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  1. I can remember going to Wolves to watch them play Arsenal in a preseason friendly in the mid to late 90's. I'll never forget the way Wright charged around after the ball like a man possessed, chasing down every loose ball, running after every lost cause, whereas the other 21 players on the field were treating it for the mild, slow-paced preseason workout it was supposed to be! I think he only had 1 setting - gung ho!
  2. 4. Ian Wright - A Life in Football: My Autobiography by Ian Wright Well this was a pleasant surprise - where Paul Merson's book left me cold and wholly frustrated with the poor writing and unlikable tone of the author, Ian Wright's book is the opposite. This is a really interesting insight into the former Arsenal legend's life before, during and after his career. It's actually rather gratifying to know just how good he was and how much he achieved considering his tough upbringing and the way he was discovered by Crystal Palace. He was signed straight from a Sunday l
  3. I think that would help! Just got to checkout but it wouldn't process the order - never got that far before!!! Ah well - I don't have a TV that could justify a Series X yet so I guess it's no bad thing to have to wait a little bit longer.
  4. Nintendostation One Series X
  5. White House Farm Really good real life police drama featuring Mark Addy and Stephen Graham based on the murder on a family inside a farm house in the mid 1980s. Some excellent performances - well worth a watch (it's on Netflix) Outer Banks This is fucking AWFUL with a terrible cast of shit characters who can't act...... But there's a sub plot about buried treasure and a ship wreck. I'm all over shit like this - not finished it yet because it's plodding on but if there's some hard core ship wreck action, I think my patience will be rewarded.
  6. I've never played a Hitman game either
  7. Think I might give Sniper Elite 4 a try - it sounds ace. Never played any of the series before so I'm going into it completely fresh.
  8. It's almost as if the list was done in chronological order.....
  9. 2. How Not To Be a Professional Football by Paul Merson I only paid a pound for this in a Kindle sale and it's really not worth that much. The reason - Paul Merson is a prick. This book has anecdote after anecdote from his life as a professional, but there are 2 glaring issues with them. 1. It's so incredibly badly written and 2. there's no hint of remorse or guilt whatsoever. Some of the pranks he played, and some of the strops he had over not being selected etc etc are so puerile and in some cases just downright nasty but it's all 'bantz' innit. I like to read th
  10. 6. Titanfall 2 (XB1) I've had this gathering dust for ages and ages - bought for £2.99 from The Game Collection or some other such place. I've always known it was good, but as the Rllmuk Hive Mind has been so insistent that it's better than just good - so time to dig it out and finish it. The Rllmuk Hive Mind is correct - Titanfall 2 is better than good, it is brilliant. In a generation of futuristic FPS games which muscle-laden protagonists, if you judge a book by it's cover, there doesn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary here. This opinion changes pretty
  11. Anyone fancy a voyage this evening? Not been on all week so I fancy a few beers and high jinks on the seas.
  12. True - especially if you're in 2nd place and it's right before the final corner of the race..... Happened to me last night. I guffawed.
  13. It's definitely changed how and what I buy. I have a GPU sub for myself and a separate one for my son, who has an xbox here and at his mum's (50/50 split between households). So he can play on his account at both houses. My stepdaughter lives here all the time, and I've set the Xbox in her room as the 'home' console so she can share my GPU sub. So because of this, all 3 of us can play any Game Pass games together for a total of around £20 a month (less than that in reality with the XBL Gold £1 trick I did when I signed up). When you think how many games th
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