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  1. I love everyone in this thread. We're experiencing this together. I will not feel the same tomorrow if we lose to France and the Scottish posters suddenly decide to randomly log on.
  2. 7. No less. And I still wouldn't relax until 10 minutes after full time expecting a late VAR call.
  3. The small section of Dutch fans going mental at the equaliser was hilarious Hopefully we'll see some more fighting and some red cards.
  4. Theres an astonishing lack of quality on show here, from both sides. Loads of awful passes going astray, possession being cheaply squandered etc. It's not good.
  5. I saw Nigel Quashie in my local chip shop earlier this year. I think we can close the thread now as that's not being beaten.
  6. TBF the different weapons/boons made it feel like there were multiple characters - there's a lot of variety with the different builds.
  7. Love the essentially neutral tone he gives out I do agree re: Barry Davies though - not often I hear commentary that's better than his, but this is a perfect example.
  8. I really should replay the original - I last played it at 30 fps on my XB1, so might be worth another playthrough on my Series X on the shiny OLED. If they can eradicate lots of annoying features from the first game, this could be amazing. Certainly looks excellent.
  9. Fair point. And TBF the original is the only game I've ever 'doubled up' on - bought it for the Switch and then it came out on GP so I completed it again. Very rare for me to do that.
  10. Only thing that could make me more excited is the sentence 'get it day 1 with Game Pass'
  11. Yeah It Takes Two is essential gaming. So many brilliant ideas and game mechanics.
  12. 23. A Game of Thrones by George R R Martin Only the 2nd time I've read this, and it's SO much better the 2nd time around, nods to future plotlines and characters improve the experience, and knowing a bit more about the history and the key protagonists helps. I raced through this, and I'm looking forward to reading through the rest of the series. I might take it slowly though, as Winds of Winter isn't going to arrive any time soon.... 9.5/10
  13. I thought that was the best team performance of the tournament so far. Frightening at times, plenty of individual quality, very hard to play against. I didn't see Portugal as a genuine contender before that, but a performance of that quality should make everyone take note. There are some very capable teams in the last 8. And it feels great to say even without bias that England are one of them.
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