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  1. Not sure what any of that has to do with what I was saying, but like I say, it's all getting off topic.
  2. In the UK, you've got the under representation of the Match worker's strike in the history of trade unionism; resistance on the left to women's suffrage; failure to maximise women mobilised during the war into work in deference to returning male workers; numerous equal pay moments where female workers were under valued when represented by trade unions (ie bargaining for higher wages for male dominated workforces relative to female ones); right up to very recently when the GMB Union was called institutionally sexist (2020). There's that saying about the right wing and the religious treating women as private property and the left treating them as public property, hence support for the sex trade and surrogacy. This may be getting off topic for the tread!
  3. This doesn't surprise me. The gender critical movement is predominantly one of left wing feminists, or at least that's its roots. The push back, in the UK at least, is predominantly left wing men. Which if you know your socialist history is sadly entirely unsurprising.
  4. I went through a patch of solo games pre children. Definitely Death Angel, that's great and Scythe. (In fact, Scythe was good when I was off on parental leave as you could leave it set up on the table and chip in between naps!). Also really enjoyed Warhammer Quest: An Adventure Card Game; Robinson Crusoe; and Legendary Encounters (Aliens). On the latter, I know you said no deck builders, but that one is much less punishing than usual and very evocative of the Aliens movies. Oh, and Deep Space D-6 is a great pick up and play.
  5. To think, I've still got the CDRs of the first couple of Consolevanias that Rab posted to willing recipients. This feels like his destiny.
  6. I haven't flicked back too many pages, but has anyone mentioned Gorogoa? Very short, but a joy just to run through every now and then.
  7. I always think of this when I enter the Wooded Kingdom on Mario Odyssey. Real taste of the nineties.
  8. I don't assume they are wrong. I disagree. In disagreeing, I don't seek to accuse people of lacking empathy or attempt to restrict their speech. But I fear this is all veering a bit off topic for this thread.
  9. Well, it appears you know everything about me much as you know everything in the heart of Helen Lewis. I always find it incredible that it's her opponents that are so ready to claim to be masters of empathy.
  10. Nope. I just see some buzzwords and stock phrases. Nothing approaching an explanation. Of course, you don't owe me one, that's fine, but when people bring accusations of hate speech to undermine someone's career and reputation, there should at the very least be some compelling evidence.
  11. All you've done there is paste a quote from an article. Explain to me what makes it hate speech.
  12. This is the thing. They probably did look and they found nothing hateful. There's simply a political movement at the moment that would sooner close down discussions on things they don't agree with and Ubisoft has done what every other company currently does in that climate. Fans of the theatre should watch Arthur Miller's The Crucible.
  13. No one has a duty to publish anything. Removing something you've already published, however, is a deliberate act. I've read Helen Lewis for years and never come across anything remotely hateful.
  14. Correct if I'm wrong, but the game is pro-freedom of speech right? Or have I misunderstood?
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