games are now worth zilch. It's a kick in the balls for fans who can't afford a full STH and rely on accruing points from other fixtures. However, those 'special' fans who attended more than others can apply for a 'Membership Plus' scheme, which will recognise previously attended games. Oh - but that's an extra £20 ON TOP OF the membership fee. So £50 before you've seen a ball kicked and even bought a match ticket. There have been a few signs this summer that the club are looking at profit over fans to the extent that they're starting to make loyal supporters think twice.
  7. Downloading the original which I'll try and get through before this comes out. This looks lovely.
  8. Fuck knows - all I do know is that my TV definitely doesn't do games justice, visually. I don't understand how frame rates work.
  9. Another Titanfall 2 convert here - absolutely tremendous game, and that was me playing on my One X at 30fps. Still looks and plays beautifully. The rllmuk hive mind is sometimes absolutely spot on.
  10. This one? I've checked it a few times over the last few weeks as a friend is trying to get an X - I sent him one of the links last week and he managed to get one. A lot of the links he posts sell out mega fast but it's definitely the best source I've come across.
  11. No way it'll slip again, though I have wondered if they might do something out of the ordinary and release the multiplayer mode before the campaign mode? I think it's going to be spectacular, no matter when we finally get to play it.
  12. I'm actually okay with this - we've got a good fee for a keeper approaching the final year of his contract who has given us 3 years' service, 2 of which were outstanding, and we're about to sign Jose Sa as his replacement for a much lower fee. He's a decent replacement and I wouldn't be surprised to see him making the Portugal squad if he performs well for us. Rui has been an absolute gent during his time here - at his best, he's the best keeper I've seen in a Wolves shirt. But last season his standards were well below those he set in his first 2 years. I hope he does well at Roma - a proper gent and a great pro. I'm expecting Neves to leave before the start of the season - now that would be devastating, not that I'd begrudge him a move. I absolutely love the guy but he deserves Champions League football.
  13. I haven't a clue about authentic car noises but fuck - how amazing is the scenery in those clips??!
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