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  1. I've never even tried VR. The countless mentions of it on here make me feel a bit sad that I've yet to experience it! Shame I dont have a spare £300 lying around!!
  2. Agree - correct decision, the ref made the call after watching it himself on the monitor. It's why I'm not vehemently opposed to VAR, merely how it's used and - too often - what it's used for. And of course the fucking idiots arsing up so many calls.
  3. Plenty for me - realising just how incredible BoTW was within 5 minutes of starting it is a great shout, but this particular moment has to be my choice. After completing the first set of Tall Tales on Sea of Thieves with @mechamonkey and we were sailing back to the outpost as the sun was setting, completely drained yet pumped full of adrenaline from the mission. The feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of having taken part in a gaming experience which was so thoroughly immersive, and THAT scenery to end it with. A very, very special moment.
  4. I'm totally going to give the next film I rate 8.5/10 now you've said that.
  5. Roughly at level 5 - no idea how far in I am but just unlocked the The resulting carnage with the frost twats who are immune to the axe was simply delicious. I may have actually roared.....
  6. Nah we were flat and certainly below par but we weren't awful. Anyway, I'm sure Nuno will work them hard so we improve when we play Sheff Utd.
  7. Agree but we started the 2nd half really well and should have been level. Traore should have taken his 1 on 1. Having said that, very professional display from Arsenal, pressing us late on and not just sitting back. I don't think we were that bad but Arsenal deserved the win.
  8. Just finished White Lines. It's bad, but in an indescribable way that made us want to carry on watching it! The actress who plays Zoe keeps forgetting if she's from Manchester or Yorkshire, and pretty much every character in it is pretty unlikeable. Yet it didn't stop us binge watching it - we'd watch a 2nd season if they make one. It won't win any acting awards but it's bizarrely compelling.
  9. This thread about Wigan and how/why they've had to go into administration seemingly from out of nowhere is absolutely scandalous. Just absolutely disgraceful.
  10. Top 5 John Cusack films (any film with John Cusack in it) 1. High Fidelity 2. Being John Malkovich 3. Con Air 4. Stand By Me 5. The Thin Red Line Top 5 films directed by Stephen Speilberg AFTER 1993 (so no Jaws, original Jurassic Park, no Indy films (NONE exist after 1993), etc. 1. Saving Private Ryan 2. Amistad 3. Ready Player One 4. The BFG 5. The Adventures of Tintin Top 5 John Hughes Films (any film written or directed by John Hughes) 1. Home Alone 2. The Great Outdoors 3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off 4. Home Alone 2 5. Planes, Trains and Automobiles Top 5 Pixar Films (Any films under the Pixar label) 1. Up 2. Toy Story 2 3. Monsters Inc 4. Ratatouille 5. Toy Story 3 Top 5 Zombie Films (Any film with 'Zombies' in it be they traditional, fast or infected) 1. Shaun of the Dead 2. Little Monsters 3. 28 Days Later 4. 5. Really not a fan of zombie movies so can't add more than that!
  11. Boothjan

    Xbox Game Pass

    This. It would make it so much better. I got FH4 with my XB1X but I've not really been tempted to go and get the DLC. It's okay, but it's not as satisfying as the previous 2 Horizon games IMO. Very pretty, though.
  12. "Right lads - foul the bastard then kick the ball at his arm. Not only will it stop them scoring, but we'll get possession back."
  13. Thread bump - I'm in the middle of re-watching all of these, and every single one is better the 2nd time around. I've been watching them all with my daughter, who is becoming a huge fan of the MCU. So much so that I can't believe how different my original rankings were, compared to how I'd rate them now. I'll re-do this again once I've finished - just watched Spiderman Homecoming.
  14. I'm loving this too - I'm not sure if I'll go for the platinum but it's a solid game that's a joy to play.
  15. I agree with that, but look at West Ham before last night. Easy to play against, pretty lacklustre but they got their shit together, played well and got a terrific result (I'm chuffed to bits - it did Wolves a favour!) The end of the season always throws in some weird curveball results from out of nowhere. We've played West Ham, Bournemouth and Villa in the 3 games since the restart and all 3 of them looked lost, we didn't have to get out of 2nd gear in any of those games. Watford have looked pretty toothless too in the games I've seen - points in the games you mentioned are by no means a given! It's still too tight to call - and Brighton aren't out of it yet either. Aside from West Ham last night, if I supported any of Villa, West Ham, Bournemouth or Watford, I'd be livid at the lack of fight shown from all of those sides since the restart.
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