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  1. I like the boats! Maybe it's the countless hours I've spent on Sea of Thieves? Still reckon Rome during the height of the Julio Claudians would be unreal. So many locations, so much politics, myth, lore - it worked perfectly in Odyssey, I think it would be ever better in Rome. Britain, Egypt, Parthia, Gaul, Germania, Judaea - endless possibilities. Assassins Creed Empire - 2021/22. Make it happen, Ubisoft!
  2. I've got the season pass - does it matter what order you do them in?
  3. Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) Loved this! I think it's my favourite Colin Firth performance. Loads of action, a fun storyline - just ace. 4.5/5 Tomb Raider (2018) After 15/20 minutes, I thought this was going to be a disaster but it redeemed itself once it got going. Alicia Vikander does really well as Lara and it's a pretty good adaptation of the rebooted game. Compared to most game/movie tie ins, it's a triumph. As a standalone film, it does a job and provided a bit of fun escapism despite it not breaking any new ground for the genre. Worth a watch - preferred it to the Jolie films. 3/5
  4. Ah. Viking are cool, that's okay by me. Rome for 2022-ish though please, Ubisoft! So much potential!
  5. Well I think I've just about done the main game! Still not reached the top of the mercenary tree yet but otherwise, that was 80-odd hours of top class gaming with a surprising lack of repetition for such a huge game. They got the upgrades system spot on. Now I'm at level 52 I'm hard as nails and the special abilities look fantastic when you know how and when to use them. Now to start the DLC - I've deliberately stayed away from it. One of the very best games I've ever played - so much content and all of it looks, sounds and plays beautifully. I never had a single issue with pacing, nor did I have to halt my progress in order to level up as there are so many things to do all over the map. Comfortably the best AC game to date. Hoping for one set in Ancient Rome next....
  6. Pellegrini reckoned West Ham dominated the 2nd half at Molineux. To be fair to him, there were a lot of games being broadcast simultaneously. It'd be easy to mix them up.
  7. Stop getting Rotherham wrong! #accidentalpartridge
  8. And 2014 - I went to that one. They beat Leyton Orient on penalties. That was also on TV. They lost another final to Dagenham a few years before that when they were in League 2.
  9. 1995 1. Mallrats 2. Apollo 13 3. ID 1996 1. Trainspotting 2. Sleepers 3. A Time to Kill 1997 1. As Good As It Gets 2. Starship Troopers 3. The Full Monty 1998 1. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 2. American History X 3. Saving Private Ryan 1999 1. Human Traffic 2. Toy Story 2 3. The Matrix
  10. They've definitely been on TV before. My dad is a Rotherham fan and I remember him making a huge fuss of the fact they were on Sky. I think they were in the Championship at the time.
  11. Sorry for the late response. I originally said that without Nuno, we wouldn't have signed Neves, Moutinho or Patricio (amongst others). He was a massive factor in persuading them to join. Traore has always had ridiculous pace but a very, very inconsistent end product and a total lack of a footballing brain. The difference in his game compared to last season in particular is huge. Potential is being unlocked finally. And you wouldn't recognise Matt Doherty (an error ridden right back in a back 4 who wasnt even our first choice when we were in League 1) or Conor Coady (a central midfield who didn't seem to have any attributes at all) before Nuno realised they were better off playing as an attacking wing back and a sweeper. They look much fitter, far more confident, both are excellent communicators and both are now excellent premier league quality players as a result. As for the investment - I would never pretend we haven't spent big, but we weren't the biggest spenders. And all Wolves fans have seen that spending money does not equal success. Since Nuno arrived, we've spent very well to create a team that works, and its not just been mega money deals. We've used Nuno/Mendes contacts as well as recruiting sensibly from this country (Ryan Bennett and John Ruddy being 2 examples) but its how it's all fitted together that has been the key. And that's down to Nuno and his staff. So investment - not guaranteed success (hello, Fulham). Connections - a slightly different aspect, and I'll concede that but that was part of my original point about why Nuno has been such a success. He's very shrewd, he knows what he needs and he knows how to glue it all together.
  12. Captain Marvel (2019) Really good, I loved the continual 90s throwbacks and Nick Fury's backstory. 4/5 Changeland (2019) Seth Green and Breckin Meyer go to Thailand as the former embarks on a journey of self discovery. Whilst the plot is rather thin, the scenery and cinematography are breathtaking. I liked this more than I probably should have as a result. 4/5 A Christmas Prince (2017) My girlfriend loves Christmas films. What could be worse than this utter dreck, full of atrocious stereotypes, a plot that would shame a 10 year old, zero acting ability, more cheese than a Wotsits factory and more predictable than a Kaiser Chiefs chorus? The fact that there are 2 sequels. Fucking hell. 1.5/5
  13. Also saw that Leviathan Wakes is 99p at the mo. Not read any of the Expanse books yet so thought I'd give them a try. Snapped that up with a couple of others linked above - thanks @Stopharage for the heads up.
  14. Yeah, I know the time will come when he leaves, and if that time is imminent I'll have nothing but gratitude for the guy. Whether the time is right for him to move on now or not is something only he will know I suppose.
  15. Its amusing seeing how many Arsenal fans clearly have no idea how much Nuno brings to a football club. Basically, if he leaves us, I would really fear for our future - unless Fosun pull off a masterstroke with a replacement. Everything that has gone right for us over the past 2.5 seasons is because of Nuno. They're his players, his staff, his methods, his playing style, his work ethic etc etc. Matt Doherty and Conor Coady - both of whom I'd have released prior to Nuno - now play in different positions and are 1st choices in those positions. Adama Traore no longer resembles Forrest Gump on cocaine but is our main attacking focal point and scares defenders to death. No Nuno would have meant no Boly, no Neves, no Jota, no Moutinho, no Patricio, no Jimenez, no promotion, no 7th place, no European matchdays. The togetherness he has brought to the whole club has been phenomenal. The future of the club has been planned with him as the fulcrum. His media presence is superb - he's a credit to the club and to the game. He's respectful, insightful, knowledgeable and modest. He's all about the team - not just the XI on the pitch. He would absolutely be able to adapt his methods with better players at his disposal - he's no one trick pony. If he was given time and respect could be a superb appointment for Arsenal. Though I doubt he'd be afforded that. He's semi worshipped by all our fans and would have a drastically different reception if he rocked up at the Emirates because very few people would have the slightest idea just how good a coach they'd have. They wouldn't deserve him. I would be distraught if he left us.
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