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  1. Watched the whole series - I preferred the first one but there are still some glorious moments. Sports day and the parents' night out being the highlights.
  2. 23. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon What a delightfully written, clever and moving piece of work this is. I was pretty much the only person I know who enjoys reading who hadn't read this yet, and I'm pleased I finally did. Just wonderful. 4.5/5
  3. Are individual nations doing enough though? How strict is ticketing/stewarding in offending countries? In this country we can dish out stadium bans etc - shit like this needs for individual football associations and UEFA to work harder and work together and IMO nowhere near enough is being done. Comments like Balakov's last night - and certain sections of the Italian media - show that there are far too many people in prominent roles within the game who don't think it's a big deal. This sort of archaic ignorance needs to be stopped because otherwise, it's an issue that will never be fixed.
  4. Bulgaria and any other nation that allows racism to go unpunished simply have to be expelled from tournaments. What fucking use is a half full ground and a few lousy flags? It's a serious problem and the interview with the Bulgarian coach AFTER that shameful match shows how bad the problem is because he 'didn't hear any racist chanting' and that 'England fans didn't behave themselves'. This isn't even close to being sorted and won't be until UEFA grow a pair and start dishing out appropriate sanctions. Personally, I don't think they deem it to be that serious an issue. Woe betide it's something mega serious like wearing a pair of Paddy Power pants under a player's shorts
  5. Game Night Funny in places, daft in others, seen better, seen worse. 3/5
  6. Phrase of the day: WAGatha Christie. I love the internet.
  7. The dog ate my homework!
  8. I've no interest whatsoever in WAGS bitching with each other and... Who am I kidding? To Twitter!
  9. 22. Vespasian - Rome's Fallen Eagle by Robert Fabbri The fourth instalment of the thoroughly enjoyable Vespasian series sees the future emperor planning the invasion of Britain as legate of the II Augusta. I think I prefer the ancient Roman politics as opposed to the battlefield action, and this one is heavily weighted to the latter. Still incredibly fun to read but compared to the previous couple of titles, I think this one went on a bit too long - those pesky Britons didn't give up easily! I do love how Robert Fabbri merges historical fact with elaborate fiction - it makes this series a real pleasure to read through. Book 5 is loaded onto my Kindle already. 3.5/5
  10. Jumanji The original with Robin Williams and way better than the surprisingly fun remake - this has far more charm than the more recent version and was a really nice family movie night. 3.5/5 Couple's Retreat I just hated this - the characters are all so incredibly unlikeable, the plot seems totally fake and laughs were few and far between. Really not my cup of tea. The beach etc looked rather nice though. 2/5
  11. I just had a really weird dream that we beat Man City away and Adama Traore scored both goals. Crazy, huh? #pinchme
  12. I've never seen Memento. Sounds like I need to rectify this.... Great write up, @Ork1927 - looking forward to the rest of them!
  13. A last minute goal to snatch victory in Istanbul? Thanks very much - I'll take that! We needed it too after losing our first game. It might have been scrappy and whilst we probably didn't deserve to win, we didn't deserve to lose against Braga so it balances out.
  14. Philadelphia Another that's slipped the net and another I feel guilty about! Tom Hanks is excellent, loads of emotion throughout - a great film. 4/5
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