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  1. I've seen that on Netflix but never actually watched it - added to my list, cheers @ScouserInExile - I love a good war film.
  2. One drawback I've found - I'm trying to get to level 20 on the road racing section so I can unlock the grand finale, and those last few levels are a real grind. The increments you level up are minute in comparison to earlier levels and when there's so many other things to do, it feels a bit of a slog to concentrate on one section with such little reward. Hardly a game breaker, mind you - and I'm having a great time with the Lego DLC.
  3. 20. Pompeii by Robert Harris As I've read a lot of historical fiction based in Ancient Rome, this was a logical choice - and I really enjoyed it. A slow, methodical build up with decent characters quite literally erupts into life in the final 3rd. The scene is set beautifully during this build up - a really good balance of corruption, engineering, rank, class and of course the natural landscape are perfectly depicted to the point that I was never too impatient for the (spoiler alert) explosive finale. 4/5
  4. I haven't a fucking clue what I'm doing half the time but that's okay - it's a good, fun game and I don't think there's anything wrong with a game that will allow you to drop in and out for as long or as little as you are able to. 'Just one more skill score' etc etc
  5. Love Actually Foppishness aside, I really enjoyed this - it's my better half's favourite Christmas film and whilst I know it's very uncool to like anything Richard Curtis has done post-Blackadder, I don't care. Extra half mark for Bill Nighy's amazing faded rockstar character. 4/5 The Hunt No idea what the fuck this was supposed to be - a muddled thriller about strangers thrown into a Hunger Games-esque man hunt with gore-a-plenty. It's a silly film, and not particularly memorable either. 2/5 Richard Jewell C
  6. I'll still watch it but it's a sad indictment of the current state of the show that a Dr Who Christmas special featuring the Daleks doesn't make me ridiculously over excited. The last 2 series really have left me feeling tired of the format, there's just so much 'meh' with it all - I had honestly forgotten all about the Timeless Child stuff until I read this thread just now.
  7. Right, here we go - 2nd watch through of Rebels. S1 E1. Benny has inspired me.
  8. They're showing a close up of the offside on MNF and it's a clear obstruction on Watkins. It's a penalty. Why wasn't that even considered?! Carragher is spot on with his comments.
  9. Especially when the 'culprit' is only 'offside' because he's being fouled!!
  10. Diabolical decision. How Villa have come away with no points is a mystery - much the better side.
  11. Jack Grealish really pisses me off with his cheating. He's a fantastic talent, why does he have to make himself so unlikeable with his diving and play acting? Ridiculous.
  12. I'd say that is an ideal game to play via the cloud. Touch screen compatible....?
  13. I agree with a lot of this. I went back to it a few months back for a 2nd play through but gave up after a few short sessions. By no means a bad game but I can't shake the feeling that if it wasnt so well polished and 'Star Wars-y', I very much doubt I would have bothered with it. I just hope that they take some of the good ideas to build from if and when they do a sequel.
  14. That was the best episode of The Mandalorian so far - just fantastic stuff. Some proper western vibes mixed in with awesome action, some beautiful camera shots and so many nods and references for us uber nerds. I really enjoyed the first season of this, but this second season has blown it out of the water so far. The best Disney Star Wars output so far has been Rogue One but the way this is going, I think it could overtake it by the end of this season.
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