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  1. It's very good. On a similar topic, I wholeheartedly recommend The Forgotten Highlander by Alastair Urquhart. He was also a POW on the death railway. It's an extraordinary memoir.
  2. Totally agree. I can accept historical inaccuracies in the name of artistic license or entertainment but there didn't seem any need to be so historically inaccurate. And the historical inaccuracies weren't the worst thing about this by a long shot.
  3. What an epic voyage with @mechamonkey That last Tall Tale is so big - the build up is tense, the scale is vast. Loved it. Here are some shots
  4. Yeah @mechamonkey it was a superb night. My favourite shots below. The Shores of Gold are very very pretty...
  5. Amazing work https://twitter.com/db_writing/status/1158470421995544583
  6. Ah Dean Saunders. You think he can't be any more moronic, and he comes up with a pearler like this.
  7. WTF?! I blame your directions - "Steer east.... A bit west..... no, go north...." Clearly mangled my tankard holding arm when I was at the wheel.
  8. Friday is the night @mechamonkey and I will finish Tall Tales. Very, very excited. And I'm very pleased we've done them without using guides, working it out for ourselves. I actually think they've been more varied, longer and more fun than I had imagined they'd be prior to the Anniversary Update. They're a proper addition to the game - a real 'campaign' mode if you like. Even though I've not done the final tale yet, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say they can take approximately 2.5 hours each on average. That's a hefty 22 hours or so just on one playthrough of Tall Tales. For a free update, I think that's excellent value.
  9. That was an FA Cup tie at St Andrews in early 1996 IIRC....
  10. What channel is it on? I think I'm at least 1 season behind.
  11. I think it's awesome - what a prospect that is. That's what I was looking forward to seeing on our return to Europe. If we lose and don't make the group stages, it'll be a massive disappointment but these are the sort of sides we want to be facing and need to be beating if we have any serious aspirations of progressing in the competition. Hopefully we can get through the next round and come through unscathed.
  12. Good news: the ticket price of our next away Europa League qualifier is £1 Bad news: it's in Armenia. That's one hell of an away day trek!
  13. Only one more Tall Tale to do! A great night on the seas with @mechamonkey
  14. And the fact he's British, of course.
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