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  1. Is anyone else UTTERLY HOPELESS at this? I am just appalling at landing. I can never get it right - I've looked at tutorial videos, I've had a go at the lessons etc but my landings tend to be like the one in Hot Shots. Such a lovely game, very interesting but I am very glad I'm not ever going to be trusted to control an ACTUAL plane.
  2. It's actually easier to get match tickets at Molineux this season that previously - they have changed the 'loyalty points' system meaning supporters who haven't been to many/any games that season don't have to wait as long before they can purchase tickets online. Once it's open to general sale, it shouldn't be too much of a problem to buy tickets. I couldn't tell you how far in advance that is though because I'm not in a position to attend at the moment - way too much to do on the new house which takes up all my spare time and money!!
  3. Probably a good idea that they leave Wolverhampton alone though. As awesome as it would be to fly low over Molineux, I don't think ANYONE wants to see any other part of Wolverhampton city centre in 4k up close. Not without some sort of content warning.
  4. Is that Keeve Trennis and Avar Kriss, alongside Jedi Master Sskeer? (Trying to learn all these new characters!) DEFINITELY give Light of the Jedi a go - especially now you'll be familiar with some of the characters. I think it's massively helped by not being hindered by any of the movies. Some of the new canon stuff is reluctant to delve too deep into characters because they obviously didn't want to tread on the toes of anyone writing for the sequel trilogy.
  5. 14. Munich by Robert Harris Saw this was being made into a film by Netflix, due out in January and as I love a bit of historical fiction, I thought I'd give this a go as it was 99p on Kindle. This is a clever look behind the scenes of the Munich agreement signed by Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler in 1938, and how the tensions around the summit could have led to disastrous consequences around the globe. Most of the book is centered around 2 fictitious characters - Hugh Legat on the British side, and Paul Hartmann on the German. It's very effective - the 2 men went to Oxford together before the Nazi's rise to power, and the numerous mentions of their lives together are a stark contrast to the difficult political landscape they now find themselves in. Harris' depiction of Chamberlain goes against the unsympathetic view that most hold of him, which is again very effective indeed. Similarly, the aura surrounding the Fuhrer is well written and adds necessary tension to many scenes. Munich - like the other Robert Harris books I've read - is very easy to race through with plenty of tense, dramatic moments. Above all, it makes this key moment in history feel interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing how it's adapted for the screen because I really enjoyed the book. 4/5
  6. I've just binge watched both seasons during my recovery from covid and I've enjoyed it. However, I do think there is a significant drop off from season 1 to season 2.
  7. Ah - it's got to be Kevin Nolan? (The Bolton connection reminded me)
  8. Trying to think of footballers beginning with U - David Unsworth used to score more than he should have for a defender, is it him?
  9. Gerrard, surely? Also, has Van Persie scored more than Vardy? Jesus for J?
  10. They've also apparently said that they will only consider new coaches who are currently out of work. Also heard that Paolo Fonseca is in the running, who would be a vastly superior choice.
  11. Heard they want Eddie Howe. God, I hope not - if their new owners weren't reason enough to dislike them, seeing them master the dark arts a la Bournemouth will turn even more people against them. Can't stand the man.
  12. Question for the hive mind! My mate has just moved in with his brother and has signed up for Game Pass (with the £1 deal thing after I told him about it...) He's asked what the best GP titles are that have local 2 player co op? I've said Master Chief Collection but as I don't play anything split screen/local co op I thought I'd ask you lot as I really don't know!
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