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  1. His crossing has improved beyond all recognition this season because now he actually looks up and as a result, he's got a lot more assists this season that he managed last campaign. His main issue for me is that the forwards simply can't keep up with him sometimes and I think that's why he floats crosses in so often. When others do get in good positions, the pullbacks he's introduced into his game this season have often led to goals. Still some improvement needed with some of his deliveries but there really has been a remarkable difference in everything in his game. In particular his decision making and bringing others into the game from deeper positions. There's now ALWAYS a buzz around the stadium when he gets the ball and sets off on a run. I'd have been happy to have just recouped the £18m we paid for him last summer. Now, no chance he leaves for less than £50m because he's totally unplayable when he's on form. And I'm delighted to say that that's been the case on numerous occasions this season. Never been more pleased to be proven wrong by a Wolves player.
  2. His assist for Raul's winner on Saturday shows how much he's come on. No way would he have shown that much patience/awareness last season. It was superb
  3. Apparently, VAR has passed a fitness test and will be in contention at Molineux on Thursday. Bugger.....
  4. I'd be absolutely ecstatic with a point!
  5. Agree with a lot of what @dr_manhattan^ said. We were excellent in the 2nd half on Saturday but we have to stop giving teams a goal's head start. I think we'll make it tough for Liverpool and I think we'll play well as we always seem to do against the better sides, but I can't see us having enough to stop them. We DO have plenty of pace and threat upfront so I'm hoping we can make it difficult but I would predict a 2-1 defeat. I think Liverpool are the best team on the planet right now. Looking forward to seeing how we cope TBH!
  6. Finished this last night and overall, it's a good, fun game but not one without some annoying flaws. Pros: It's aesthetically fantastic and absolutely nails the looks, sounds and feels of the Star Wars universe. I'm a big fan of both The Clone Wars and Rebels TV series and the nods to both are awesome. Dathomir in particular was a great inclusion - the Nightsisters were very familiar to me. Well worth seeking out that particular story arc in Clone Wars if you haven't already. Combat feels brilliant once you've unlocked enough moves/abilities. BD is adorable and I want one. The story is excellent - much better than expected, well paced, the characters introduced are very strong with the 2nd Sister being my highlight. Cons: I really grew tired of generic and unsatisfying platforming sections. The sliding parts are a pain in the arse, the map wasn't great and something just felt a bit off with general exploration. Lego games aside, I've never really been a fan of sections that you can't access until you've levelled up. The way the game requires you to return after unlocking x/y/z frustrated me somewhat. I didn't think the level design was enticing enough to return unless it was necessary to progress. The lack of fast travel back to the Mantis was infuriating when you're right at the other end of a map! I'd like to think that any prospective sequel will iron out some of these issues. I felt that if you took away the Star Wars element, there wouldn't be enough to recommend this as there are no gaming aspects that make it stand out from other games of its genre. BUT - I'm a massive Star Wars nerd, so the fact it looks, sounds and feels so good means that I enjoyed my journey and whilst I probably won't go back until some DLC arrives, it filled a much needed Star Wars shaped gap in my games collection. It's not quite the SW game I've been praying for since KOTOR but it's still decent enough. 7 on 10, Sonja.
  7. Fantastic result for us yesterday after being 2-0 down and playing so poorly in the first half. We massively need a signing or 2 in this window but I'm so chuffed that our current squad made some less patient fans eat humble pie with that comeback. As for Bournemouth and Eddie Howe - no sympathy whatsoever. They can stink out the championship with their appalling gamesmanship and anti football. Should be an interesting battle to survive the drop.
  8. @Stopharage I went to Krakow last June and visited Auschwitz so I read quite a few books about it. Have you read If This Is A Man by Primo Levi? Easily the best written book I've read on Auschwitz. Also, Survivor – Auschwitz, The Death March and My Fight for Freedom by Sam Pivnik is a good account. Krakow is a fabulous city btw.
  9. 1. Chernobyl Prayer by Svetlana Alexievich This was quite the start to the year reading wise - what a phenomenally powerful piece of writing. I felt compelled to read it after enjoying the series on Sky Atlantic - the writer of the show highlighted this (also known as 'Voices from Chernobyl' outside the UK) as one of the key sources for his research and after about 3 pages, you can see why. Very hard to read at times, this is essentially a series of monologues from those affected by the disaster, not just at the time but over the subsequent years. Every monologue likens what happened to the war, the sheer scale of human suffering - depicted so well on screen - is just as evident here. Some of the accounts are very moving indeed. I couldn't recommend this enough. Not only is it very interesting source of material, but it is also beautifully written. 5/5
  10. I've got a freighter! Just warped into a battle, blew up some hostile ships and some gek gave me their freighter to say thanks. I was under the impression that this sort of thing happens much further down the line? I've only been playing for 8 hours. Also - how do I get a buggy/sub? I really really want one. Oh yes, went into a black hole last night. It was awesome. I took a photo. A proper Interstellar moment! This game is so good.
  11. I loved S2! Its batshit crazy, sure - but I found it really entertaining. We flew through all 10 episodes which is rare for us! I preferred it to S1. Forty really reminded me of Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Rec.
  12. I got this for Christmas - a present from my kids. I had no idea what to expect - it's really not like anything else, is it? Just seeing some of the screenshots on this thread makes me want to log back on and start exploring again! I'm only a few hours in and I love the slow pace of it, the looks and sounds and the feeling of exploring new worlds. I can't explain why it appeals to me but.... it just does. And I've only just unlocked the hyper drive. Question: does giving new planets stupid names ever get old? Found a system with 7 planets which I called Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, Baker T, Davison, Baker C and McCoy. I think my geek levels are now maxed out.
  13. Happy New Year, everyone! I got through 27 books in 2019 which is by far my best ever. One of my resolutions this year is to hit 30. Another is to finish the Harry Potter series with my daughter by summer because we're going to the studios as part of the kids' Christmas present. We're on Order of the Phoenix at the mo but it's such a slow read!! I realise why I've not re-read it since I first bought it. I have so many books stacked up to read - I don't think I'll struggle for titles!
  14. Well holy fucking fucking fuck. Sorry to my neighbours for the noise, but - well - nah, I'm not sorry. I cannot believe we did that. VAR 2 My boys 3 Don't neg me, forum - just let me enjoy this moment.
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