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  1. Decided to get this due to the recommendations. Only a quid and I loved Narcos so worth a pop....
  2. Not sure about that because he's going to need to spend to get anything out of that squad. And I doubt they'll have much to spend. If he's able to sort the squad out, he'll be a good appointment. Big 'if' though... Also looks like Garry Monk is having a spat with the Blues ownership. It'd be a massive blow for them if he walks.
  3. Norwich at Liverpool on a Friday night. Welcome back to the Premier League, Norwich....
  4. I'm guessing that's purely because we're signing Raul Jimenez permanently for £30m? We've yet to sign anyone else since the season ended. In terms of actual outlay, we've not actually been that high up under Fosun. We've definitely got value for money (we'll ignore Adama Traore.....) as although we've obviously spent plenty, they've not been astronomical fees for depreciating assets.
  5. Saw this on daily deals - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Indianapolis-Lynn-Vincent-ebook/dp/B074ZQSQQJ/ref=pd_rhf_gw_p_img_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=7JT52E45FTG6QDED5367 I snapped it up - no idea how good it is but it seems to have good reviews. The USS Indianapolis is a fascinating story and a crime how it was ignored, and how the captain of the ship was blamed for its demise. (Just please don't watch the monstrosity of a film about it starring Nicholas Cage, because it's utter dreck). I read a book called In Harm's Way by Doug Stanton years ago and it was utterly brilliant. If this is half as good, it'll be £1 very well spent.
  6. Yes - go to the mysterious stranger in any tavern to start the first one. Also, once you've started them, if you go to the menu and choose reputation, under the Tall Tales section, press 'Y' under each tale and it should tell you where to start - assuming you've unlocked them. I think it works thus: Start - you can only access #1 Finish #1 and you can access #1 and #2 Finish #2 and you can access #1 through to #6 Finish the first 6 and you can access #7 Finish #7 to access #8 Finish #8 to access #9 I've just finished the first 6 so I've still got a bit to do. In order to get 100% completion and get the cosmetic rewards, you have to do them all 5 times and find the relevant journals for each tale so there's a lot of replay value.
  7. Awesome. I played last night so should get mine soon. BTW @mechamonkey - I did Tall Tale #3. I was just going to play one of the ones I've already done but I met a random in a galleon and he asked to team up so he could do #3 with me as it was the last one he needed. I let him because he wanted to commandeer my ship afterwards to join his mates - and we know how tricky that can be to sort out!! So he logged out of his game, logged into mine, helped me with the tale and invited his friend after I left. #3 is a very good one btw - I enjoyed the 'Goonies easter egg' (not a spoiler - when you see it, you'll know!) So now I just have 7, 8 and 9 to do.
  8. Because this show is so rich with information, the 2nd viewing is actually better than the 1st. I picked up a LOT more the 2nd time around.
  9. I thought it looked good, but after god knows how many years, Disney putting Star Wars back into cinemas on a regular basis and various USPs releasing quite unreal single player experiences coupled with the fact this is fucking Star Wars, I was hoping for a bit more than 'good'. I liked The Force Unleashed but I really wanted more than what looks like a reboot.
  10. Has anyone else had the same issue as me? I cannot stop thinking about this show. I've googled so much about the history behind it, I've listened to all the podcasts and I think I'm going to start watching it again from episode 1. I'm just captivated and fascinated by the whole thing. Only 1 TV programme has ever done this to me before, and that was Band of Brothers. Rating it alongside such a perfect production is the highest praise I can offer.
  11. Ruben Neves' pass that led to Ronaldo's 2nd was pure filth. I love Ruben.
  12. Crazy - even after multiple slo-mo replays I can't work out how that's given! Loving the drama of VAR - Portugal think they're about to get a penalty to make it 2-0 but it gets reversed so Switzerland can equalise!
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